How Sunsoft’s WiiWare Manga Reader Adds English Subtitles

By Spencer . January 20, 2009 . 9:17am


Sunsoft’s Digital Manga reader went live on WiiWare and like we mentioned previously it has English text. However, the English text doesn’t appear in Princess Ai’s speech bubbles, it’s shown in subtitles. You can turn on English subtitles in the option menu to read Tokyopop’s version of Princess Ai. Not a perfect solution, but kudos to Sunsoft for even adding an English option which is rare for Japanese releases.


When you start reading you have a choice. Either scroll through pages or center in on bits of text by pressing the A button. If you want to read Princess Ai with subtitles you have to go with the centering option. You can still zoom in and out freely with the +/- buttons, but Princess Ai will only show subtitles for text bubbles when you press A to jump around. Readers can flip to the next page by pressing left on the d-pad. Sunsoft preserved the manga feel by having users read Princess AI from right to left.


Much to my surprise Princess Ai has an optional background music. There are five tracks and some of them are “Ai-Tunes” like Seraph Serenade and Suicide Ride. There’s a little bonus for fans of the series I just learned about.


Images courtesy of Sunsoft.

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  • justinslot

    Japanese companies in general are pretty terrible at considering the English-speaking market (speaking more as a DVD buyer here than a game buyer) so this is nice to see. Though it’s also odd to see–don’t you need a Japanese Wii account for this? I guess there’s enough big-time Japanaphiles out there to make this worthwhile.

    • Mazen

      I find the word Japanphile insulting, don’t fall for Western companies viral marketers in internet forums trap.

      • justinslot

        Really? Don’t tell me you prefer the vastly more patronizing “otaku.”

        • Mazen

          Japanphile are taken from pedophile this is a much defferent level from otaku, its an attack on Japanese anime fans ethics. to give bad reputation about them and anime.

          • JKTrix


            Japanophile is not a ‘bad’ word at all. It’s just that paedophile is the only word you hear often with the ‘-phile’ suffix.

          • justinslot

            Yeah, I was going to say if anything Japanophile is a neutral term, like Francophile or Sinophile. That’s why I used it rather than the more loaded “otaku.”

          • I’m a Siliconeraophile!

          • Yeah! I wish more people were :)

  • EX_Zephyr

    That’s ridiculous. -Phile is just a suffix for loving something; it has no negative connotation, and its useage definitely didn’t begin with the word “pedophile.” Otaku is an obsessive nature, which, on the other hand, IS an attack on anime fans (which they themselves perpetuate by using the word themselves).

    To post something on-topic… I wouldn’t find myself using this unless there was manga available on this service that wasn’t in paper form. Nothing can replace a good material book in my hands for reading.

    • daizyujin

      Well anime fans using a derogitory word like otaku to refer to themselves is nothing new. A lot of african americans like to use another certain derogitory word to describe themselves and other people of their race, however little sense it makes.

      I second the motion about the manga needing to be exclusive to the service. Especially since most people I know watch anime on their TV and read manga on the john.

  • I would use this if manga I’m interested in shows up.

    Now if they do bring this over will other companies will help other than Tokyopop?

    @ EX_Zephyr: I agree that book form is better. I only read on the computer for unlicensed series.

  • thaKingRocka

    i really hope to see this technology continue to advance. it makes such a great study tool. if i were already a rich man, i’d be investing money in building a more extensive version of something like this to help people learn languages.

  • thaKingRocka

    i think this is a great idea. i’d love to see this continue to expand. i’d love to invest my own money in the further development of this tech to help advance language learning. unfortunately, i neither have a great deal of money, nor do i have any programming skills.

  • I wish there were more stuff on WiiWare :/
    Eternal Champions was a nice surprise

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