Square Enix Voicing New Scenes For Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

By Spencer . January 30, 2009 . 2:30pm

rfs One mystery solved, thanks to help from Siliconera commenter Craiji! I was initially hesitant to mention the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete had an English voice track. I wasn’t sure if Square Enix or Sony Pictures was going to round up the voice actors and send them back to the studio to record new lines or if the Japanese release would only have an incomplete English voice track similar to the Final Fantasy International re-releases.


Here’s some good news: the new scenes in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will have English voiceovers. Wally Wingert who does the voice of Rufus Shinra says he was called back to the studio to do some extra lines for the retooled Blu-Ray release. There are 25 or so minutes of new film in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children complete and you’ll be able them in English enjoy it even if you import the film. Since North American PS3s can play Japanese Blu-Ray movies have the same region code there shouldn’t be any hardware hurdles to get over either. So, after you play Final Fantasy XIII the movie will give you at least an extra two hours of entertainment.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

  • QBasic

    Umm… Am I the only one who wants to see ACC…just for the sake of seeing it? :P

    To me, the FFXIII trial IS what it is…a bonus goodie.

  • Darrien

    Not the only one. I sincerely enjoyed every bit of AC and thought it was a very fitting sequel and “ending” for Cloud’s story. And personally, I can’t stand demos, and am sure that 13 will be every bit as enjoyable as all the other FFs (except maybe Crystal Chronicles series…never got into that), which for me have been completely enjoyable and exceptional. (and yes, that includes Dirge).

  • xHaseox

    I hope this gets a US release, since I don’t have a Playstation 3. >_>

    And I’ll be damned if I buy one for a movie.

  • Mister 庭

    Just got my new PS3 this Friday and lucky me its a NTSC PS3!!

    Never were that happy… :D FF7AC in full HD = win!!

  • Bandit_King

    So I should be able to at least watch the movie in English from start to finish, and for the reccord Qbasic I would like to see the movie as well. Still this is Good to know as I really would not want to pay those import costs for just a demo (I wonder how easy it will be to play through said demo considering it will not have any english)

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