• http://www.youtube.com/user/ArcadeInfinity scott

    Are any of you guys going to that SF Event in Los Angeles this coming week?

  • Aoshi00

    I was never really good at Street Fighter 2 back in the arcades, I would often use Guile because the Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick were easier to pull off than fireball or dragon punch. I remember my friend was really good and could take on any guy who challenged him, he would keep taking their quarters and taunt them, things got pretty tense but short of a fight. So I’m probably going to practice in the training mode before taking on people online.

    Alrdy pre-ordered the PS3 special edition from Buy.com, for $72.99 w/ another $5 coupon, so a pretty good deal. I would prefer the Viper figure if I get to choose though.

    I can already imagine the Dan achievement for fighting thru all his opponents, like Puzzle Fighter on a handicap :)

  • http://shinleejin.deviantart.com/ ShinRekka

    Less than 3 weeks till it comes w00t. Nice tips from Seth…must beware of the mighty Sagat.

  • Tatsu

    Is this in any arcades in the US? It seems like that would be more fun than playing online.

  • Mikael

    Nice interview, I personally am far from exacly being a veteran but not a newbeginner either. Always been biased towards the characters I felt comfortable with but with this game I will try to expand and not just use Ken or Ryu. Can’t wait for the fightstick and chance to specialize witht his game :)!

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