Here’s An English Suikoden: Tierkreis Trailer

By Spencer . February 12, 2009 . 3:56pm

Konami is giving Suikoden: Tierkreis a push with a US trailer that looks like its made for a Hollywood film. The clip cuts in a bit of gameplay footage with the game’s animated cutscenes and explains very little about the online community feature.


New to the Suikoden series is unit trading. Players can pass the 108 Stars of Destiny to each other over Nintendo Wi-Fi. Exchanged characters gain experience and bring items back from clearing quests. There are rare items to collect and a unique boss to fight that can only be accessed by using Wi-Fi mode. How is this canon? Characters are linked to other games by the door to Infinity which opens a passage to parallel world.


Is this enough to make Suikoden: Tierkreis is the “deepest handheld RPG of all time?” Well find out when it comes out here on March 17.


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  • Pretty damn powerful, I hope this does well.

  • lostinblue

    looking good, and… sudently the DS is totally flooded with RPG’s, I don’t even know what to buy anymore, between pre-order bonus/premium editions and stuff like this.

    Still looks like a great top tier DS RPG, I want it.

  • Simon

    they way they pronounced Suikoden Tierkries is very different from what I would say it LoL.

  • Very cool. My only problem with games using Wi-Fi (like The World Ends With You) is that they’re assuming I have access to these hotspots or a bunch of friends with 1) a certain game and 2) a DS. It’s just… really difficult for me. They aren’t bad features, but I don’t have a whole lot of friends nearby (we’ve dispersed pretty widely since college ended), let alone friends with a DS and similar gaming interests.

    Am I the only person bothered by this? Or am I totally missing the point and I can connect directly to my internet?

    • Fonic

      Yeah I dislike those kinds of multiplayer features as well; especially when they involve exclusive items, bosses, events, etc. that can’t be obtained in the single player mode. No one I know has even the slightest interest in these kinds of games so I’m out of luck there.

    • I feel your pain and the lack of DS friends, especially after having moved to a completely different country.

    • I hear the pain about ad-hoc wireless features, but Suikoden: Tierkreis supports Nintendo Wi-Fi (i.e. regular internet) connections so you can link up with faraway friends.

      • Ah, that’s refreshing news! I could look on any number of FAQs, but with the regular internet, can it just pick up other/random people, or do both ends have to be searching for one another?

        =( I’m sorry to sound like such a dolt, but I’ve never had the chance to get it working so I don’t know if that’s how it works! I guess I could always wait and try it out when I get the game, hah!

  • Mazen

    Great hopefully its at least half as good as Suikoden 5.

  • Raccoon

    Lol, they pronounced the title wrong ^^ Germans wouldn’t understand what’s meant just from hearing this. Kreis (meaning circle) is pronounced “krais”, not “krihs”.
    Nice trailer, though. The game looks very good.

  • Joanna

    ah, it looks so good, but I’m broke :(
    and I also found the voice man pronounced Suikoden: tierkreis differently than I do. I pronounced the tierkreis like the germans (I took a german language course, so I just had too ^^;;) and I say Sue-ko-den, but maybe that’s just my own weird pronunciation ^^;;;

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