Capcom Combos Fees For Prepaid Visas

By Spencer . February 17, 2009 . 3:17pm

capcomvisaCapcom launched a pre-paid Visa card with Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, and Bionic Commando artwork. You don’t need established credit to get one since you deposit money on the card. Also, Capcom is promising special offers to card holders like “jumping the line” at events and discounts in their e-store. Sounds great, right? Maybe.


The Capcom Community Card also has a list of fees and restrictions that anyone considering to get one should be aware of. First you have to pay $9.95 (US) to activate the card. After that each month there is a $4.95 maintenance fee. This makes the total cost of owning a Capcom-Unity Card for the first year $69.35.


Each time you use the card in a point of sale transaction where you have to plug your PIN number in a machine the card adds $.25 to the transaction. Want to withdraw money an ATM? That’s an extra $1.50 per withdraw. Even if you keep your card in your pocket and don’t have any transactions 90 days you still need to pay a $5.00 dormancy fee. Want to cancel your account to stop bleeding money? Prepare to spend another $10.00 to cover the administration fee to close the account.


The full list of fees is listed below. Buyer beware.


Schedule of Fees & Limits

Card Activation/Issuance Fee – $9.95

Monthly Maintenance Fee – $4.95 per month

Dormancy Fee (90 days after last card activity) – $5.00

Signature Based POS Transaction Fees – Waived per transaction

Signature Transaction Decline Fee – $.50 per decline

PIN Based POS Transaction Fee – $.25 per transaction

PIN Based POS Transaction Decline Fee – $.50 per decline


ATM Transactions Fees 

Withdrawal (in U.S.) – $1.50 per withdrawal

Withdrawal (outside U.S.) – $3.50 per withdrawal

Decline (in U.S.) – $.50 per decline

Decline (outside U.S.) – $1.00 per decline

Other – $.50 per action or transaction

Cash Advance – $10.00 per transaction

Card-to-Card Transfer Fees – $2.00 per transfer


Customer Service Fees

VRU Fee – $.25 per action

Representative-assisted – $1.50 per call

Request for Paper Statement (mailed) – $2.00 per request

Website cardholder account inquiries – Waived

Replacement Card Fee – $10.00 per card

Express Delivery of Replacement Card – $20.00 per card

Administrative Fee to Close Account – $10.00

Overdraft Fee – $10.00 per overdraft


Pay Bills Online

Electronic Payment – Waived

Paper Check Payment – $1.00 per check

Check Cancellations – $15.00 per cancellation

Maximum Card Load Limit – $2,500 per day

Maximum Card Balance Limit – $5,000

Maximum ATM Withdrawal Limit – 10 transactions up to $500 per day

Maximum POS Transaction Limit – 20 transactions up to $2,500 per day

Maximum Pinned POS Transaction Limit – 10 transactions up to $500 per day

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  • daizyujin

    Wow Capcom, great way to try to kill all that good will you have been building. Oh wait, you lost that when you expected us to pay for costumes already on the damn disc. Nevermind. Go back to what you were doing.

  • Kaoro

    With no prior credit history, I got a credit card through BofA. The only fee I have ever paid (besides interest – but that’s a given) is a small foreign transaction fee for some imports.

    Why would anyone choose this? I can’t see any discounts they offer being that awesome anyway.

  • EvilAkito

    Useless, especially since some banks give free checking accounts.

  • Aoshi00

    There’s a lot of fees! People are better off opening a free checking account w/ the bank and get an ATM/credit/debit card there. It’s like every time you use the card Ryu is right there punching you in the you know what.

    There was that credit card deal that slashed the PS3 price by like $150 a while back right, that deal was worth it.

  • gutterhero

    hmmm. i pay $60 a year to get one united mile for every dollar i spend on my chase visa debit card. i might switch as this seems like a better deal, even just to get 0.5% back on purchases. i don’t think there’s a fee for making purchases if you don’t enter a pin…

  • thaKingRocka

    this is a joke. the weird thing is that only people who don’t have proper income and don’t have proper bank accounts look to get things like this. it’s like those check-cashing services. the people who have the least money end up paying the most money to maintain their finances. capcom can eat the fattest of fat ones for even considering such an insulting pricing structure. wouldn’t they rather see that 70 bucks go toward the purchase of one of their games anyway?

  • Tigresa

    Wow. I am so glad I read this article, I was going to get one this weekend too to use for RE5… Thanks for the warning, Spencer.

  • gutterhero

    um — almost any rewards based bank card will charge some kind of monthly or annual fee. i pay $60 a year to get 1 united mile for every dollar i spend… just sayin’….

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