Vengeance Of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant Of The Plume Videos

By Spencer . February 20, 2009 . 10:40am

vp_event10 In the wake of the great RPG flood of 2009 Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume is being swept away. Eyes are on Tri-Ace’s other game, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, right now.


Square Enix still has about a month to thrust Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume into the spotlight before it comes out on March 17 and to remind us it’s coming they sent over two videos. One is a battle clip showcasing the strategy RPG meets Valkyrie Profile button mashing purifying, the other is an event video.


Both are in English with nice looking text boxes. Each one has up to four lines of text (technically three since names gobble up one line) with a font that isn’t as squished together as Dragon Quest V. I just wish the text was as big on an actual Nintendo DS as it is in these videos. Playing all these RPGs on a tiny screen must result in some kind of eyestrain.



  • blueblazer64

    those r really bad voice acting
    good thing i have my japanese version
    japanese ougis are really cool

  • CIN

    Bad? I do not agree. I still remember my exp with the PS version which had much worse voice acting.
    The one here doesn’t sound so bad. They really should port it to psp, too, with some additional elements and better graphics.

    Does anyone know if the psp port of the VP have any additional elements not found in PS version?
    I know of movies, but what about the charactersor ougis, etc? After watching those vids I feel like playing this game again!

    • Mikael

      From what I have read it seems its only the cut scenes which is highly unecessary. Also it has more slowdowns as a bonus :P. But its not that bad if your new to the game but stutters at times.

      I didn’t find the Valkyrie Profile voice acting that bad either despite playing it last year. Sure had some painful ones but this one is definetly an improvement over the ps1 game.

  • blueblazer64

    well it isnt that bad u 2 r right but im playing the japanese one and when u compare a cool ougi with cool voice acting and better name(cause those arent the real names) to this its bad

  • iYellMyAttacks

    Not my place to tell what others like, but I believe this feeling stems more that you truly understand your own language (in most cases), but it seems that hearing something you don’t understand fits better than the minor subtleties that a speaker can pick out. What most foreigners of Japan feel is great voice acting, can in turn be bad voice acting for the locals… What about all those Japanese people that enjoy the English dub better? I happen to prefer the English, but I do not scoff at other language choices.

  • blueblazer64

    well i enjoy japanese lenguage cause they make it sound sooo amazing and almost like if u wanted to say it but in english u cant like “reing of terrror!” it sounds akward
    u could b right about the foreing lenguages

  • Joanna

    I know this news is old, but I’m a little tried of the eyestrain comments. I never had any problems with the small screen and my eyes aren’t the best. I guess if you are having problems you must be pretty blind >__________>

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