Wait A Second… Square Enix Has A "Portfolio" Of PC Games?

By Spencer . February 24, 2009 . 6:32pm

epc The Last Remnant will be distributed via Steam shortly after the Windows version arrives in stores on March 24. A Japanese press release clued us into the news last night.


A US press release confirming the Steam distribution adds another note, “Square Enix will continue to add to its roster of games on Steam, providing users with instant access – after purchase, they can download the game immediately and start playing.”


Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve, also suggests Square Enix has  plans for Steam beyond the Last Remnant when he says, “We are thrilled that Square Enix chose to bring its diverse portfolio of titles to Steam and know that our customers will be ecstatic to hear this news.”


However, Square Enix isn’t exactly a prolific PC developer. With help from Eidos they ported Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII to PCs in the ’90s. They made Final Fantasy XI on their own and that’s about it for Square Enix PC games in North America. Perhaps, with the acquisition of Eidos moving forward, Square Enix will redistribute Final Fantasy VII and VIII over Steam. But, that seems unlikely since Square Enix could remake both games for consoles and make even more money.


Hmm…  What could this “roster of games” Square Enix plans to add to Steam be then? Ports of their Xbox Live Arcade games like Space Invaders Extreme and Crystal Defenders? The new MMORPG in development? Final Fantasy XIII?

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  • Kaoro

    I think this might just be a case of reading too deep into PR-speak. If not, I would assume it’s Rapture or whatever the new MMO is, as well as a possible FFXIII release after the console releases.

    I would assume TLR is a test of the waters, and if enough people bite, why not bring more games to the platform?

    Hopefully they patch those new features into the Xbox 360 version… or make it cheap DLC.

    • Maybe, but Square Enix gave a similar teaser quote last year when they announced they got Infinite Undiscovery from Microsoft. Shorty, afterwards Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which was confirmed as an Xbox 360 game.

  • Freddy Stubbs

    IIRC, Square-Enix announced FF13 for PC when it was announced for 360, so there’s that …

    • I was at that press briefing and while Square Enix the game was being developed on PCs they did not confirm a PC port. It’s totally possible one will happen in the future though.

  • xHaseox

    And still not a single Playstation 3 title.

  • dangalf

    Perhaps their “portfolio” is the full library of Eidos games they’ll own once they finish the purchase of the company…

  • I wish they’d release FFVII and/or FFVIII for the PC. I have both of them (and actually became a FF fan because of the PC version of VII), but sadly can’t play them anymore because Vista hates them.

    • mintmint

      XP hates them too.
      2K hated FFVII.

      The only OS that could reliably play both games was 98 SE.

      • I got them to run on XP. :D I did the option where you run it in an earlier version. I think I turned down the video settings for FFVIII.

        There was a patch I found online for FFVII that made it run in XP. It’s called FF7 Chocobo Patch. It stops the game from crashing during the Chocobo races.

        I also found a Square Patch a long time ago for FFVIII that was supposed to make it run on later systems

  • maxchain

    My guess? They’re probably going to tap into Taito’s backcatalog. Port some games of theirs, maybe re-release the Taito Legends games. If it leads to Elevator Action 2 finally getting the fanfare it deserves, I’m all for it.

  • K

    Please be Front Mission Online that was talked about back in 2005.

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