Capcom Coy About Lost Planet 2 Exclusivity

By Spencer . February 25, 2009 . 5:13am


The cat was mostly out of the bag on Monday when Capcom announced Lost Planet 2 with a trailer distributed on Xbox Live. There was one tiny detail Capcom left out, though. Which console(s) is Lost Planet 2 coming out for?


The Xbox 360 is obviously on the list and the press release sent out today by Capcom only mentions the Xbox 360. “Lost Planet┬« 2 is being developed for the Xbox 360┬« video game and entertainment system,” a carefully worded statement since Capcom never said Lost Planet 2 is or will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. The funny thing about Lost Planet, the original one, was considered to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. The box even had an “Only for Xbox 360” stamp on it that is until Lost Planet came out for PC and the PlayStation 3.


Do you think Lost Planet 2 will come out on other consoles? Or will the third person shooter, now with four player co-op, be only for Xbox 360?


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  • gar3

    I guess it all depends on how well the original title did on PS3 and PC, heh.

    • jarrodand

      It did okay on PC, and bombed on PS3.

      • daizyujin

        A lot of this might also have to do with how poorly the PS3 port was done. Considering that it required a 5 gig install when they had over a year to work on the PS3 port, I can see why it bombed. It didn’t help that overall it was an inferior port.

        • jarrodand

          Yeah, the PS3 port was pretty ghetto. I’m a little worried though, as the PS3 port was farmed off to K2, and credit checking the LP2 trailer it turns out there’s K2 staff working on it too. :/

          • Aoshi00

            Just wondering, how is the PS3 version inferior other than the 5Gb mandatory install? I didn’t get the game on the 360 initially, then got the PS3 ver. after it was ported since it also includes the Megaman suit from the PC port.

            I rarely play online, but this trailer looks totally awesome.

          • jarrodand

            Lower res textures, more uneven framerates, fuzzy shadowing… I didn’t play the PS3 version myself but in all the direct screen/video comparisons I’ve seen it’s an immediately recognizable downgrade.

  • I’m going to say it’s coming to both in line with their multiplatform strategy. I would, however, like to point out to Capcom that “multiplatform” means promoting both versions as well instead of pretending that one of them doesn’t exist.

    • jarrodand

      I’m guessing time exclusive to 360, given that’s where the original did 4/5 of it’s total sales and Microsoft seems to pretty generous with the royalty incentives. PC and PS3 will probably get it 6 months to a year later.

    • Exactly. I remember when Capcom first started their “multiplatform” strategy… right when Devil May Cry 4 was announced to be multiplatform. PS3 fans cried foul, claiming Dead Rising and Lost Planet weren’t multiplatform (which of course holds no water anymore… one is overrated and the other didn’t fare too well in my humblest of opinions), so this announcement is a little weird.

      Like you implied, Ishaan, Capcom should at least acknowledge the other systems in existence, in line with their own strategy of not making exclusive titles anymore. *shrug* I didn’t really enjoy the first LP, so I don’t know if I’d enjoy this one. Basically, this hardly effects me but I can see the hubbub it will boil and bubble.

  • Akimitsu

    If it’s a timed exclusive, it will most likely bomb again on the PS3. Companies have to learn that timed exclusivity is a bad idea for sales (unless it’s a really big name, which this isn’t), since a huge amount of sales come from the initial buzz, newness of the game, and all that. Also, I believe that Capcom announced that they would be going multiplatform with a majority of their console games, although I can’t exactly remember who said that.

    • jarrodand

      Well, the other side of this is that LP2 is a game that’s going to do 90%+ of it’s business in the west, and the vast majority of that on 360 too, where it sold 1.6m last time (plus 600k of Colonies on 360/PC)… if Microsoft provides an attractive enough royalty cut for the exclusive and maybe throws in some ad money (which they did for LP1), Capcom gets the game out faster (just one SKU to focus on), cheaper (again one SKU) and might make enough to to outweigh the added benefit of a later day and date multiplatform release. Plus they can always port it later, like LP1.

      Sucks for PS3 owners, but it’s easy to see how this could make sense from Capcom’s perspective. Unless a game’s primary market is Japan, timed 360 exclusives can really work well for publishers.

  • Bandit_King

    Not sure about this one, if it’s exclusive though you can bet it’s timed. Though like Akimitsu mentioned it will sell worse after being ported, it’s simple logic. Oh and Capcom did say that all of their “big titles” would be multi-plat in an interview/statement made to a while back

  • lostinblue

    timed exclusivity, probably.

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