Originally, Avalon Code Had A Virtual Book Of Prophecy To Write In

By Spencer . March 6, 2009 . 4:50pm


One of the key elements in Avalon Code is the Book of Prophecy. This item starts the quest and it’s your job to mark items worth saving into the books pages for the new world. The book is also used as a weapon since you can hit monsters with it and rearrange their weaknesses. Players do this by switching code fragments with the stylus.


In the early stages of development Avalon Code’s Book of Prophecy was a virtual book. “The inspiration [for the Book of Prophecy] actually came from the DS game system itself,” Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Scenario Writer and Producer at Marvelous Entertainment, explains. “When you hold the DS sideways it looks like a notebook, so I thought it’d be fun to write things in there. From that concept I thought of making a game that you can rewrite what happens in the game.”


Unlike the final game Hashimoto envisioned players would actually write and edit text in the book. “I thought it would be fun to see an enemy that read ‘Fire resistant monster’ and erase the ‘Fire’ to make it an ordinary monster.”


What do you think of the theoretical system Hashimoto described? Would you want a book you could write in or is flipping codes more efficient?


On Monday we’ll have more about Avalon Code where Hashimoto shares his thoughts about the combat system and details the game’s romance system.

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  • Hero of legend

    Did by any chance ask about the future of the series if it becomes one? Like a possible Wii sequel ala Rune Factory Frontier? Then again, they chose the DS in the first place because it can be held like book… I don’t know. :P

    • Well there was another question like this, but it ended up getting cut at last minute :(

  • Hero of legend

    * “like A book…”

    Sorry. :P

  • Kaoro

    I think writing in a book to change things would only be fun if you have a large amount of things you can write & change. If you’re only rearranging weaknesses then I think the code switching you described would make more sense.

    Just curious… do you have to hold the DS in book-mode for this game as it is now?

    • Nah, it’s played in regular mode.

  • edward smith

    I played the demo on the nintendo channel and had a blast with it. It was really neat how you could just steal elements from enemies and hang onto them to strengthen your weapons. I’m just hoping in the final game that they keep it interesting because I could easily see that getting old real quick — even though it is very innovative.

    looking forward to the interview :)

    • Same here! Avalon Code wasn’t even on my radar until the Nintendo Channel demo!

      You know you can use those codes from enemies and other items to change people and such too, right? That code element can be used to alter a lot of stuff in your character’s environment.

      I’ve also heard you can make enemies in the game, based on how you treat people – not just friendships or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

  • MadMirko

    I guess Hashimoto was talking about something like the system of Scribblenauts?


    I’d love having an RPG that works like that.

  • I’ll say that the demo works, I don’t know if this sideways book thing would also work, writing recognition is spotty.

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