We’ll See At Least Two More Ys Games In 2009

By Spencer . March 9, 2009 . 6:39am

ysflyer The future of Ys was announced at Falcom’s Ys Fair. Two games were announced at the event Ys I&II Chronicles slated for summer and Ys 7, a brand new entry in the action RPG series coming out in Japan this fall. Series mainstay Adol returns as the lead character on a quest involving five dragons on Altago.


No platforms were announced, but magazine Dengeki PlayStation will have the full scoop on Ys 7 in their March 27 issue suggesting it is being developed for the PlayStation 3, PSP, or in an unlikely event the PlayStation 2. Falcom has not released a PlayStation 3 game yet and are strong supporters of the PSP. Food for thought?


Ys I&II Chronicles sounds like another remake, but it could be the Nintendo DS games Atlus’ repackaged for us for Japan. Sort of fits in with a budget re-release schedule too since the separated Ys DS games will be over a year old in summer 2009.

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  • jarrodand

    The Dengenki PS article was non-specific as to what it covered I thought? I figured Ys I&II Chronicles would be PSP, while YS VII would be PC?

  • Tatsu

    Wow, an Ys Fair… sounds fun! I really like the way the Ys 6 engine evolved with Falcom’s subsequent Ys games (Oath in Felghana & Origin), so I’m pretty curious what they have in store for the next official game of the series.

    Part of me hopes Chronicles is yet another remake of Ys I&II done like their Ys III remake, but on the other hand they’ve remade/ported those two games dozens of times by now… (and the recent DS one isn’t one of the better ones).

    • jarrodand

      Falcom’s only remade the games once though (for the Eternal/Complete versions in the late 1990s). I wouldn’t mind an Oath in Felghana level remake honestly, bringing I&II in line with modern Ys.

      Falcom needs to do Mask of the Sun and Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand too!

      • Tatsu

        There are a whole lot more remakes than that. Have you read the Hardcore Gaming article on Ys?

        I use the term “remake” a little loosely since they all have generally the same mechanics, but the various ports differ in more than just graphics, sometimes adding extra areas and whatnot.

        Interestingly enough, Taito made a few Ys remakes on PS2, like Mask of the Sun and Ys V, but they’re pretty sloppy. (The level design in particular is awful.)

        • jarrodand

          Yeah, I meant just Falcom made games. The PC88/98, FM7, MSX2 and X1 versions of Ys & Ys II were all pretty much the same, and all other versions (besides the Eternal/Complete remakes) weren’t done by Falcom.

          Ys I & II on Turbo CD, Famicom, SMS, X6800, Saturn, PS2 and DS were all done outside the company, by other developers and publishers.

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