Persona Battles Then And Now

By Spencer . March 11, 2009 . 9:06am

A new video from Atlus gives us a look at combat in the remastered Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Don’t expect too much, it’s a lot like Revelations: Persona with some interface tweaks like vertical menus and character portraits. Also, like the PlayStation 2 Persona games the PSP version has a vocal battle theme.



Now for a comparison. Here’s a fight from the PsOne game Atlus released years ago.


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  • cj_iwakura

    I think I might like the original battle music more, but it’s a good reminder that the original needed some tweaking, like informing the player of enemy immunities.

  • ryne11

    Too bad this can’t get a cheap PS2 port. Oh well, gonna have to bust @$$ to get a PSP

  • QBasic

    Seeing as the sound quality is a million times better, and interface MUCH less confusing, I got nothing to complain about… It’s not like my bitching will change Atlus’ strategy anyways. Ya know, the one that’s been making actual *money*…

  • 108

    The new soundtrack so far is god-awful. When will Shoji Meguro get over the whole “mediocre J-pop with English lyrics sung by someone with no grasp of the English language” thing? Because it sounds awful. The original soundtrack was awesome; I hope they include a “Classic Soundtrack” option so we don’t all have to be subjected to Shoji Meguro.

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • I actually liked Meguro’s music in P3 and 4, but it depends on people’s tastes in music. An option to change the style of the music would be a nice idea.

    • Euthanasian

      What’s wrong with Shoji Meguro? He experiments with different genres all the time in different games to produce a different feel for them. Persona 4 was much more pop than Persona 3’s more urban influenced music. Digital Devil Saga had a soundtrack based around the electric guitar. Nocturne was just as rock influenced, but much more subtle than DDS.

      I can trust him as a composer to develop a good feel for a game from the music. He IS adaptable and isn’t stuck in a pop rut. You can’t tell me that Kuzunoha Raidou 2 is just as poppy as Persona 4, can you?

  • cesca

    Looks nice, but a just a tad slow for today’s standards. Would get if they ditch random encounters or at least make them reasonable.

  • BlackFreefall

    As least the gameplay fleshes out faster than the original.

  • ryukyus

    WTF the battle seems a little slow and the graphic looks like some nintendo crap

    • Anonymous

      People with attitudes like this are what’s ruining games these days. The graphics “look like some Nintendo crap”? Geez, did you even play video games before the PS2 era?

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