Capcom Unburies Resident Evil Games From Graves For Wii (Update: Darkside Trailer)

By Spencer . March 12, 2009 . 8:41am

image We know already discovered Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Today, Capcom USA confirmed it is heading stateside this winter and provided a few more details. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is based on Resident Evil 2 and is an on-rail shooter. Players take control of Leon and Claire as they revisit key moments from the history of the series. New for the Darkside Chronicles is an evade system which uses the Wii remote during combat.


Capcom also had a change of heart about the Gamecube Resident Evil ports. Revised versions of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero will be released on the Wii in North America this year under Resident Evil Classics branding for $29.99 each. Of course, you could grab the Gamecube discs and play those on the Wii. The difference? The Resident Evil Classics games have Wii Remote controls. Capcom notes they have a “line” of “some of the greatest games in the Resident Evil franchise”. Two games could be considered a line, but that would be a small line up.


Do you think Capcom is developing more Resident Evil ports? Before you answer take a glance at the made for Wii game Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


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Update: Here is a trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


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  • Hero of legend

    How about a Monster Hunter Classics line for NA eh Capcom ol’ chum?

    Why would they not bring MHG to NA? Isn’t the game as a whole meant to “test the waters” that Capcom just adores doing to Wii owners so much?

  • Very nice, although Zero kinda sucked. Replaying 1 with Wii controls will be awesome though.

  • Crymson

    Haha, they are definitely sucking up to Nintendo for not giving them Resident Evil 5, eh? Not that it’s a bad thing! :)

  • daizyujin

    Well the sad thing is though that the ports for 0 and 1 are so lackluster. They could have been really great using the Wii controls but Capcom pretty much dropped the ball. Anybody thinking these will be the calibur of port we saw in RE 4 Wii will be sorely upset.

  • Evila

    Darkside Chronicles isn’t exactly what I was hoping for (I wanted an RE2 remake that controlled like RE4 on the Wii) but it does focus on RE2 which is close enough I guess, haha. I did love playing Umbrella Chronicles with my sister too, so it’ll be fun to get another arcadey rail shooter for us to play together.

    Not interested in the RE1 and 0 ports though. I’ve already played those games time and time again on the Gamecube, still got em, and could keep playing them due to the Wii’s backwards compatibility… I remember reading about them as they came out in Japan, and yeah, they were just lazy straight up ports, no extra content, no motion control (not that it’d work in those older games, what with the camera angle always changing), just uh… better video compression on the cutscenes. Yay? People who still haven’t played em should definitely check out RE1 though.

  • pressstart

    So are RE 0 and 1 going on the “Wii Play Control” line (whatever it’s called, I forgot)? That would be cool. How are the Wii controls integrated on the Wii versions anyway? Hope it also has GCN and classic control support too!

    And thank goodness they didn’t use the very Asian Leon from the Degeneration movie. Seriously, WTH is up with that Leon?

    • No, Capcom’s Resident Evil Classics aren’t like Nintendo’s New Play Control games. They aren’t modified for motion control like Resident Evil 4. You do have Wii remote/nunchuck controls so these are more like re-releases than ports. Since the controls are the same you can play Capcom’s Resident Evil Classics with a Classic Controller and a Gamecube pad, but if you’re going to do the latter you mind as well get the Gamecube games since they work on a Wii too.

  • I wonder why they haven’t used the rail shooter feature in a Survivor game, yet.

  • Aoshi00

    I still haven’t finished Umbrella Chronicles yet, but I’m always in for a rail shooter, especially one based on RE. I actually welcome this even though it’s not a RE2 remake that many wish for. I have always been fascinated by the series’ long history but could never get into it because 1) I’m lousy at these games, 2) I’m too scared to play survivor horror games like RE and Silent Hill. I was surprised I liked Gears of War 1 & 2 and am pretty good at it since the cover system is fun.

    After watching the new Degeneration movie, I would love to find out more about how everything started back in Raccoon City for the duo, and a rail shooter is much more accessible for me.

    Hopefully I could finish 4 at some point and get 5 eventually. My favorite chars right now are Wesker and Rorschach from Watchmen :)

  • Chow

    Hopefully they don’t screw with continuity as horribly as they did in Umbrella Chronicles, though I do admit there was no other way to have done UC without ruining two-player action. I’m still cringing at the Nemesis chapter, though, since they just reused the backgrounds from Outbreak, and therefore the chapter made no sense compared to the source game.

  • jarrodand

    $29.99 seems a bit pricey given what the RE0 & REmake ports actually entail. They’re really a step below RE4 Wii or the New Play Control line in terms of overhaul, and should probably be priced as such… like $19.99 each or maybe bundled for $29.99.

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