Ys Seven And Ys I&II Chronicles Coming To PSP

By Spencer . March 19, 2009 . 8:01am

image Falcom continues to supply the PSP with RPGs. Both Ys games announced at the Ys fair are being made for PSP.


Ys I&II Chronicles is another remake of Ys I&II. The PSP version is based on a PC version from 2001. Falcom will enhance the eight year old game with new graphics and music. No information was given about the extra areas introduced in the DS remakes. Will they find a way into Ys I&II Chronicles? We’ll find out when it comes out in July.


Ys Seven comes out a few months later in September. It has a brand new combat system and brings Adol back as the main character.

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  • Mr. Persona

    damn. no nintendo wii love? oh come on falcom, make a nintendo wii game, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee.

    • Does Falcom even have Nintendo tech (i.e. internal development tools)? They’ve been working with the PSP for so long they have prepared code, libraries, and tools to smooth development.

      • Mr. Persona

        sure. but the nintendo wii is the market leader right now and no one is making games for it (well, only a few good games). it’s just not fair in my opinion. an developers keep on making the same excuses over and over again (no high def, not enough graphical power, etc).

        • I don’t think Falcom is the right company to ask. They don’t make too many console games, usually just PC and (now) PSP is getting love. If they made more games on other platforms, sure, but as it stands Falcom doesn’t so it isn’t surprising that they ignore the Wii.

        • JeremyR

          Maybe, but it doesn’t seem to show in game sales…

          NIS ported Phantom Brave to the Wii. How many sales its first week ? 2300, apparently.

          By contrast, its ports of Disgaea to the PSP (there were 2 releases), each sold 10 times that in the first week, and the DS port 7x.

          And Phantom Brave was a big seller on the PS2 (about on par with Disgaea 2). So it’s not just a name thing.

          Japan just seems to be a nation of portable gamers now.

          • jarrodand

            To be fair, you can probably make a good argument that handheld ports are more complimentary than console ports. Not to mention they’re lower priced comparably, while PB Wii is the same price as the 3 year old PS2 original.

            Other RPG series like Fire Emblem or Tales have done well on Wii, I’m not sure it’s really accurate to lay full blame at just the platform…

    • It was completely expected to be a PSP game, in fact the strangest thing is that they didn’t just come out with it right away a couple weeks ago. Maybe they were still waiting on Sony’s OK or something.

      That said I would buy both the Wii AND PSP version.

  • Only Ys I had an extra area and it sucked.
    I just hope they keep the 2D graphics for Chronicles. 7 will most likely reuse the same engine that they’ve been using since Napishtim, tweaked to the max of course.
    Looking forward to buying / pestering Atlus USA for both to come here.

  • jarrodand

    Really surprised there’s no PC version of Ys VII… Falcom’s kind of abandoning their core audience there.

    Also disappointing that Chronicles looks to be another Eternal port. Why bother?

  • Awesome, another PSP rpg. I sure hope Atlus picks up Seven.

  • Kaoro

    Nice to see PSP get some love. Not familiar with the series but would probably pick it up if Atlus brought it over.
    Stupid question:

    How do you say Ys? Why-ess? Yiss? Yes? Needs moar vowels!

  • Hero of legend

    I agree that Falcom should organize some sort of Wii versions of their games, just get an experienced dev to port them over, like Alfa System, they made Castle of Shikigami III!

    And Phantom Brave Wii only sold 2300 in the first week? Damn. :( But with that price point for an old port with minor new features, is it that surprising? Hope it does well enough to warrant more ports at least. Ports are 99% of what NIS does nowadays, only exeptions are A Witch’s Tale and Puchi Puchi Virus, and neither are in-house.

    Now we got Global A hinting at Wii development, so it’s nice to see more RPG makers get onboard.

    Now hopefully Flight-Plan and Gust will follow eventually. Same with Matrix, I’d love to see them attempt Avalon Code or Winds of Nostalgio for Wii! Did you know that they made that Shin-Chan game for Wii at launch? Yeah, I’m weirded out too.

    Would Phantom Brave Wii honestly done any better on the 360 or PS3 at full price? I blame the price point more than platform choices for sure.

    • jarrodand

      Alfa System did the PCE CD conversion of Ys I&II and Ys III way bacl for Hudson btw.

      • Hero of legend

        Thus why I mentioned Alfa. ;)

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