Compile Heart Breeds Agarest Senki Sequel For PS3

By Spencer . March 25, 2009 . 1:50am


After an Xbox 360 port, the Agarest Senki series (wow, this is a series) returns to the PlayStation 3. Agarest Senki was an early PS3 strategy RPG now best remembered for its “virtual date and mate to character create” system. Agarest Senki Zero expands on the Soul Breed system with generations of offspring.


The protagonist selects a heroine and gets busy leading to a kid. Then the kid selects from a second set of heroines to make another predecessor. If you’re thinking Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom you’re on the right track. It’s like that, but with more dating sim elements. Multiple expressions and outfits make the heroines more expressive this time too.


Agarest Senki Zero comes out in Japan this June and since Nippon Ichi is publishing Compile Heart games this could… hold on… what is this? (possibly NSFW). On second thought, Agarest Senki Zero is staying in Japan.

  • Greg

    Harsh fake out Spencer.

  • Xemnas

    was that Golden Darkness?

    • No, that was a scan of Agarest Senki Zero.

  • Hello Hello

    I’d like to see a localization of the first game (360 version, please), but that’s probably never going to happen.

  • What? It was two girls enjoying some bananas… I totally don’t see anything NSFW there. (end sarcasm)
    The Amateur Webcam pop-up, however… yeah… NSFW… =P

    Still, I don’t really mind horribly perverted stuff like this if the gameplay is solid or the ideas presented are relatively unique. I played the demo for the first Agarest Senki… and the gameplay sorta sucked, so I’m always torn between the cool “generational” concept and the yucky gameplay and perverted… stuff.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t mind the naughty stuff, that’s one of the selling points of this game. But the demo’s gameplay was really boring..

      How did this game do in Japan anyway? Must’ve sold quite a few copies to have a sequel now. They have so many DLC wallpapers and calendars up on the Jpn PSN, I really like the seductive female cast (very good art), but the gameplay just wasn’t interesting..

      • The PS3 version managed to sell 8000 copies in its first week; and considering the game’s low budget, Idea Factory only needed to sell about 4000 copies to break even. So just like Cross Edge, they managed to make a profit out of this game. I don’t know how much the Xbox 360 version sold, but I’m sure Idea Factory managed to break even with that one, too.

  • Wishy

    I’d still like this game to come over sees, though I’d like to learn a bit more of the gameplay first.

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