Cross Edge Compared: NIS America Vs. Original

By Spencer . March 26, 2009 . 8:29am

Cross Edge is coming to North America and it has English voice acting. How does it sound? A trailer from NIS America posted by Siliconera reader Volcynika (thanks for the upload!!) gives us a good idea.



NIS America is trying to get the English voice actors from titles they localized to come back for Cross Edge. A representative from NIS America tells us “we were able to get the Ar tonelico voice actors to reprise their roles for Cross Edge.” Just for the sake of comparison here is the same trailer with Japanese voice acting.



How does the English version stack up? If you don’t feel its up to par you can stick to the original voices. NIS America put an option in Cross Edge for Japanese or English voice acting.

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  • Reflect

    This brings up a good question, with Sony having mandatory trophies implemented in all games since January 2009. Cross Edge in North America will get theirs while those Importers will get screwed over, no patch. Nothing? And I prefer the original voices. lol

    Note: As far as I know, the Japanese version never had Trophies.

  • Nice. I actually didn’t mind the Ar Tonelico english voices. Misha’s japanese voice was waaaay too shrill for me (her young version, at least), and I actually enjoyed Aurica’s english voice. Baaasically, I’m pumped for this game. C’mon Rosenqueen, open up pre-orders already!

  • Oh, and just for the record, people making a big deal from the minor name changes need to relax. I honestly have faith NISA will do a good job on this title. Sorry for the double post, just pre-empting all the crazy “why change Roze to Raze” people. The gag used for his name is dumb anyway. If you still want to rearrange letters for a “joke”, rearrange it to Arze, because that’s what you sound like complaining over something so trivial.

    >_> /rant

  • It looks really interesting, but I think I prefer the Japanese voices. They do seem pretty similar.

  • Akimitsu

    Not that bad of voices, but it lacks variety (I heard Yuri Lowenthal for three different characters). I do like some of the English VAs, but overall enjoyed the original ones a little bit more. Of course, it’s hard to tell a bit since the clips are short in the trailers. Either way, I will definitely be picking this game up because of my love for games like this.

  • LprdGeo

    While the name change from Roze to Raze I couldn’t really care about… Why did NIS America feel the need to to change main character “Yuuto Kannagi” to “York Neely”? And, to a smaller more nitpicky end, why the need to shorten main female “Mikoto Aiba” to “Miko Aiba”?

    Is Yuuto really that bad of a name? And is “York Neely” really that much better?

  • I could never withstand the english VAs, I much prefer the original JP ones.

    Although… a part of me has a soft spot for english prinnies… dood.

  • Jay

    I like the JP voices better

  • I’m sorry, I can’t accept Morrigan speaking English. Anyways, I don’t think this game looks very good >_>. I’ll probably wait til the price drops before considering this.

  • Zuga

    Ugh, some of those English female voices were cringe-worthy. Definitely Japanese voices for me.

  • Xemnas

    Lots of non-japanese speaking people seem to prefer Japanese, i like both tracks and will simply alternate depending on my mood

  • Euthanasian

    I just think shrill, female voices work better in Japanese. BARELY. But the fact that I am used to annoying female voices in Japanese makes it easier to handle. English cartoons generally don’t use voices like that on purpose… and for a reason…

    However, I found the male voices to be fine in both languages. As is usually the case.

  • PN04

    Japanese voices are higher because Asian voices are just naturally higher (for the women atleast) When they try to force english voice actors to get squeaky just because the japanese voices were it just makes them sound bad, they need to just try and get people who fit the right archetype, a young female, strong willed or heroic male… granted the male voices sound fine and the Prinny (yay!) Etna’s voice has always been hit or miss but it seems not so bad this time.

    As for the name changes. they do it to make the names easier to remember and say for english speakers but I have to agree sometimes the names could stand a bit less tinkering. If the purpose of a name is for a joke that dosent work in english then fine, but if it’s just a 6 syllable name it’s not like we cant handle it.

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