What’s New In Ys I&II Chronicles?

By Spencer . March 30, 2009 . 6:24am


Falcom is porting Ys I&II to the PSP in July. Great, but Ys I&II has been adapted for so many platforms what makes Ys I&II Chronicles different? This version of Ys Books I&II is based on the 2001 PC release. Players will have a choice between the PC 8801 audio and a rearranged soundtrack made for Ys I&II Chronicles, that’s the name of the PSP game. Character artwork is being touched up as well and, like the music, you can switch between the PC and PSP portraits.


Ys experts can test their skill in nightmare mode while novice wanderers can choose easy mode. Ys I&II Chronicles will have a total of four difficult modes and a boss rush to play. Is this worth 5,040 yen ($50). Before you answer see how the PC art stacks up to the PSP.


Comparison screens, PC artwork is on the left / PSP is on the right

image image image image image image


Gameplay screenshots

image image image image

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  • pressstart

    The PC version has more mature looking character art. It looks better to me.

  • The PC version wasn’t moe enough.

  • Tatsu

    Boo, I was hoping they’d give it the Oath in Felghana/Ys Origin engine, or something similar. Looks to me like pretty blatant franchise milking.

  • gutsdozer

    What’s the point of remaking the artwork if it’s not as good?
    The DS version was surprisingly good. I prefer button attacks to ramming.

  • ECM

    Since I already played through this on PC, I can’t see anything here that would any but the most hardened Falcom fan pony up to play the game for the eleventy-billionth time–especially when it’s $50.

  • EvilAkito

    Man, Falcom must really want us to play Ys I & II. The Turbo CD version hit the VC not too long ago, then we get a DS remake, and now the PC version is coming to PSP.

    Personally, I think they wasted their time with that new artwork. Given the option to switch back to the superior PC version artwork, I think most gamers will make the right choice.

    • daizyujin

      Agreed. I don’t know why the even bothered with it either. It is so obviously inferior from the standpoint of detail. I am sure somebody will like it more, especially since it is a little more “current anime” looking but longtime fans are likely to be more put off. Sad too, I would actually pay $40-$50 for this if it came out on the PSP here.

  • daizyujin

    Much like Ys 7 the artwork appears to be inferior to what we are used to from Falcom. I question why the felt it necessary to dumb the art down. It looks far less detailed.

    • Vag

      On the official website in Japanese, they say you can choose the old Artwork if you want. Same goes for the BGM, which I think is pretty neat. I too think the old Artwork is way better than the new, childish one (need to appeal to the Japanese gamers heh…)

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