Nintendo’s Next Wii Game Is Takt of Magic

By Spencer . April 1, 2009 . 1:18pm

tact Rising from a wave of New Play Control Gamecube ports is a new Wii game published by Nintendo. Takt of Magic was first announced at a Nintendo press conference last year without a release date. According to a scan of Shonen Jump, Takt of Magic is slated to come out in Japan on May 21.


As a core gameplay mechanic, Takt of Magic has players draw magical runes with the Wii remote. While Nintendo is publishing Takt of Magic in Japan, Taito is developing the game. You might recall a Nintendo DS game called Lost Magic, also released by Taito, for the Nintendo DS that looks very similar to this.

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  • fallen


    • jarrodand

      A wand or baton basically.

      • fallen

        …Is it a real word?

        • ReturnOfSomeDude

          No, but that’s just how innovative Nintendo is.

        • Raccoon

          “Takt” means something along the lines of rhythm, cycle, measure, beat or stroke in German, mostly associated with music. But I’m not sure this is what they actually meant or intended ^^

          • They probably did mean “wand” or “baton.” Wind Waker’s Japanese title was “Kaze no Takuto” — Wand of the Wind.

          • Raccoon

            Hehe, I just checked my denshi jisho and it’s indeed a Japanese loanword from the German “Taktstock”, which means wand or baton, but only in a musical sense as I described above (think of Eternal Sonata ^^). As always, the Japanese shortened it to only “Takt”, distorting the meaning, because the crucial part of the compound word is “Stock”, which means cane or stick in German *g*

          • fallen

            This is definitely the most ethnocentric I’ve ever felt — it never occurred to me that there could be Katakana words adopted from other languages that were never also adopted by English. Wow. Thanks for the eye-opener.

          • Holy lol. In the PS2 game Mad Maestro (JP name was Let’s Bravo Music, I think) you play as a conductor whose NAME was Takt. I always meant to look into it, since it seemed really odd that his name wasn’t “localized” into something American-sounding, but never got around to it.

            My mind is so blown right now! Thank you, haha!

          • jp

            That’s the same word.

            “takuto” is the Katakana form of the German word “Takt”.

          • So, should we all start calling this “Takuto obu Maagicku?”

          • MisterNiwa


  • MadMirko

    Lost Magic had its moments, but they didn’t get the controls right. The Nunchuk could probably help, so I’m curious how this one turns out.

  • Pichi

    Is this game connected story wise to Lost Magic or just the gamplay?

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