Sega Examining Xbox 360 Virtual On Twin Sticks

By Spencer . April 7, 2009 . 11:02am


Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Ver. 5.66 is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this spring. Great news, but fans of the series probably want to play the game with a twin stick controller. Sega hears you.


In an official post the development team discusses a peripheral, but they don’t exactly announce it. They mention tinkering with key assignments and manufacturing costs which sounds like a prototype Xbox 360 twin stick controller is sitting on someone’s desk. However, the device is said to be rather expensive and it’s possible that the accessory could not make it to market. How much would you pay for a set of Xbox 360 Virtual On sticks?


This is a good excuse to post some more Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Ver. 5.66 screenshots so here you go!


image image image image image image image image image image

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  • I want this game now, with or without twin sticks. Since I never played the original I can’t really say anything about the controller issues… we’ll see what happens.

  • Justin Bailey

    Virtual On was great for its time, but its success was almost entirely because of its precise and purpose-built controls. Or at least this is true of the arcade. It should be very interesting to see how it does on the 460.

  • Besides “authenticity”, i don’t understand why anyone would care to play on twinsticks since all the original controls could be mapped to the xbox dual analog sticks 4 shoulder buttons. The same couldnt be done on the Saturn/DC pads.

    This isnt like buying the Steel Batallion controller.

  • Shane

    DO WANT.

  • 5parrowhawk

    From what I hear from VO fans, the VO twin sticks are quite a bit more precise than modern gamepad thumbsticks. This means less room for error when executing moves. It’s kind of like the difference between playing a fighting game on the Xbox controller and playing it with a proper Hori arcade stick, only (apparently) more so.

    Also, [email protected] Fei-Yen.

  • Cyric

    I would pay up to $150 for a high quality Twin Stick set up, in fact I would even consider buying two (especially if they cost less then $150)!

  • Beuzer0

    I am waiting for that game, but I would have prefer it with better graphics, like more polygons on models and cell-shading. I love the virtuaroids’ design and I would love to see them with better graphics.
    But this game will rock my Xbox anyway !

  • slerch666

    I’d buy them at just about any price.

    And if they released the original arcade VO as well? That would kick all sorts of ass, being able to play the games as they are meant to be played on a SINGLE system instead of needing a Saturn and a Dreamcast with 2 sets of Twin Sticks.

    • Anonymous

      The original arcade VO already got an extremely nice PS2 port. But did this mean that a PS2 pair of Twin Sticks was developed? No.

      Also, this Xbox version already has so many mechanical advantages over the Dreamcast one due to being based on the newer version. So at least leave the Dreamcast people their control superiority. I mean, isn’t it the nature of ports that they all have their advantages and disadvantages over each other? If they wanted to make a perfect version of Virtual On OT, it would by the game’s very nature HAVE to be a new arcade cabinet.

  • Taco

    I wouldn’t bother. I played VOOT with a Dreamcast controller for years and never had any problems with the controls.

    I don’t know how you can really argue precision in the sticks when the game keeps you locked on to your enemy anyway.

  • Playing Mantis

    How about they make a Saturn and Dreamcast Controller Adapter for 360, so we can use the twin stick controllers we already have? It would also work great for using the saturn pads for fighting games, instead of paying $40 to Mad Catz for their ugly rip offs of the 2nd gen sega saturn gamepads.

    I would pay $20 for such an adapter.

  • Oz347

    I would easily pay 100$ for well made set of twin sticks, the game just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  • xbox360

    I want this game now, with or without twin sticks. Since I never played the original I can’t really say anything about the controller issues… we’ll see what happens.

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