Capcom Claims Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode Is Not A Key

By Spencer . April 8, 2009 . 4:59pm


The code for Resident Evil 5’s versus mode feature is small, tiny for two competitive online modes. Seeing a 1.8MB file for Xbox 360 owners and a 351KB download on the PS3 led to discussion that the versus mode was not a new feature with its own budget as a Capcom  previously commented.


Despite the miniscule download Capcom Vice President Christian Svensson stands his ground and says, “Keys are 100K or less. It is not a key. We have said in the past, it uses assets from the disc (like levels, models, audio, etc.) but the code is new and does not exist on the disc.”


Small 100K files used to unlock content are common. Capcom is no stranger to the process, Street Fighter IV’s alternate costumes are unlocked this way. While the Resident Evil 5 versus mode download is 3x to 18x larger than an unlock key it still seems abnormally small. 


What do you think? Is this an unlock key or not?

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  • Volcynika

    Being a programmer, you can have a tooooooooooon of code, and it still be a fairly small file. It wasn’t exactly much content, but they were probably trying to optimize it.

    As far as the mode itself, I find it to be pretty awesome!

    • I appreciate all of the comments from programmers. :) It’s great that we can discuss and analyze this civilly.

  • mochie

    you guys are stupid, 351 kb of code are enough.

    it’s not like you are downloading images.

  • Seems to me like it probably is all just code and uses resources available in-game (sounds, models, animations, etc.)

  • I’m actually fairly impressed by RE5’s DLC, personally. Using existing assets is a smart idea. I don’t necessarily want to go downloading a 500 MB file just to gain access to an additional mode in the game.

    While I’ll agree SFIV’s costume “downloads” are bullshit, I think I’ll side with Capcom on this one. Here’s hoping more developers try to optimize their DLC this way (unless, of course, they’re adding new environments or characters or something).

  • Aoshi00

    I’m no expert on this, but when I see a very small file size for an expensive DLC, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth since charging for a key is just outrageous, like Lost Odyssey’s “extra” novella and movie-viewing memory lamp. Thank god everything in MGS4 (guns, costume, etc) can be unlocked the old fashioned way or w/ password.

    So if it’s a code using what’s available on the disc, is it technically still considered a side budget as the guy claimed it to be? Well, I’m satisfied w/ the single player mode and mercenaries alrdy, now I’m going back to play Umbrella Chronicles and watch more Milla Jovovich :)

    I know this probably doesn’t sound right, but I would pay extra for a code to fix Jill’s nose :P

    • Mazen

      Fixing Jill nose? I can’t see the problem, but whats interesting is this comes from someone who plays Gear Of War if I remember correctly.

      • Aoshi00

        Not sure what the correlation is. Marcus Fenix might be an ugly BAMF in an excellent shooter w/ a great cover system (love his Bender/Wakka voice), but I prefer my Jill not looking like Owen Wilson. The jump in graphics is supposed to make her look even better, not worse. I guess Wesker punched her right in the nose and she never recovered or something. Not to mention she looks weird and nothing like the Gamecube remake or in UC. Unless my eyes are terribly wrong, I honestly can’t see how anyone can say Jill looks good in RE5.

  • EdgeKun

    It’s so refreshing to come here and see people who actually understand that code is really not big at all. Couldn’t go 2 comments in Kotaku without “OH MY GAWD. CAPCOM YOU ASSHOLES”, from people who have probably never coded a single program in their life.

    Oh, and in case it wasn’t apparent, my strong opinion is that yes, 351 Kb or 1.8 Megs is plenty big enough for 2x new multiplayer modes. All you’re doing is writing new code for game behavior, everything else is recycled off the disc. For the most part, people not handling this well are just ignorant.

  • Sentry

    I call total bullshit… So a file that was less than half of ONE MEGABYTE added totally new content or something? You cannot tell me that 300KBs was just a file to “rearrange” the code and create a different online network and so on.. They were thinking about this waaaay before release, could have easily put it on disc, but decided no one was expecting a MP mode anyways so why not charge it as extra later. It may not TECHNICALLY be a key to “unlock” the content, but it was definitely not additional new content they suddenly made after release or something. Fuckin hate this too, money was not worth it either, the mode IMO is weak and annoying, but that’s just me.

    • I guess you don’t remember a time when games were 512KB-1MB….

    • @Sentry: Obviously, they had planned to make this mode available earlier on. However, from what I understand, “Beyond the initial scope” probably refers to time and resource constraints.

      “…but it was definitely not additional new content they suddenly made after release”

      You do realize that new code is the key to “new content,” don’t you? Someone could release “new code” for Rayman Raving Rabbids and turn it into a Devil May Cry style game while still using the existing art assets on the disc.

    • EdgeKun

      Maybe if it used completely new graphics and sounds not originally on the game, but it doesn’t.

      That said, have you ever written a single program? Code is small. VERY small. And when you’re just programming the general rules for a multiplayer mode (based off of already existing drivers and functions) you’re going to have an add-on maybe half a meg or so.

  • Did capcom feature VS Mode on the back of the box when they retailed RE5 for $59? I still don’t see what the big deal is, Capcom can package their DLC whichever way they want, It’s not like they’re making you pay $6 to add VS Mode to Street Fighter 4.

  • CleruTesh

    Anyone remember the old Sanction 4k demos? Man, programmers can definitely be efficient when they try. That being said, I don’t think anyone uses assembly anymore, so such small sizes are suspicious in this day and age. But I am not at all offended by unlock codes. Anyone who bought Bionic Commando Rearmed off of PSN knows that the Demo was the full game, all you paid for is the unlock key. No one is offended by that, are they? Just a thought.

    • Aoshi00

      Right, the demo is the full game but locked, that’s why it only takes a second to unlock the game, but the big difference is they let you have a taste of the game for free, while costumers paid $60 or even $80 (Limited edition for SF4) for a supposed complete game, and you’re expected to pay $20 for the costumes or whatever they decide to hold back? We’re not talking about super sizing McDonald’s here..

      Well the whole practice is just sick I think, best example is they could’ve charged everything for MGS4, and the fact they didn’t gives player much more satisfaction, since you’re unlocking something w/ skills but not w/ money.

      BTW, it’s so funny how they put in the funny dialogue in the Bionic Commando demo, like you’re a wimp if you don’t buy the full game, lol.

  • Kaoro

    I’m majoring in computer engineering, and while I currently only have very superficial programming skills (that should change soon), I can definitely see how this is possible. Like everyone else has said, all the assets are on the disc. The actual executable code is tiny in comparison to the audio/visual assets. I believe the WoW executable is only 25-26MB in size, while the entire game is many gigabytes in size, to give some perspective.

  • Aoshi00

    Point is people feel cheated being charged extra for what should’ve been alrdy in the game to begin w/, Megaman 9’s Protoman/time attack, SF4’s costume packs, etc. If some feel this is justified, sure shower these blooksuckers w/ money. I alrdy paid $60 for a game (or in SF4’s case $80) and sure as heck won’t pay a penny more. By the same definition, Konami could’ve nickle and dimed us to death w/ all the masks/costumes/weapons, music on snake’s ipod, etc, but they chose not to, and I commend them for that.

    Whether you think people are stupid or not, well, not everyone is a programmer, and I admit I’m no expert on the technical details. All I know is a lot of DLC is bullcrap when one uses common sense.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I really think everyone should just chill, if you want it, buy it. If you don’t then don’t. Sure Capcom did some pretty underhanded stuff with FFIV being just costumes, but for this, its a new game mode. And I’ve been playing it all day, tons of fun, and its hilarious just listening to people yell at each other.
    DLC is common now, and its it makes money. Why not take advantage of it? You would if you were in their shoes probably. Whats done is done. Capcom may or may not listen to us, but already, there are tons of people who bought it with no problem. And whats 5 something dollars? Pocket money for me.
    It sounds like only half of the peeps at Kotaku have played/own the game who are running their mouths.

    • Volcynika

      FFIV? I’d buy new Cecil and Kain costumes!


      Yeah, and SF IV may be charging for costumes, but their upcoming tournament mode will be free, which is great! Yeah, the mode itself is actually really fun. Playin a couple hours a night on this!

  • Luke

    Another programmer here, really, this is no key, you can do a lot with that ammount of code especially if using assets already on the disc, why would they need new textures or character models it they’re there, nothing new has been added that isn’t in the game already, just new code.

    Luke Plunket from Kotaku doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he reported about this.

  • nick

    ive lost all my respect in capcom.
    theve just gone completly greedy with what they did with DMC4 and now this shit with resi 5.
    STFU capcom go suck on a fat one.
    as if 120$ per game is not enough

    • Volcynika

      Good thing the content is OPTIONAL. Yeesh, calm down.

  • I believe Capcom on this one.

  • jesus

    yes it is

    • Volcynika

      You have such a compelling argument.

  • beach


    • Volcynika

      Go to the PSN store, Add-ons.

  • A Fan

    mr. Christian Svensson my level of faith in your company has dwindled. Capcom use to be about bringing some of the best games out there, but it seems that your company doesn’t give a shit about their fans anymore just how much money u can milk out of us. I use look forward to your games but the way u have handled some of IP’s. An example is how u guys handled RE5, oops I meant RE4.5 seems like u guys spent all your resources on prettier gphx n DLC that I feel should not warrant a price what so ever its like me having to pay extra just so I can onlineMP r u kidding me. SF4 is another example why not make those costume packs unlockable wich in turn ppl will have a reason to replay the damn game. All in all I no longer purchase any Capcom games for those reasons. I can almost sense that u guys seem to be taking MS advice about DLC (nickle n diming). N the sad thing is that i pretty much own all the games from the previous console gen. My oh my how things have changed.

    • Volcynika

      RE5 already has online mercs, this is an optional mode, you don’t have to buy a thing. Also, while the costumes for SF IV are priced, the upcoming stuff involving tournament/championship mode stuff will be free.

  • KiD CuDi

    yes its a key.

    • EdgeKun

      Your logic and evidence is astounding.

  • daizyujin

    This is a primary example of why you don’t do stuff like charging for things that should have obviously been in the game to begin with ala Megaman 9 or SFIV. Had they not pulled these stunts before, I think people would be more likely to believe them. That being said, that was underhanded and as such, it puts a dent in their credibility. IGN made a comment in its review of SFIV talking about how Capcom was damaging goodwill by selling the costumes. This situation, IMO is proof they were right. If you don’t do it once, people will believe you, if you do, well, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. They have brought this on themselves. I don’t know if this is an unlock and I personally don’t care, I am not going to buy it. Just don’t be so quick to jump on Capcom’s side people, there is a reason why people don’t trust them.

  • samson

    wat the fuk is that i just came here and saw that shit for nothing HAHAHAH i went to google to dowlaod resident evil 5 and that shit said i needed a fucking acount from xbox360 fuk that shit u know wat i mean XBOX360 SUX

  • jack

    burn in hell capcom, hail for valve for the great free content

  • Harry

    i have downloaded versus mode using psn card and it was installed successfully but it does not show in play game options and i have reinstalled it still does not shown in play game menu so please help

    • rab

      i am having the same problem. if you fixed it would you please tell me how,. email:[email protected]

  • charles1889145533

    i really don´t care about this, i´m just very happy to have the posibility to complete the 100% of the trophies for RE 5

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