Is Glory of Heracles Nintendo’s Next DS RPG?

By Spencer . April 8, 2009 . 6:42am

imageNearly a year ago Nintendo of Japan published Glory of Heracles: Proof of Soul, a RPG rooted in Greek mythology. At the beginning of the game the protagonist wakes up on an island without his memory. He and the friends he meets are all immortals locked into a battle in Olympus. During fights players use a turn based combat system and enhance their attacks with quick stylus mini-games.


This DS game is the latest entry in the Heracles no Eikou series which was originally created by Data East. None of the Heracles games were localized, but a set of trademarks registered in Japan suggest Nintendo may pick up and publish this game.


Nintendo registered “Glory of Heracles” twice and “The Glory of Heracles” twice. On the same day Nintendo also registered trademarks New Play Control, Excitebots, “The Legendary Starfy”, “Legendary Starfy”, and “Starfy”. Seeing Glory of Heracles appear in a batch of Western names is interesting. Perhaps, this will be Nintendo’s next DS game after the Legendary Starfy.



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  • MadMirko

    Well, I for one wouldn’t mind. Aoshi00, did you end up getting the game / did you enjoy it?

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, I did get the game before, but I stopped playing it after 3 & 1/2 hrs. Personally I think everything is rather bland (graphics, story, music). The turn-based battles are very repetitive and lack variety, sometimes you need to tab or swirl w/ the stylus to do maximum magic damage. The trailer made it seem much more interesting than it is. It has some funny characters and dialogue, but the mute hero doesn’t have much personality (unlike Crono).

      I’m not sure if it’s even worth $15 now that it’s on sale on Play-Asia. I don’t think you’ll be missing much by skipping this. This and Riz-zoawd both turned out to be disappointing for me, despite me being a turn-based RPG fan, since I like Lost Odyssey and Archaic Sealed Heat.

  • I just played a little with the japanese version.

    The music is good, the art is very unique and good too. The battle feels like Suikoden but a bit slow. I’m looking forward for a english version.

  • BobTheCat

    After reading the article, I have to say I like the premise of the game, just this morning I was thinking of how cool a greek mythology based game would be where heroes of men roamed the land.

    But this game isn’t like that at all. Apart from the winged chariot and trojan horse featured in the trailer it didn’t look very greek at all, actually if you removed those two clips from the trailer, the greek frame and statues, and just watched the gameplay video you would just think it’s just another rpg.

    I’m sure it’ll be a cool rpg and I’ll look out for it, but imo it doesn’t look greek at all.

  • Keeping fingers crossed that Soma Bringer will be next on the list.

    • lostinblue

      hell yeah!

    • EvilAkito

      I really want Soma Bringer, but I’ve given up all hope on that. Nintendo just doesn’t believe in localizing games that I care about.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Play Asia just dropped the price of the import of this under $15US. I’ve seen them do that before on titles that have been announced or will be announced for localization.

  • FStubbs

    It would be a nice gesture on the part of NoA to bring this over along with Soma Bringer.

  • jarrodand

    I’d have rather had Soma Bringer, Card Hero or even ASH to be honest. :/

  • Joanna

    I’ve never tried the previous games, but I love RPGs, so even if this isn’t anything spectacular, it will most likely entertain me. Plus I’m a greek mythology nut. hehe.

    I hope this and Starfy are a prelude to Nintendo publishing even more stuff (like ASH and Soma Bringer, I would be really happy if these two got brought over next).

    • elnegro492003

      You guys know theres a mostly complete (About 98% complete and the rest of it is not really that important to the story nor related at all) fan translation for Soma Bringer made by Psychoblaster I believe? Google’s your friend. ;)

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