Sega Publishing Tri-Ace’s Multiplatform RPG

By Spencer . April 8, 2009 . 7:30am

imageWe don’t have to wait for the countdown to expire to find out about Tri-Ace’s next RPG. End of Eternity is revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu and Sega is publishing it. This isn’t the first time Tri-Ace strayed from Square Enix. Microsoft originally funded Infinite Undiscovery before they handed publishing duties to Square Enix.


Characters in the picture from left to right are: Zephyr, Subject 20 (that’s the girl’s name for now), and Vashyron who is employed in a private military firm. Notice how Zephyr and Vashyron are holding guns? End of Eternity’s battle system has gun action in semi real time encounters. A scanned screenshot shows Vashyron leaping backwards while blasting bullets. Looks like the Star Ocean developer is trying to distill the feel of a Hollywood gunfight into a RPG.


The official site opens this week so we should see more of End of Eternity soon. Sega will publish End of Eternity on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan this winter. An international release has not been announced at this time, but End of Eternity looks like it has a good chance of being localized.

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  • Simon

    the characters dunt look so cool for some reason.. i cant figure out why.. but they look weird for an RPG

  • Foo FOO Li

    oh god.
    a new trend?
    more guns?
    i hate guns!
    semi realistic setting?
    i want my anime and fantasy settings!
    what’s happening to all the anime/fantasy setting role playing games?
    i bet this game is going to be popular in the west.

    • Already my hype for this game is gone… I too was hoping this game would have been more on the anime side, but I guess tri-ace doesn’t really do that anymore…


  • I almost sense a Parasite Eve style of play; though most of Tri-Ace’s games use the same battle mechanics between each other with slight tweaks (star ocean-> radiata stories-> infinite undiscovery, etc). We’ll see in time.

  • Mazen

    Wow Great art and good character design I was afraid from Triace after some character design choices in SO4 but this game seems to be going in a good direction, and it looks very high budget.

  • Glad to see tri-Ace is putting out so many fresh titles, ESPECIALLY psyched about multi-platform. If only tri-Crescendo could do the same!

  • Oh, just read this more detailed description on the game (so sorry to put a link in the comments!!!):

    And I’m extremely disappointed in tri-Ace. This sounds like a COMPLETE rip-off of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

  • Chris

    Hopefully they hire a new person to write their scripts. Infinite Undiscovery’s dialog was bad enough, it’s painful to sit through some of Star Ocean 4’s. “We’re friends! Friendship is the most important thing!” “Friendship?” “Yes, friendship!” Come on. SOME of your audience is above five!

    And hopefully they get back to trying new and interesting game mechanics that make for fun, diverse gameplay instead of just dumbing down their old ideas like they did for Star Ocean 4.

    • Aoshi00

      That’s why dual track is so essential in JRPGs.. I have only played Infinite Undiscovery in Jpn, regardless of how one feels about the battle system the voice acting was top notch, I only heard the Eng ver. a little bit and Aya was not cute at all.

      So SO4’s voice acting is really that bad huh? I’ve held off buying the game and just got it today from Amazon at $40. The Jpn ver of course is like ~$90 and I’m not shelling out for that even if I want the Jpn track..

      At any rate, the char design for this new game looks very awesome, reminds me a little of Shadow Hearts Convenant.

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