Square Enix Ready To "Evolve" Front Mission?

By Spencer . April 14, 2009 . 10:13am

image A trademark filed by Square Enix implies just that. Square Enix registered Front Mission Evolved in the US for use with video games among other silly things like mouse pads and song books. Regardless of the myriad classifications, Front Mission Evolved is probably for a new Front Mission game, but which one?


Will this be the international subtitle for Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness? Possible, but a mobile phone to DS port hardly counts as an evolution.


I’m leaning towards a brand new Front Mission game. Perhaps, one that comes out here. However, Square Enix registered other trademarks related to Front Mission like Scars of War which remained in only in Japan.



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  • Mr. Persona

    i wish square-enix would release front mission 5: scars of the war in america. but a new front mission game is always welcomed. *grins*

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    More Front Mission can only be a good thing. BRING IT!

  • This is the only Square Enix property I never followed. Can someone enlighten me on it? Better yet, give me a sales pitch! Make me wanna pick ’em all up, because I really have no reason why I’ve completely ignored this franchise specifically. Just have.

    • FMfan

      Basically, think of an SRPG with fully customizable units; not just their equipment, but down the actual parts. For instance, you can mix and match arms to make one arm more accurate and durable [but heavier] and the other nearly useless aside from damage soaking [but weighs little]. Weight is really the only limiting factor, so you can make one lightweight mech armed to the teeth or a heavyweight damage magnet with nothing but a blunt object for protection. Also, later games allow for action point rationing which lets you ‘bank’ actions so that if you are not in range of enemies you can concentrate on counterattacking when they get close. Hope that helps some; FM 4 for PS2 is probably cheap these days, and FM 3 for psone should be really cheap these days if you are curious. The DS one realized in the US is good but seemed like it was made in small quantities. Enjoy!

      • Wishy

        So it’s like Armored Core except a SRPG?

        I think I might like that.

    • FMfan covered the main of the points already (thanks!!), but just to chime … the mech customization is deep. Compared to other strategy RPGs you can customize your units more and tune them like a car. It’s neat, but I also believe it’s one of the reasons why Front Mission failed to catch on while other strategy RPGs did. It’s complicated if its your first strategy RPG, but as a master tactician you might enjoy it.

      • I do believe you guys sold me. Especially the “as a master tactician” part. You’re talking to Mr. 5-star Hard Fire Emblem DS guy… I love challenge and depth and complexity, especially in SRPGs.

        I’ll track down the DS title, and I know I’ve seen FM4 for super-cheap at GameStop. Thanks for the info, all!

    • Aside from what FMfan said, Front Mission is also known for its multi-layered game universe and how it tackles political, war, science, and societal issues that are relevant in the real world. It also maintains continuity in that the instalments in the series timeline are connected through events, characters, and such. Any plot-related issues and events that are unresolved from one instalment get carried over to the next, chronologically. Numerous characters make appearances in other instalments and go about with their lives, which lends to the series’ immersion.

      The most recent instalment, 5: Scars of the War, concludes the current series storyline that spans several decades. Since it resolves every major plot issue that remained unanswered in the previous instalments, you need to play all of them to truly understand what’s going on. It’s like Metal Gear Solid 4, but far more conclusive and leaves no corner untouched. Still, that doesn’t mean that a new series storyline can begin in a different time period.

      So if you’re into story in addition to gameplay, definitely check Front Mission out. It’s got a lot to offer if you’re willing to dive into the series.

  • jarrodand

    Maybe it’s the rumored 360 game?

    Too bad Scars of War and Border of Madness missed the boat. :/

  • BobTheCat

    It sounds like a great game I can’t believe I havent heard of it.

    In all honesty though the name “Front Mission” sounds slightly underwhelming, if it wasn’t for this article I wouldn’t have the slightest curiosity about the game.

  • Zefiro Torna

    I wonder if this is Front Mission 2 that is “evolved” considering it’s sole currently existing FM game that really needs to. Too bad the realistic me doubts it and views this as some kind of side game.

  • RO!

    Front Mission owns. The series is easily the most underrated to ever be developed by a company as large as Square. A new version with PS3 upgraded graphics would be just too good.

  • Badfish

    To let you guys know, you can get a fan translated version of Front Mission 5. Look it up on Google. I was surprised.

  • JFreshInEffect!

    Don’t worry if they don’t bring it here. Front mission games for some reason always have English menus. FM2 even came with an “engrish” instruction sheet. As a huge FM fan i want to ask everyone why Front Mission games do this? Do they expect foreigners to import.

  • rob

    Front mission 4 is the greatest game ever played! I was heart broken when Square Enix only released 5 in grand Japan. As of only a few days ago though, the latest english translation patch (3)was released buy the badest pack of hacks I never met(but would gladly buy them a drink). Look it up on Frontmission.info and spread the word, and square enix should reward those guys!

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