Wii MotionPlus Moves Into Stores Before Wii Sports Resort

By Spencer . April 14, 2009 . 9:15am


Japan gets Wii Sports Resort in June. The Wii Sports sequel comes out in North America one month later on July 26. Every $49.99 copy of Wii Sports Resort is bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, but you don’t need to purchase or wait for Nintendo’s summer sports compilation for enhanced motion control.


Wii MotionPlus dongles go on sale separately for $19.99 starting June 8. Since Nintendo of America is shipping the accessory before the flagship game designed to showcase it, games that support Wii MotionPlus are coming to stores soon. Like next month soon. Nintendo wouldn’t release an accessory in stores without games that support it, right?

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  • Hero of Legend

    IGN also reports that Virtua Tennis 2009 does indeed support Motion Plus!


    • Ah there we go! thanks for the tip.

  • Tiger Woods will support it, too, among other games. But $19.99…really? I recall Iwata saying it would be “cheap.” Cheap would be 5-10 USD, not 20.

    I wonder if NOA decided on that price point or whether NCL calls the shots when it comes to pricing. Either way, I don’t think a $20 price point is going to help turn MotionPlus into the “standard” Wii controller anytime soon.

    …then again, there’s as many Balance Boards as PS3s in homes now.

    • I think Nintendo has a catch 22 with Wii MotionPlus. They want it to be in as many homes as possible, but they also want to sell Wii Sports Resort. If they sell the accessory for $5 then there isn’t much incentive to get Wii Sports Resort if you just want MotionPlus. But at $20 you have to think, “if I wait I can get Wii Sports Resort for just $30 more” or something like that.

      • jarrodand

        Supposedly, it’s going to be bundled in 3rd party games too. It’s already been leaked that Grand Slam Tennis has a bundled SKU in Europe for 10€ over the regular SKU.

        Makes me wonder if we’ll see a $39.99 GST alongside a $49.99 GST/M+ bundle this June in America…

      • daizyujin

        Perhaps this is true, but since these games are meant to be played with friends, you would most likely need more than one. I agree with Ishaan, the price is too expensive to turn it into a new standard, and as long as it isn’t standard, few companies are going to bother with it. Even fewer will require it. Kinda reminds me of the ram expansion on the N64. Very few games actually used it in a way that was meaningful, and the ones that did were pretty much only 1st party titles. Afterall, Wii Sports Resort sorta interested me,but I could care less about Tiger Woods. Not going to spend an extra $60 just to bring all my remotes up to snuff.

        • jarrodand

          I wouldn’t rule it out just yet. The N64 ram pack may have been comparably limited, but the N64 rumble pack saw pretty widespread use. Or you can look at the Wii Balance Board, which has a userbase that’s approaching PS3 fgures in some markets. Nintendo’s track record for add ons is pretty hit or miss, but I’d even now Motion+ is looking more like the former.

    • Foo FOO Li

      $20 dollars is a cheap price! maybe you’re the one that’s cheap! this generation of gamers is cheap! people spend more money on that disgusting starbucks coffee than actual videogames within a weeks time. $20 dollars isn’t alot of money. stop being cheap people.

      • daizyujin

        “scratches head”

        Perhaps not for you, but for the average consumer, $50 game plus needing to spend another $60 to buy three more accessories just to have a full set for four player fun, well, it is expensive. And we know that the game will likely require it from the way it has been presented.

        Hardcore gamers will buy anything, nuff said, but this won’t be a standard at these prices. Just look how few Wii games require the classic controller. None, even though several games would benefit from a lack of motion controls. Had it been packed in with the system, this likely would have been different. Don’t expect anything different from this. If it is used it will be optional, which will likely limit how effectively it is used, especially by 3rd parties.

        We have already seen one game (The Conduit) drop it because they couldn’t justify its use to the consumer. More likely they didn’t want a person to feel obligated to buy another accessory to fully enjoy the game. As it is, this brings the total cost of the Wii controller complete to a staggering $80. That is insane. For that price you can get two wired controllers for the 360, and that is just at retail.

        Besides, people that tell somebody that $20 isn’t a lot of money has most likely never known what it is like to hurt for money. Not everybody spends $5 on a cup of coffee.

    • I know, right? I still only have one nunchuk because I can’t bring myself to spend $19.99 on one. For that price, I could get a DS/PSP/PS2 game.

      • daizyujin

        I only have a second nunchuk because I found one open box at a thrift store for $5. Hadn’t even been used.

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