Yes, These Are In Game Final Fantasy XIII Movies

By Spencer . April 15, 2009 . 8:39am

We’ve seen plenty of Final Fantasy XIII movies. These are actually from the game. To be more specific, the demo that shipped with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Thanks to an early leak you can see how the game looks and the combat system without importing it.


Two immediate observations: random fights are out and the customizable three hit combo system makes watching fights more exciting compared to seeing the same sword slashing animation over and over. I didn’t want to spoil the demo too much since a copy is heading my way whenever Play-Asia ships it.




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  • Lucian (GER)

    Hope this is really the battle system from 08……or else its bof5 in worse…
    anyway here is the ff13 versus tailer
    bad quali^^

  • Ryu Kazama

    I don’t get why they took a step back from FFXII and made battle transistions. FFXII worked really well in keeping it all flowing nicely. This just seems like one step backwards to me. Recylcled footstep noises from a billion other games. Does every character REALLY stomp the ground that hard when they run? Mix it up a little. The technology sure as heck allows it. Yes, I’m being nitpicky…

  • cesca

    Can you actually control the characters movements? or is it everything context sensintive/automated.

    Would’ve liked it to be seamless like FFXII, but that’s about the only thing I prefer about XII than what I’ve seen from XIII so far.

    Hope the story is mature and doesn’t have emotionally retarded characters – at least the main characters seem to be in their early/mid twenties in their majority, which is a mayor step up compared to the “17” cast we’ve been getting since 8.

    Can believe that by the time I play this I’ll be nearing 25, I was only 20 when it was announced.

    • Foo FOO Li

      “Hope the story is mature and doesn’t have emotionally retarded characters – at least the main characters seem to be in their early/mid twenties in their majority, which is a mayor step up compared to the “17” cast we’ve been getting since 8.”

      oh fucking please! if you want mature and old, then go play that god awful (and very, very boring) mass effect and fall out 3. i was bored too fucking tears with those games. thank lucifer that i didn’t buy them, but i rented them instead.

      • QBasic

        Weaboo alert.

  • Lucian (GER)

    @Ryu Kazama

    se said

    “The demo represents the game as it was back in December 2008. Only 50% of the battle system is in place-a very basic system.”

    My english isn’t so good, buts that’s explains a lot ^.^

    • Foo FOO Li

      thank you and finally! someone who has some actual sense. people (blogs, forums, sites, hell on earth which is neogaf) are already reviewing the demo as if it’s the final version of the game! stupid! so fucking stupid! jeez.. the demo looks great btw. square enix really stepped their game up with this one. i can’t wait for the FINAL VERSION. FINAL VERSION!!

  • pedrron

    Battle music sounds awesome. Can’t wait. Now all I need to do is buy a PS3! When is Sony gonna announce a price cut?

  • Lucian (GER)

    @Foo FOO Li ya 100% agree :)

    @perron price cut…well..with god of war 3 i hope so1111111

    But i hope for al fast eu release^^
    – All titles (not just FF XIII) are made with localization in mind now
    – Localization staff consulted during development
    – Previously serial completion: JP > US > EU (in that order)
    – Now all three versions are moving simultaneously
    – “We aim to release it within six months of the Japanese version.”

    that gives me hope :)

  • Wow, that’s a lot of space between battles…

  • Raccoon

    I agree with Ryu Kazama. I don’t understand why they made these clear visible battle transitions (and results screens) as in the older games, when they already achieved the seamless fusion of exploration and battle mode in FFXI and XII >_< It's a real step backwards in my opinion. Especially as the new system of XIII is absolutely fit for implementation of a similar seamless transition.

    However, the battle animations, the character's movements and special effects look really cool. And the best thing of the new material from the demo is the wonderful music of Hamauzu ^^

    I'm still looking forward to this game, as no Final Fantasy ever disappointed me, but I'm a bit sad that they actually slowed the evolution of the series or maybe downgraded the gameplay a little.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought it was apparent from the trailer they went back traditional turn-based in a separate battle screen instead of seamless, I for one welcome it since the last FF I liked was X. I tried hard to like 12, but the gambit system and everything else just didn’t do it for me.

      I think the reason why they changed back to the old battle system is 12 was not very well received in Japan and geared more toward the Western audience. If you look at the reviews in general, 99% of US gamers liked FF12, but Jpn gamers’ reception was 50/50.

      The music does sound beautiful. I’m just relieved they stick w/ professional voice actors instead of amateurs like FF12 or Lost Odyssey which dealt a huge blow on the main characters’ performance. Sakamoto Maaya (Aerith) as Lightning and Ebara Masashi (Might Guy from Naruto) as Sazh, who seems cool and a comic relief at the same time, would keep me interested in the story. I have a feeling they would not include the Jpn track for the US release like most recent JRPGs, this demo has sold me a day 1 purchase.

  • Looks decent… Seems like it might be better, than the crap that was FF12… The battle system still confuses the hell out of me though.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Its going to be on PS3, so hopefully they include the choice of JPN voice track.
    I like going back to the traditional turn base. I never did get use to FFXII’s seamless battles either.
    I love the music. I don’t care SE, as long as you make this game perfect, I’ll continue waiting. I have other games to play in the mean time.

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