Meet The Crystal Bearers Characters

By Spencer . April 17, 2009 . 9:39am


What’s that in this Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers screenshot? A Yuke? I thought all of them were extinct after the Great Lilty-Yuke war. Not quite the case since Layle, the game’s gravity manipulating hero, is confronting Amidatelion a female Yuke who also holds a crystal.


Litlys also play a key role in the story, but look less child-like in The Crystal Bearers. Althea, the princess of the Litly kingdom, almost looks like a human or Clavat. Jergan looks like he is a mutated Galka and a Final Fantasy XI reject.


image image image image image image

  • So, I’m confused. Is this finally a “proper” Final Fantasy for a Nintendo platform (first since FFVI?) or yet another screw-the-plot-let’s-dungeon-crawl one?

    • jarrodand

      It’s a single player, physics/environment based ARPG spinoff. Not like previous FFCC’s (ie: multiplayer dungeon crawls), but not like the mainline RPGs either.

      Probably more like… uh, Zelda I’m guessing. Or Dawn of Mana, but done right.

      • OK good description, I’m looking forward to this then.

      • MadMirko

        I guess we can view FFCC as a series of games different from the FF games, rather than FF spin-offs.

        FFCC games are not just multiplayer dungeon crawls, there is also an “RPG simulation” (MLAAK) and soon a real time strategy title (MLAADL).

        FFCC currently has more continuity, at least hints of a continous story in one world, whereas FF games tend to be not related to each other.

        • EvilAkito

          Considering that Square Enix has been all over the place with the Final Fantasy series (even in the main-line games), I’m not sure what I considerer to be a proper Final Fantasy anymore. Crystal Chronicles isn’t so much a spin-off as it is a new series of its own (much like, say, Mega Man X/Legends/Zero/Battle Network). Even so, as you’ve demonstrated, the Crystal Chronicles games don’t even really stay consistent when it comes to the genre and gameplay principles, but they’ve at least stayed consistent as far as the world and races are concerned.

  • Ew… creepy mutant Galkas!! Run for the hills!

  • Actually, Lilties look about the same as they do in other Crystal Chronicles games if I’m correct. Just the king Lilty and his daughter are more realistically proportioned. If you watch the trailers and look up a few other scans, you’ll spot a couple chibi-Lilties, just like the ones from previous games. :)

    Still no info on the redhead. I can’t decide if she’s a Clavat or a Selkie. They all look kind of different now.

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