Suikoden Staples You Won’t Find In Suikoden Tierkreis

By Jenni . April 19, 2009 . 3:14pm

I’ve just started my Suikoden Tierkreis adventure, and while there are some familiar elements, certain touches help definite it as a spin-off series. Many of the hallmarks of the series, found in Suikoden I through V, are gone.


Ouran Company of Trapnest Castle, led by the almighty Reno, is only just beginning to make a name for itself, aiding the Magedom of Janam’s Empress Consorts by performing their three tasks. (And yes, I’m now kicking myself for not calling them the Turk Company of ShinRa Castle.) Still, I’ve been compiling a list of things Suikoden fans won’t see as I go along.


1. No character cameos. Don’t expect to see Viki or Jeane in any way, shape or form. Not even as visitors from the Gateways. Sorry. This also means the “hero” from a previous Suikoden game won’t show up. To be honest, I’d have liked to have seen a Viki come through the gateway as a visitor, just for old time’s sake.


2. No more Runes. That special ability/magic system is replaced by the more flexible Marks of the Stars.


3. Everybody gets character portraits, not just Stars of Destiny, villains and supporting characters. Yes, in Suikoden Tierkreis everyone is so special that they get a headshot. You have to check for names or voice acting to determine if it’s a villain or someone recruitable.


4. A silent protagonist. The main character here has a voice and no qualms about using it.


5. No Blinking Mirror. You either have to take a gateway portal or actually walk to your next destination. And, when you’re done in an area, you have to walk to an exit. You can’t just use a portable Blinking Mirror to warp home again.


6. No getting lost or wandering aimlessly. The majority of the game is mission based, and you can check your game menu to know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. A few characters are recruited via missions.


7. No more weapon modification. You can buy and sell weapons as you like, so blacksmiths are out of a job. Also, many characters can equip multiple weapons, allowing for more party customization.


8. No duels. At least, no duels in the traditional Suikoden sense. (Jale did face off against Selen.) The original Suikoden games often had duels that would be a sort of one-on-one, rock-paper-scissor battle with sorts. Every battle here has been a traditional turn-based, RPG battle.


9. No strategic battles. In the console Suikoden games, you’ll set up squads with fighting characters, along with a mage for magic attacks, see them all appear on a map and be forced to accomplish an objective in a Risk-esque strategic battle. You will be asked to form squads sometimes to help in major battles, but there are no grand strategic battles.


Have I missed anything?

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  • Constraint

    Duels were always fun. Although I ahve tried out Tierkreis yet, I’m hoping they’ll make a sequel to Suikoden III.

    • A sequel to Suikoden III would be great, and not totally unthinkable since that’s what was done with 1 + 2. I’d love to see it happen.

  • Mazen

    I started this game a week a go am afraid to read this article because of possible spoilers or something I will read it later,
    but this is the largest Handheld RPG I’ve ever played not only there are many things to do but the voice acting and anime amount is unbelievable for a DS game, I really love it, so far Its my third favorite Suikoden after 5 and 2 and that says alot since Sukoden series is like in my top 5 games.

    • Shouldn’t be any spoilers in the article above. I didn’t name any import events, recruitable characters, etc…

      It is a very large RPG. I’m enjoying it, but I can’t bring myself to think of it as an actual entry in the series. Somehow it can’t compare to 1, 2, 3 and 5 in my mind.

    • MadMirko

      Love it as well, though I have a hard time understanding why people seem so focused on whether this is a Suikoden or not: It’s a very good game, and that sadly seems to be lost in the oh so important “Suikoden question”.

      • Mazen

        Yes even thought am an absolutely huge Suikoden fan, when I begun this game I just wanted a fun thrilling RPG and thats what I got, I feel Suikoden fans are caring more than necessary for Suikoden elements especially that this not Sukoden 6.

  • I’m usually not too picky, but I haven’t been as impressed with this game as I thought I would. It’s not bad in any particular way, but without the Suikoden name, it has nothing really unique going for it. Recruiting a ton of characters isn’t enough to separate yourself anymore.

    Also, WTF is up with the speedy voice-acting? It’s bugging the heck out of me.

    • Second on the voice acting! I thought I talked fast sometimes!

      I’ve gotten past the point I was at when I wrote this article. Now I’m doing recruiting before heading to check out some new lands around the Porpos-kin people’s lands. Seems like characters are slowing down a bit when they talk.

      • Yeah, a lot of the characters eventually slowed down a little, but the main character just insists on getting his lines out before the text even shows up. Haha, it’s pretty funny, really.

        • Exactly! Sometimes Marica does that too.

          I’m still trying to figure out name pronunciations. When I first saw Kureyah, I figured it’d be Ku-Ray-Ah. Not Claire.

          There were some other names that were like that, but I can’t think of them atm.

        • Mazen

          Yeah that is because of the memory restriction! they want less recording time.
          yet its impressive they put all that voice acting in the game, the speed in talking does after a while give a kind of character to the hero like he is a rush full but kind guy.

    • Wow, and I thought it was just me or a faulty cart (I have that kind of bad luck…) that made them sound like they were hyped on pixie sticks!

  • EvilAkito

    I went with Yotsuba Company and Churuya Castle.

    That being said, I’m trying hard to like this game, but so far, it just isn’t doing it for me. I can easily get over the fact that this game takes place in another world and stays out of the affairs of the main-series Suikoden games. I don’t even mind the removal of the rune system since it’s easy to just accept that the runes don’t exist in this world. But the removal of the one-on-one duels and especially the removal of the large-scale war battles greatly hurt this game for me. The idea of watching your army grow and successfully defending yourself against enemy aggression is part of what gave the Suikoden games a sense of progress. Without it, I find myself not really caring about gaining new character recruits and watching my castle get fixed up. I don’t even feel the drive to advance further in the story.

    Also, I’m not really picky about whether I have a silent or speaking protagonist, but in this particular case, I would have preferred silent. Part of it is due to that god-awful voice acting, but also because the main character in this game really gets on my nerves. I don’t care for his personality at all and would greatly prefer to just have a non-speaking character who’s personality can be filled in by my imagination.

    • I would have preferred a silent protagonist as well.

      For me, the voice acting, slow walking speed through areas and lack of some kind of warping spell early on gets a bit annoying. Sometimes I don’t “want” to walk all the way back to the exit or entrance. I guess I’m lazy like that.

      Still, I’m enjoying the game. Just try to think of it in the same was as Suikoden Tactics – as more of a spin-off. :D

  • Warukyure

    WHAT?! No Viki? That was my biggest worry about this game. That and I was wondering how they were going to implement the strategy component of Suikoden in this game. I wish they would just make the 6th one already (for PSP or PS3, just because most of the series has been there).

    • Nope. No Viki and no strategic component.

      The thing is, Viki could EASILY have been inserted in. Her blinking/teleporting power could easily have explained how she ended up in Tierkreis.

      I’d love to see 6 on the PSP.

      • Mazen

        6 on PSP would be better than on DS but am greedy I want it on a next gen system like PS3 to get the highest budget possible, I feel we are still far a way from hearing anything about a sequel thought :(

        • I’d love to see it on the DS, PSP or Wii because those are the systems I own. :P

          • EvilAkito

            I can totally relate, except I don’t even have a PSP. I’d like to see Suikoden VI on DS, PS2, or Wii. Just as long as it’s a console that I own, I’m fine.

  • Anon

    While Tierkreis is a nice game, it’s hardly a Suikoden game in any sense. It seems more like an imitation.

    It’s so simplified and unfamiliar that they really should have made it a seperate original game all together. It would have been easier to do that then it must have been to shoehorn in the few Suikoden elements present in the game.

    I really hope the next Suikoden game goes back to the original world. It’s my favorite series and I’m really concerned about the next installment.

  • Raccoon

    Hey Jenni, I think you missed the actual world of the game, although that’s connected to the missing character cameos that you listed. The setting of the five main Suikoden games were different countries in a single world. In my opinion that was a great concept and the biggest strong point of the series, because over time they established some kind of mythology, timeline, or maybe even political background. It wasn’t just characters that appeared from past games in the series, but a high number of hints and allusions referring to the events and locations of the other games.
    But of cause, it’s hard to keep a constant continuity up like this. It reminds me a bit of Star Trek. So to be honest i think the developers of Tierkreis were quite cowardly to just introduce a “parallel universe” without continuing the “real” Suikoden world. Many fans would like to see a Suikoden where one can finally visit Harmonia etc. They should try making a Suikoden VI were some of the old nations show up again and where one can see more than just a little section of the actual worldmap.

    Actually I don’t mind the changes in gameplay, but the lack of the traditional Suikoden world (and missing cameos) disappoint me.

    • You’re right, I did. I should have added in a bullet for that as well. I’d always beat the standard Suikoden games in order so I could have completed saves ready to unlock extra stuff. :D I loved being able to see plays based on previous games, or have the old hero reappear.

      I definitely agree with you – I loved the sense of history from those games. And setting Suikoden VI in Harmonia would be an interesting idea.

  • RO!

    I gave up, this game is just plain boring. Back to Chrono Trigger for me.

    • Mazen

      What do you think of the other Suikodens?

  • I was a little disappointed that the only real nod to Suikoden was the fact that I named my group ‘Harmonia Company’ of Budehuc Castle. (Hey, it’s an alternate reality, I can play with factions how I like. ;))

    I’m only a few hours in – just past the part where you go talk to the … Porpos-kin? for the first time. That said, while there’s no main characters popping in from other Suikodens, the main character’s first weapon definitely seemed like a nod to the main characters of Suikoden 1, at least – the game may call it a cudgel, but I know a staff when I see one.

    • Nice naming!

      At the moment I’m still waiting to double check the area past the mountains before the porpos-kin’s village. I’m giving WiFi a try and I’ve sent one of my characters out into the Infinity.

      Actually, I think they did call it a cudgel. I think it did. I know I’ve seen a cudgel in my inventory… I think Yadima came with one equipped too.

      • Oh yeah, it’s definitely called a cudgel – but the main character holds it in the same fashion as the character of Suikoden 1 held his staff. (However, the main character of Suikoden Tierkreis doesn’t spin it over his head then slam it down like a badass.)

        If I see your characters hanging out on the Corridor, I’ll be sure to have them come visit for a while. :)

  • So uh, I don’t know if I want this anymore. It sounds like it is missing everything I love about the series. Oh well, I could beat 1 or 2 for the 25th or so time, or maybe do another 3 play-through.

    • Zuga

      It’s a fun DS RPG, but it doesn’t feel as epic as a Suikoden game. Plus the voice acting absolutely made the enjoyment take a hit, and not just the main character who is super annoying – a supposed emotional reunion between two sisters is rather lacking. I read fast so I kept hitting “A” as fast as I can to avoid the voices. There should have been an option to turn these voices off.

  • I think one of the bigger differences is that the themes are a bit different. Gone are the wars between people and people, with true runes lurking in the background. The story of Tierkreis is more of a … dare I say, Final Fantasy structure (at least, FF in its initial stages before it starts involving the whole damn world)? Fighting against a large religious organization doesn’t seem to be a very … Suikoden-type plot.

    Either way, I like Tierkreis for what it is =P It may be a disappointment for Suikoden fans, but it’s a good game overall.

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