Soul Breeding PS3 SRPG Picked Up For International Release

By Spencer . April 22, 2009 . 4:36pm

image The thought of a Western company localizing and distributing Agarest Senki boggles the mind. Looks like it’s going to happen thanks in part to European bargain bin publisher Midas Interactive.


A rating for Agarest: Generations of War as a PlayStation 3 game popped up in Germany. The name definitely fits. Also, Midas Interactive worked with Idea Factory, the parent company of Compile Heart, in the past by crazily localizing Spectral vs. Generation. The fighting game’s biggest selling point is Neverland characters from Generation of Chaos and Spectral games which were never released in Europe prior to Spectral vs. Generation. Midas Interactive was brazen enough to publish that and localizing Agarest: Generations of War isn’t as weird.


Agarest: Generations of War is a generic strategy RPG that became notable or perhaps, notorious, for its Soul Breed system where you date and mate to make the next generation of heroes. The game got a 12+ rating so it might not be as dirty as it sounds or Midas Interactive cut the suggestive bits. Either way if you’ve been dying to play Agarest Senki you can get the game in Europe sometime in the future.

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  • Wishy

    Awesome! Too bad it’s only Europe for now.

    • Zuga

      PS3 is region free afterall

      • Wishy

        Might have a problem buying the game as I live in Canada. :P Unless someone on Amazon buys the game in bulk and then resells them.

  • Mazen

    I will buy this to support the effort but am not eager for a SRPG with dating elements :(

  • Woooooo!

    Gotta get that PS3 soon.

  • lacan

    I just hope its in english and not german

    • This has to get an English version. Midas Interactive can’t make any money by only releasing this in Germany, if they’re going to make any money at all.

  • Simon

    Could this be the RPG NisAmerica will be picking up?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I always thought NIS was a better candidate than atlus on this one but of leak announced/expected releases of theirs for 2009 in US they already have Mana Khemia2, Sakura Taisen 5 (or more) and most likely Atelier Rurona.

      If there IS an english translation being done for the EU release, the field of possible companies grows to include your Destineers, Ignitions, Valcoms and the like.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’m not big on SRPG. But I do like anything with a weird twist to it.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    Idea Factory? Not much to get excited over.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Are there any reputable companies who will ship EU games stateside? I know amazon england and germany won’t nor am I aware of a play asia type business.

    • MadMirko

      I like and they are as reputable as companies get.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I don’t see the US listed there, will they still ship, but just charge for it?

        • MadMirko

          Huh, I actually wasn’t aware of that list.

          Their slogan is “At delivery is free on everything both in the UK and outside the UK.” that suggested worldwide to me, but seems they only mean EU wide: There is a subsidiary called, but they only sell DVDs. Strange, but it might be worth contacting the main site…

          Anyway, sorry for (probably) misleading you. :(

          • M’iau M’iaut

            No problem….European countries have some very different laws regarding the shipment of electronics of all kinds. There used to be a few proxy companies out there, but even given how much I’d love to play this title, I won’t go that route.

          • Assuming the game gets released in the UK too, I know that will ship overseas.

  • K

    I doubt Midas will cut anything out. “Suggestive themes” are generally nothing that pushes european ratings into high regions. The MegaTens are all rated 12+ too, even those with Mara in them.

  • I wonder if I can download this game!
    Unlimited PS3 Game Downloads

  • anon

    The Soul Breeding scenes in question is a mere CG where the girl you married is in nothing more than bedsheets

  • SamuraiX20

    OI!!! I blew 75 bucks on the Japanese version when it came out >.< It's really fun but somewhere along the line, I lost interest due to obviously language barrier and the repetition of looking back and forth between reading the translations of the menu, both battle and normal.

    I really hope they don't cut anything off. But, as someone as mentioend, if they don't cut things off then it's uber cool ^_^b

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