Rumor Control: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Not Coming To PS3 This Summer

By Spencer . April 23, 2009 . 7:07pm

stoc A scan supposedly of Famitsu or Dengeki PlayStation is making rounds claiming Star Ocean: The Last Hope is coming the PlayStation 3 in summer 2009 (thanks for the tip Sir Fratley!!).


While really well made, it’s a fake.


The first key off is this week’s Famitsu Table of contents. Look closely at the PlayStation 3 section, which has been highlighted. Neither Star Ocean: The Last Hope or Star Ocean 4 is listed. Some other sites are claiming the scan is from Dengeki, but the info box where it says PS3 is from Famitsu. An example of a Dengeki scan for tangible Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is posted below. A scan of Wet, which is coming to the PS3 is posted below for comparison.


famitsutoc dengexwet


Sorry! Doesn’t mean Star Ocean: The Last Hope won’t ever come to the PS3, but don’t believe the phony scan’s summer release date.

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  • Vrakanox

    Lol i’ve seen this about 10 times on the Star Ocean forum. I still think it will come at some point but yeah this is definately a fake.

  • Sir Fratley

    Damn, i really hope that was true U_U hehehe, but well maybe in the future.

    • Mazen

      I bet it will be one of PS3 fall games in japan.

  • Speaking of Wet, I have solid info saying the game’s probably getting picked up by Bethesda, and they’ve changed a lot of things about the game. Mainly stylistic or aesthetic changes, but it sounds really neat.

    I probably shouldn’t have said that. Alas! I’m just too excited for it.

    • Famitsu agrees with your info. It marks them as the publisher :). I didn’t realize that until you pointed out though. Thanks!!

  • I think SE said it would eventually come to PS3 before.

    • I thought Square Enix said there were “no plans” awhile ago, but like Daizyjin and I’m sure many others I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Star Ocean: The Last Hope comes to the PS3.

      • Got my Lasts confused. It was Last Remnant they said would be on PS3.

        I can’t imagine it not coming out on PS3 though. Every other one is available on a Dont platform. They still have a ton of Last Hope copies on the shelves.

      • Oh hey, look at that. Star Ocean 4 for PS3…

  • daizyujin

    Eh, this game had too high a production values. The budget had to be very large. Given the 360s sales in Japan, I just can’t see this not happening, EVENTUALLY. It really isn’t a matter of if but when.

    That being said, whoever made this, it isn’t funny. It is just like those believable Aprils Fools stories. It is hard enough to tell what these companies are doing without have to wade through fanmade wet dreams and crap like this. Go do something productive with your time please.

  • idofgrahf

    To be honest, I really don’t care. Bought it on the 360 and the game sucked so bad (story wise) that it made Star Ocean III looked like a master piece. I think they should save their time and work on something for the PS3 thats actually worth playing.

    • Aoshi00

      I gave up in the middle of Till the End of Time, but I’m having a blast playing SO4. I just finished disc 1 and alrdy clocked in 25 hrs, there’s so much to do. I popped in the Jpn version too just to compare the dub at the major cutscenes, I have to say I really like the Eng. dub, and prefer the new new cleancut interface w/ CG faces. I don’t know how the ending will be, but so far the battles and world setting really keeps me interested.

      Summer 09 sounds a little too soon, Eternal Sonata and Vesperia PS3 ports too about a year and Last Remnant is still unknown. It’ so silly people make fake scans like this to fool others, I wouldn’t have been smart enough to tell.. But the eventual PS3 ver. doesn’t concern me too much since I got both US & Jpn version alrdy.

      • CleruTesh

        Ugh. I thought about buying a 360 just for this game. (Even though I didn’t like SO3 either).
        But it just looked so beautiful. Then when I saw on this site the changes they made to the character portraits, it made me very angry.
        But when I went to Gamestop’s website the other day, it showed the anime faces, so I had assumed that they had fixed this problem.
        Now I just looked closer, and it’s a Japanese screenshot. Gamestop should really fix that. Grrr….

        • Aoshi00

          At first I didn’t like the changes either when I heard about it, but the CG portraits in the menu and dialogue actually look really beautiful too (unlike those in Xenosaga Saga Ep3 ), and the anime faces look too cartoonish comparing to them side by side after you get used to the US ver.

          I like SO4 a lot, I’m on disc 2 now. But the only thing that bugs me is I think I’m going to miss a lot of the eventual character based hidden endings because I didn’t fulfill all the optional private action sequences. And I don’t like looking at a guide constantly unless I’m really stuck. The other bad thing about this game is the lack of save points.

          • CleruTesh

            That just gives you more reason to play it a second time, right?
            Like how the culture festival has different elements in Persona 4 depending on your social links… You gotta play that game through at least twice.
            (And I know what you mean about not using guides, I actually logged about 200 hours into P4 before I decided I was so stuck that I looked up online how to unlock the judgement arcana, so I could get the “true” ending)
            Is there more planent-hopping in SO4? The way SO3 started, I was expecting a planet-hopping adventure, it was after spending about 50 hours in that boring “medieval” world that I just quit.

  • Aoshi00

    BTW, the scan at the top w/ Lymle playing w/ Cerberus was so funny, I really like her and Faize (Edge is a bit of a whiner). This game just looks so detailed and absolutely beautiful in every aspect.

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