• cesca

    Please make it King, Yuri and Whip SNK! this games is severely lacking in the females department!

    I’m so torn between this and BlazBlue, I won’t get two fighting games so close to each other – but right now KOF seems like a pretty bare bones experience compared to BB which at least has a lengthy story mode.

  • http://www.nakedsushi.net/ Louise

    Great news. This was one crucial thing that was missing from SFIV.

  • pressstart

    Pretty sure it’s most likely K’ and Mai, seeing as they had KOFXII style artwork for them.

  • Garou

    It’s already essentially confirmed as Mai and K’ as they have appeared in actual KOF12 styled art standing next to the rest of the KOF12 cast. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind.

  • Mikael

    I just want K as an additional character, he is one of the few new ones I really enjoyed playing like

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