Two Extra King of Fighters XII Challengers Come Home

By Spencer . May 8, 2009 . 10:37am


The console version of The King of Fighters XII has two extra characters. And no, Mai isn’t one of them. Elizabeth Blanctorche from KOF XI and Iori’s partner in crime, Mature, bump the roster to 22.


No word if the will be the last additions, but a screenshot of the roster doesn’t leave any extra spaces for speculation. Of course, SNK could hide Mai and K’, which have KOF XII style art, in an existing space or, perhaps, sell them as downloadable content.


image imageimage image image image

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  • For a second, I wondered why Francizka Von Karma was in a King of Fighters post.

    • Only the foolishest of fools would think of something so foolish! ;)
      I can see her dad fight along with Krauser.

      • Haha! Krauser vs von Karma. God, I’d pay good money to watch that.

        …or Francizka in a Castlevania game.

  • cesca

    Bad character choices in general, SNK. Mature is nice, but where is King and Yuri?

    I think I’ll be getting BlazBlue instead – I’d rather have a small cast of attractive characters than a larger one with almost no characters I like.

  • John

    I’m Boycotting unless they Annouce Mai and I encorage others to as well

  • Andy

    Didn’t Mature… die in one of the earlier games? I always kind of liked Vice better though.

  • pressstart

    They sure kept it well hidden. Elizabeth I could understand, but Mature sure is out of the blue. Wonder what’s her story, since she’s supposed to be dead after 97 (any game she was in afterwards are dream matches, supposedly).

    • nightcap

      KOF XII is something of a Dream Match with no real story so in that respect it doesnt make a difference who ends up in the game. This game is all about showing off their new capabilities and getting something out on the sales floor.

      Cap and vest terry with (what looks like) his 98 power charge make me very happy. Thanks SNK. Though the game looks like it plays pretty stiff.

  • Advent


    Check out wikipedia’s article on KOF XII. It says ‘Like The King of Fighters ’98, this game will not have a storyline’. So XII is like a dream battle, and it doesnt factor in the story of the other games.

    Now I know wiki isnt the most reliable source but I’ve heard this from somewhere else also.

  • Marvelous1

    Where’s the rest this is very upsetting

  • Daniel

    WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mai is one of the best characters I have ever used and seen :) but still even if there is no story why would SNK do this? Alot of gamers are having to put up with micro transactions and buying things for games that should be released as a whole PC gamers have had to put up with this and patches for a while now but now that consoles are becoming more on-line oriented the same stuff is happening to consoles. Seriously why do you think mai is in most KOF and fatal fury games? because of her moves? because of her style? Popularity? I think it was her assests. Seriously what about Chun-li? Huh Capcom? :)

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