Raspberyl’s Arc Is Out, Almost The End Of Disgaea 3 DLC

By Spencer . May 8, 2009 . 11:40am

The four chapter Raspberyl side story is now on the US PlayStation Store. Each episode costs $2.99. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire Raspberyl acting as a teacher arc for $11.99. Here’s a video sample of what you get.



In case you haven’t been keeping up with all the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice downloadable content (totally understandable, there is a ton of stuff) this is a list of everything available in North America to date. The only items we’re missing are Toro (aka the Sony cat), Emperor Royal King Dark III, and Plenair. Buying everything costs around $60, which is more than the price of Disgaea 3!



Prinny Curtis
Curtis (as a human)
Action Prinny (from Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?)



Item World Command Attack World
Item World Survival Attack Mode
Raspberyl Side Story

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  • Simon

    i’ll buy if they get a everything in 1 for $30

  • Wishy

    This is just ridiculous…

  • Hate to correct but…Pleinair is already among us.

    You need to get 7 level spheres in the Item World Survival Attack Mode and then wish for a Mascot girl to get her, then you need to go against her in ‘Recruiting’. I know this because I WAS ranked 3rd at a point on the scores with 151 floors cleared (‘s funnnn).

    And yes…she is badass. She has a 1×9 attack that is ultra-awesome…all done with Usagi. Her Usagi Wand that you can steal is a VERY nice staff (not necessarily the best, but it is very good).

    I’ll also add that you missed ‘Baal’ in that list of things we don’t have yet…not to mention the costume changes for Raspberyl and Sapphire.

  • Yeah… I’ve bought a lot of that stuff, but I stopped a while back because there’s already too much to do in the game. I’ll get Plenair, but that’ll be the end of it. Seriously. Enough, NIS. I want to support you, but I’d prefer to do it with new games instead of coding in a new character.

  • Chris

    Rasberyl…is she the one who was stealing all the kills I was setting up for my lower level characters when I was trying to avoid having to grind? Which was annoyingly hard in Disgaea 3 because they stupidly decided to tie ability advancement to mana instead of usage?

    Now she’s trying to nickel and dime me? I’m out.

  • I think the point of there being this much dlc characters is to get only the ones you like the most and skip the rest :) Especially considering that most of the time you play using 3-4 characters max at once.

  • EdgeKun

    I won’t lie, if I owned a PS3 I could see myself buying quite a bit of this stuff. Fortunately for me, I don’t. (And while i’m very doubtful it’d ever happen, Disgaea 3 on 360 with appropriate DLC would definitely hurt my wallet)

    Nevermind that I still have yet to complete all the standard content in Disgaea 1 + 2, before the possibility of add-ons or DLC.

  • Shiro

    Don’t Forget Aramis!
    He’s do be featured as a prize, like Pleinair and Angels, as a ‘prize character’.
    He’s obtained wthrough the ‘Class World Command Attack’, I imagine it’s similar to the item world one.
    His evilities power up Overlord Classes. Awesome buffer character I imagine. ^^

  • CR

    Plienair is available you have to beat survial and make a wish and ask for mascot girl, however I have heard arimis isn’t avaiable yet because you have to have command mode class world.

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