Phantom Brave Won’t Have A Japanese Voice Track On Wii

By Spencer . May 13, 2009 . 11:00am

image Siliconera commenter and contributor Denpa no Sekai noticed something was missing in a menu screenshot from Phantom Brave: We Meet Again (thanks for the tip!!). There isn’t an option to switch from Japanese to English.


We followed up with NIS America and were told his hunch was right. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again will only have English voiceovers. While the Wii version lacks the voice option it has revised controls and a new scenario starring Carona, a cool Marona from an alternate universe.



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  • Lo Mein Ran gurl

    Oh well… I’m not buying it then. You just lost one sale NISA.

    • Agreed, I can’t stand any of NIS’s English dubs and for Phantom Brave in particular it’s important to me that the voices are good. This really sucks, I love PB more than any of the other Disgaea-ish games and was looking forward to this game a lot.

  • MadMirko

    Hehe, NISA is a real disgrace. Their localizations suck, they introduce bugs and cut content from games. If the missing original voices are the only fuckup I’d be amazed.

    • I heard about Ar Tonelico II and Rhapsody but have they done it to other games too? Either way I love thier strategy and Gust games to still support them. >_< I'll just keep my eye out.

      Don't really need this game because I already own the original.

  • Pichi

    I wonder if its a space issue or a policy thing. I would hate the thought of Nintendo having something like a SCEA thing going on.

    • jarrodand

      I’d doubt either. Nintendo really doesn’t care about content approval, so long as it ESRB rates below A and passes certification tests. Space shouldn’t be an issue either since the PS2 and Wii both use DVD.

      Who knows really?

    • That would suck. I hate the SCEA for policies like that, thinking we’re still in the 90s.
      However, I payed Oneechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers on the Wii, which is a fairly recent tittle, and it was a subtitled game. Complete in it’s original language with no English dub.
      I thought that was pretty cool, but I think it would have had higher sales if it included an English dub option.

      • lostinblue

        sonic and the secret rings had dual audio, for example, no way they coyuldn’t pull it, they’re just stupid twerps

  • Ereek

    The voices were fine in English, I’m not sure what the big deal is.

    • Pichi

      Some people like the Japanese track, and NISA had the choice for the PS2 version. Since its removed, I’m sure those people would be upset.

      I wonder if NISA is slightly turning like Atlus USA in that department. Atlus USA doesn’t always have a voice option in the games they bring over. NISA might be the same over time. One of NISA’s greatest things to do was to give the options, so I wonder without that, would people treat them like Atlus USA or continue this “hate” thing right now.

    • pressstart

      You’re removing a choice, an option. They are removing something that would have been a nice extra for those that want it. How is that not a big deal, considering other NISA games had the option, why shouldn’t this? No way can space be an issue.

    • I don’t mind either, as I liked the English voices as well.

      I can understand some people prefer the original voices and like having the option. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen and we should be happy that we are getting the game at all. Like ECM mentions below, the extra voices could have been removed to help save NIS America money.

      I’d rather see Phantom Brave Wii in the US with one language option, than not see it at all. :D

    • Zuga

      Well, Phantom Brave was fine on the PS2, and \the lack of additional content as well as removing one feature means I won’t be biting. One less sale from me, NISA.

  • pressstart

    I fear for Sakura Wars then, because if there is any game that must have the original Japanese track, it is Sakura Wars. The problem is that Sakura Taisen 5 was already on dual layer to begin with, so I hope they’ll be able to fit it in with the English track.

    • We’ll ping people for answers and see if we can find out more about Sakura Wars.

  • cj_iwakura

    Good, screw Japanese voiceovers. Look at the mess Ar Tonelico II went through because of them.

    As long as the dub is good(which it was originally and will be), I’m fine with it.

  • cj_iwakura

    And some of you seem to be forgetting that the original game wasn’t made with two voice tracks in mind.

  • ECM

    Could it be that they must pay Japanese VAs royalties for the use of their voices and that they might not want to carry that expense on a title that is going to be niche anyway and germaine to only a very few people? (Granted, most of the people that post here but still a very small percentage of even the niche audience.)

    • Pichi

      That could be another reason. People don’t realize that royalties could play a role of a Japanese track staying in tact.

      Or it could be in the coding of the Wii in some way. Is there another Wii game that has a two options?

      • lostinblue

        so… they pay those for disgaea 3 and stuff but refuse to do so on a 5 year old port on the Wii? how stupid and half assed is their support really?

        it’s beyond reason, NISA are stupid idiots.

  • EvilAkito

    I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, but that is pretty lame. It’s a shame since I typically praise Nippon Ichi for leaving in the original Japanese track. Now it seems that they’re throwing away a big part of that made them great.

  • CleruTesh

    I wonder if this should be seen as a setback for “Video games as an art form”.
    Any fan of cinema will generally look at dubbing a movie as a humorous abomination that compromises the original work’s artistic integrity.
    I mean, could you imagine watching Amelie dubbed?
    It is curious then, that the video game industry seems to so commonly accept this practice.
    Perhaps standing up against these things is one thing we will have to do to get video games a higher-regarded reputation.

    • Pichi

      There are those who liked dubbed things, anime and live action, such as myself. If English tracks help to extend the audience, that’s good, IMO.

      But this is by a company by company bases and keep in mind the different limitations. Such as the DS having limited memory, cheap company practices like SCEA, royalties, the audience, etc.

      I rather have the game come over than not coming over at all. Even if its missing a track or whatever.

    • Ah, a thoughtful comment! I think film buffs and in this case video game buffs want to hear media in its original language, but there are people who just wont watch or play something with subtitles. Take Final Fantasy as an example. I doubt it would be as popular if the games only had Japanese voice acting.

      Voice acting is still relatively new territory, but some publishers like Sega and D3 are taking risks by releasing games only with a Japanese voice track.

    • Strike_Man

      “Any fan of cinema will generally look at dubbing a movie as a humorous abomination that compromises the original work’s artistic integrity.”

      I agree, however, I also recognize that there is also an important difference between a live-action film and most videogames. In Amelie, Audrey Tautou was the titular character. We see her on the screen, and therefore, expect to hear her voice when she speaks. In Phantom Brave, is Raphael’s character really that much tied to Junji Majima (had to Google for that one), as opposed to Crispin Freeman’s own vocal cords?

      Of course, there are also some game-related examples that run into the same problem as a dubbed film does, most notably Jean Reno’s dubbing for the English-language segments in Onimusha 3. Truly a facepalm-worthy moment on that one Capcom.

      I’d obviously prefer that NIS include both tracks on this title, leaving it as an option for the user to decide on, but I do understand their reasoning behind doing so as well.

      • Not only that, but games depend on your interaction with it. Even games with voiced characters have lots of text for you to read, either based on the dialogue or on instructions (GTA, for example). Films demand your attention coming from a different angle.
        As for the voice acting, I don’t really care. I know there are a few that knock me off my feet every so often, but I don’t hold my breath waiting for one, so I don’t even focus on that. Most of the time I just wear my headphones listening to the game’s music or another band’s music.

  • jj984jj

    Please don’t fuck up Sakura Wars NISA.

    • lostinblue

      after seeing this happen…trust me… THEY WILL.,

      plus were are… you know, new games from NISA for the Wii? this and sakura wars don’t count as such.

  • lostinblue


    F*** YOU NISA.

    • Volcynika

      You’re taking this wayyyyyyyyyyyy too seriously.

      • lostinblue

        Of course, this is the interwebs. And I mean it ;)

        seriously though, what a crappy publisher/port/support

        • okay then don’t support them and move on already. Some, like me, still look forward to thier games and even though they do screw up, I’m smart enough not to preorder everything they announce.

          PBwii is an old game, and most likely a game that will test how thier games play with motion controls. Even though there’s no excuse not to keep the japanese VA in, there are other ways of playing this game.

          Wait for something new then, but with people keep complaining that they will screw up somehow nobody can win with them anymore it seems.

  • Volcynika

    Awesome. Maybe now it’ll have a full English track instead of just a partial one.

    • lostinblue

      don’t count on it, plus, phantom brave didn’t even fill a DVD, space is not the issue, NISA is the issue.

      bunch of twerps

      • Volcynika

        Depends on how much voices there actually is (brother has the PS2 game but I’ve never tried it). Voicework can take a gooooood bit of space.

    • That’s a good point. Ar Tonelico II had to cut voices to make room for another track. I would rather have one complete track that 3/4s of one and two languages.

      • Pichi

        Indeed, this is why I don’t mind if NISA goes the Atlus USA route and just have one voice track that’s complete.

        I have a feeling that NISA might go leaning towards the Atlus USA way of things for alot of their games, and that worries me a bit since NISA is known for keeping both tracks. Without that little tidbit, what will separate NISA from the likes of Atlus, XSEED, etc? With some recent games that have been less than stellar, I hope they can over come this and shape up with their upcoming releases.

        If their upcoming releases are up to par, then it will make them no different than Atlus and the rest of the niche bringers.

      • suiryuu

        Not actually, given that the game actually had enough free space in the disc to fit both tracks (or at least near-complete). It’s more like they removed half of the JP voiceovers just because they didn’t dub these scenes. However, I agree that if they are going to remove the JP voices just to allow a complete English voice track, it’s better than getting two butchered voice track..

  • TyberiousRome

    Lol NISA. I used to like you despite your wonky localization. At least with past games I could get the Japanese tracks to at least hear what was changed. Too bad, so sad.

  • you know I was thinking…

    Instead of acting like “Jaded sega fans” over this how about waiting for what they do with Sakura wars? It’s a game people wait for so long. If they screw that up by all means hate NIS forever. I’m willing to let them redeem themselves here.

    This game? lack of japanese track over the fact it’s a old game “ported” over? Some kind of priority people have. It’s a deal breaker sure, especially with the fact the original had dual language, but if there’s no bugs or major translation error otherwise why hate NIS completely?

    Anyways, if all else fails I’ll just pick up future Disgaea stuff and skip over most titles. No harm done if I do research.

  • nobitakun

    WTF, I hate companies in the way they play with us. We are silly and accept those to be damn bad dubbed, and we continue

    saying “well, I prefer to play it understanding it despite of the voice acting than playing it without understand anything”

    sadly…ok it has some “sense”, but it loses it when we have an original one launched years ago which DOES HAVE the

    japanese original voice acting. So, WTF, am I buying the bummer Wii version which will cost me $50-60, or I buy it for the

    PS2, which costs $15-20 second hand one, plus $40-50 PS2 second hand console? Buying PS2+Phantom Brave costs only $25-30

    more than buying the ripped Wii version…think twice?

    DAMN YOU ALL companies which dub games, you should invest more money porting more games than dubbing the current ones.

    I strongly think presidents of companies are family guys which have another mentality and want their children to understand

    fully the games they’re gonna play someday in the current time or in the future. Sadly, they aren’t alone, but they think

    their family and their thinking is the same all over the world and because they’re family guys, they give preference to

    “happy families” so they translate EVERYTHING into english so their children can’t guess what they play is near them so

    they play more happy those games, and so…so…so…happy families can’t suffer external things as “japanese about” ones,

    so, let’s “delete them”. Cuteeeeeeeeeeee, we have finaly finished them…

    This world is a crap and I continue saying “laws should punish you whether you modify the original content of ANYTHING,

    only allowing you to “add” instead of “modify””.

    • Pichi

      You’re also buying the Wii version for extra content, so it isn’t a straight up port with nothing added or enhanced.

      And you’re reasoning for for slamming dubbed things is just so far out there its crazy. Its called extending the audience, and while having two choices would be good, many companies choose to target the biggest audience. Not to mention there are many reasons as why they choose what to do.

      And last time I checked, its a business. If you don’t like what’s going on, don’t buy it or start up your own company and see to it to have what you want accomplished.

  • Pichi

    @ nobitakun

    You’re also buying the Wii version for extra content, so it isn’t a straight up port with nothing added or enhanced.

    And you’re reasoning for for slamming dubbed things is just so far out there its crazy. Its called extending the audience, and while having two choices would be good, many companies choose to target the biggest audience. Not to mention there are many reasons as why they choose what to do.

    And last time I checked, its a business. If you don’t like what’s going on, don’t buy it or start up your own company and see to it to have what you want accomplished.

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