Resonance of Fate Learns Rock Riffs For North America

By Spencer . May 18, 2009 . 3:00pm

Tri-Ace’s multiplatform RPG, End of Resonance of Fate, is going international and Sega sent out a trailer for the Western version. Most of the footage is recycled, but the domestic presentation is quite different.


Both trailers open with a mysterious melody. Japan’s trailer follows up with an epic score while the North American movie has music that sounds like it was mixed by the Black Mages.


End of Eternity debut trailer for Japan


Resonance of Fate debut trailer for North America


The soundtrack isn’t necessarily bad. Neither is the presentation. It’s just interesting how the same game feels different overseas. White Knight Chronicles, another Japanese RPG, went through a similar transition.


Hmm… are mainstream publishers like Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment America afraid their RPGs share too many common themes with other Japanese RPGs and are trying to make them, at least in ads, appear more Western?

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  • Helves

    Epic or Rocking, Motoi Sakuraba is always great! This theme is undoubtedly he’s doing, but it seems he’ll be teaming up with other composer this time, the orchestration of the theme at the official japanese site is quite different from his style.

    About the main question…I’m getting a little tired of this “eastern vs western” treatment, I think it’s like going 20 years back in time…

  • Aoshi00

    I like the rock song in the US trailer, it fits the gun theme. At least it’s not some hippie song like in the US Lost Odyssey spot by Microsoft, Epic Uematsu score vs. Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, no contest, though I must say the hippie song was kind of hypnotic in a way, but not fit for an epic RPG ad.

    • Kopp

      You meant to say that Uematsu’s songs couldn’t compete with White Rabbit, right?
      I think it fit the game perfectly. You know, trippy dreams, fantasy stories and LSD use go hand in hand.

      • Aoshi00

        The song choice for the US Lost Odyssey spot was artistic if anything, I will give it that, but I found it very odd. If I didn’t know anything about the game beforehand, watching that ad w/ the trippy LSD White Rabbit song would not have sold me it. I would be like “what the hell, this is a game about damn emo hippies using drugs?” Well, to each his own.

  • QBasic


    • FEM HTML

      That’s all you got? One generic meh? At least try the game first (when ever it gets released).

      • QBasic

        Why would I try it when I’m not even remotely impressed, intrigued, or downright curious about a single aspect of it?

  • Wow, that music didn’t match at all! It looked like a bad anime music video.

  • AiEnSen

    The music for the CM doesn’t bother me, the name change from “End of Eternity” to “Resonance of Fate” does however. The new name tittle does not fit with the game at all.

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