Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars Officially Announced

By Spencer . May 18, 2009 . 4:01pm

image Capcom confirmed what a Nintendo Power scan let us know over the weekend, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will be released in North America with a new subtitle. In Japan the game’s title is Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes.


A tiny cosmetic change to a plain fun fighting game. Capcom also says “extra cool details” are coming in a later announcement closer to E3.


What other surprises will Capcom have for us? Pre-order swag? Will the roster be intact? And what about the voice acting for all of the hand animated endings? One confirmation leads to a billion other questions!

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  • ryne11

    Throbbing har……..wait……….

    Er…. regardless, this ought to be awesome, though I am ignorant to who some of the Capcom/Tatsunoko characters are as there are some games I never played/anime I have never watched

  • Roto13

    If they get Viewtiful Joe’s voice actor back, I’ll weep tears of joy.

    • pressstart

      I happen to like Soki’s English VA too, so get him in on it too! Hope this game gets English/Japanese voice selection just like SFIV.

  • criticalfury

    i’m seriously hoping they add online player vs player this time around. this is a really sweet game but it gets kinda boring quick if you dont have friends to play against you.

  • I keep hearing the infrastructure of an online versus gameplay would be difficult to create, but since Capcom is behind it, who knows? I’m not going to hold my nose on it, though.
    They can toss in anything, I’m just ecstatic the game is coming to states at all. It would be cool if the PAL people could get it, too.

    • It’s getting a European release too : )

      • Yeah, everyone can be happy now. ;)

  • MadMirko

    Seeing how Capcom gets this localized, what’s the Namco excuse for not bringing the SRW games over again?

    Yeah, I’m one of those give the little finger / lose the hand type of guys, but it makes you wonder.

    • Yea, Capcom has really started a fire with this. People are going to question all kinds of decisions now…SRT right at the top. Other franchises that come to mind are Jump Ultimate/Super Stars and that PSP manga fighter.

      • CowCow

        There really was never an issue. Most American publishers that hold rights to anime only hold them for video and TV distribution. Rarely does that stem into video games. And a lot of those rights are either expired or in the case of BandaiNamco, owned under their own company anyway (SRT is developed by Banpresto, a subcompany of them, and many of the mecha are owned by Sunrise animation, also under BandaiNamco).
        The main thing was the fear that the games wouldn’t sell here because the audience is not familiar with the characters.

  • Wake

    Sweet. I wish Namco X Capcom would follow suit.

    • Namco X Capcom wasn’t the greatest. At least we’re getting X (Cross) Edge for the PS3.

  • Chow

    New surprises? Multi-Platform. =3

  • John

    Please add Ken Masters!!!!
    Also to make it more Street Fighter-ish
    please consider Akuma, Sagat, or Guile.

    But most of all, it’d be so awesome it you guys included Gouken too!

  • Edgar Arreguin


  • ukyo tachibana

    yea i really hope they add ken cuz im so tired of ryu its always ryu and sometimes ken. ken is way better than ryu

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