Would You Buy An Ikki Tousen Game If It Cut Shredded Clothing?

By Spencer . May 19, 2009 . 12:10pm

image At one time Valcon Games was bringing battle damage brawler Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon to North America. They acquired the rights to the PlayStation 2 game from Marvelous, but the project is currently on hold.


“At this point, we’re not moving forwards with Shining Dragon for the Sony PS2,” Colin Gordon, Co-founder of Valcon Games explains. We may never know how complete the US version was, but Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon was rated by the ESRB with the following description.


Shining Dragon – Ikkitousen is a fighting game, set in Tokyo, Japan, about a group of female college students granted with ancient and mystical warrior powers. Characters use these supernatural powers mostly to kick, punch, and block their way to victory until opposing players’ life meters run out. All the female characters are dressed in short skirts or skirts with a high slit. The game features frequent depictions of panties, cleavage, and exaggerated breast jiggle. A special attack move allows some characters to rip opponents’ clothes to shreds – exposing even more of the female anatomy (legs, breasts, partial buttocks).


If you couldn’t tell by the description, Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon was rated M by the ESRB. “A number of factors really hurt our options with that game. The biggest problem being that it received an M rating from the ESRB. We could remove all the stuff that makes it an M-rated game, but then we don’t think the customers would be very happy buying an Ikki Tousen game without all the shredded clothing…” Well, would you?

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  • lostinblue

    PS2 once again (this time after raidou 2) refuses to die!

    anyway, if they have the game they ought to release it, I’ll certainly think about the purchase.

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    I don’t really see how the “M” killed the game’s chances.

    On one hand you admit that’s it’s basically THE reason for buying the game. Then you feel that the rating wards off potential buyers. This isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

    • The manga and series released here is rated 16+, so they were in a tight spot from the get-go. I know the series has some nudity in it at some point.
      Reminds me the ESRB’s Family Pirate Party description. They mention one character (“Mommy”) who’s breast jiggle and shows “deep cleavage” in one still shot. They give it an E rating with a “suggestive themes”. I just found it funny that they would focus half of the description on that, but I guess that’s the whole point to the ESRB.

      • ReturnOfSomeDude

        That’s what I’m saying. They KNEW that. They obviously played the game before deciding to pick it up. They had to know it was getting an M, and they also had to know that the game’s key feature was the feature that would get it an M rating.

        I’m not sure why they’re trying to act like, “Oh, we didn’t know this would possibly happen!”

  • byrc

    College Students!!!!!??????

    ROFL. These are highschool girls, this is hilarious :D

  • I was keeping my eye on this game for a while just to see what was going to happen. I thought for sure it was going to be canned after several delays and it seems to be nearing that end.
    That’s too bad.
    I know FUNimation had acquired the rights to the animated series and airs it at it’s site and Media Blasters licensed the rights to publish the second season of the series (which I think this game is based off of), but it seems the game itself isn’t so lucky.
    The gameplay looked extremely repetitive and a bit broken, but it’s still a shame that it won’t accompany the series here in the states. Maybe they could have worked something out with one of the publishers?

  • Badfish

    Only perverts and losers buy this game. I doubt the game play is awesome and controls are smooth.
    If you have to resort to nudity or shock value, then the proof is in the putting. Import the bloody game if you like, but why? There exist other games of higher caliber if you need girls breast and extreme blood.

    • Brianna

      Wow, people like you make me misanthropic.

  • maxchain

    Somehow I can’t help think the hardcore fans of the series, the ones who’ve been following the series long before the manga came over here under the downright embarrassing name Battle Vixens, would cry blasphemy at such a thing. Am I one of them? Probably not, but if the game itself was solid, it certainly would’ve piqued my interest in the source material.

  • doubleO7

    Its not Ikki Tousen if thay remove the ripped clothes. But I dont think that the rating would narrow the audience too much. The “Mature” age range is the perfect target audience for this, considering the manga and anime were rated either M or 16+.

    I say go for it Valcon. Youll get atleast 1 sale because know id buy it :)

    And if it sells decently maybe Valcon will license the PSP game which I heard was alot better than the PS2 game. And if Valcon is worried about high ratings affecting sales, this game could possibly get a T rating, because it couldnt show as much using tiny sprites instead of 3D models.

  • mirumu

    I own the Japanese version of the game myself. It’s not amazing, but it’s still a fun brawler and quite in keeping with Ikki Tousen’s style. It’s not especially titillating, but these traits define the series. There wouldn’t be much point in releasing the game without them. The graphics are fairly low resolution and aliased too. I say either release it as is with a “M” rating or don’t release it.

    That said I don’t think there’s anything in there that really deserves a “M” rating. It was only Cero C (15+) in Japan which seems about right to me.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Definitely include me in the the camp who was waiting for this, knew content was going to be an issue from the start yet is DAMN confused if such is the stated reason for dumping the game.

    How many more sales could they honestly expect with a T rating? Did someone at Valcon look at the SF4 numbers and think IT somehow was going to grab some of those casual fighter players? Or is this perhaps more akin to an earlier so similar fiasco where someone at one level of the company approved the title only to have someone above them go WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?

    Yet another strike against the US market understanding a mature video game CAN mean a title targeting and to be purchaed by adults only. I guess it’s nice at least to see that Sony was going to allow it to come over and the ESRB was not going to call it AO. Maybe the time has come to revisit bringing out that M+18/21 rating once bandied about.

    But hey, there on the ad line is a playasia ad for Arcana Heart 2….perhaps Atlus can provide us a little surprise with that announcement come E3.

    • Don’t hold your breath, the PS2 port of Arcana Heart 2 is completely botched (from what I’ve read/seen)

  • EvilAkito

    Call me crazy, but I always thought an M rating was considered a selling point for video games, not a stigma. But regardless, a censored version simply wouldn’t have done. Anyone planning to buy the game is most likely an Ikki Tousen fan (meaning they like this kind of stuff), so censoring would have put off the one small niche that was actually interested in the game to begin with.

    To be honest though, I doubt the game would have taken off that well regardless of the rating. It doesn’t really look like a very compelling fighting game, and I probably wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it (unless it received some surprisingly positive feedback).

  • No. I like my T&A.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Make it a digital download?

    These Japan to North America game posts get a lot of attention >>;
    I guess everyone is an anime fan here?

    • Dais

      I think it’s more likely that everyone here is a fan of breasts.

  • Lucky

    This game wouldn’t sell like hotcakes anyways, regardless of rating. Hell, by removing that content then they are probably getting rid of the niche audience which wants this game.

    I watched some vids of it on Youtube and it looks, okay. I’d buy it for a discount price.

  • Why would they plan to make the game with any intention to make it anything but an ‘M’ rated game. Isn’t that the whole point of Ikki Tousen? Why would it being ‘M’ rated kill it? Why should ‘M’ rating exist if companies are afraid of using it? Grow some balls and release it as an ‘M’ rated game.

  • Janizary

    If the gameplay rocked out and made the angel’s weep for the glory, sure, but that would mean combat mechanics of greater than DOA quality, we’re talking Virtua Fighter or Soul Calibre good at least, then sure, I’d be willing to plop some cash down on such a title. It just wouldn’t be near as entertaining. If they had that quality of gameplay though, they wouldn’t feel so dependent on panty shots.

  • Happy Gamer


  • L2K

    What’s wrong with a Mature-rated title? It’s not AO, after all. Sounds like it deserves the ‘M’ and I’d certainly pick it up as-is… ?

  • Hello Hello

    I really don’t see this game appealing to anyone but the anime’s/manga’s fanbase anyway, so they may as well just try to release it with the M rating. I would buy it for sure.

  • theillien

    College? Scandalous lies! They are supposed to be in high school!

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