A Status Update On Final Fantasy XIII And Dragon Quest IX Overseas

By Spencer . May 20, 2009 . 11:19am

image Final Fantasy XIII is slated for a winter 2009 release in Japan. Will North America join the fight with Cocoon by the end of the fiscal year? Probably not.


During an investors meeting Yoichi Wada, President of Square Enix, said, “We would like to release Final Fantasy XIII overseas this fiscal year, but at the present it is not expected.” Bummer. Square Enix’s fiscal year runs from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010. Technically, Final Fantasy XIII could come out on April 1, 2010. It probably won’t. More realistically Final Fantasy XIII will see a release in summer or fall 2010.


On Dragon Quest IX Wada explained Square Enix needs to solidify a marketing strategy. Each region may need a different strategy to promote the game so it’s successful. Japan doesn’t need to tailor make a strategy for Dragon Quest IX. Having Dragon Quest as the title is good enough.

  • Depends if any porting or translating work is being done in tandem with the Japanese version. Are they holding off on translating the PS3 version completely until they start on the 360 port? It’s really just a convoluted mess right now; I’ve no idea what SE is thinking and I’m not sure how they’re going to handle it all.

    That aside, any chance the JP FFXIII Blu-ray will have english subtitles? I don’t mind if there aren’t any english voices if it means I can snag it a year early. But to be fair to the 360 version, I’m assuming they’ll stick to one audio/text track on the Blu-ray… I’m ranting. My apologies.

    In any case, it’ll come out when it comes out. I’ve plenty to do until then.

    • Justin Bailey

      The Xbox 360 and PS3 version are being developed concurrently with the Crystal Tools engine that Square-Enix announced over a year ago. I don’t see any reason why there would be any need for a port.

      • kurono

        It was stated at last year’s E3 that work on the Xbox360 version will not start until the PS3 version was completed.

        • Just Bailey

          Then NickyD’s statement makes perfect sense.

          Friggin square-enix. Why do they keep the world waiting :[

          • Part of it seems to be their dedication to pushing the PS3 hardware. I agree it’s silly and inefficient to not start working on the 360 port simultaneously, but it’s the kind of ideal you don’t see much of anymore, and it’s what defines Square Enix to a lot of people.

            @NickyD: I don’t know if they’d want to “sabotage” overseas sales by releasing the game with subtitles…I’d imagine quite a few people would import it if it had English subs…

      • Shuyin

        I remember reading the Crystal Tools engine was developed as a PS3 engine.

        Not to mention there is that famous interview with Wada where he says that work on the X360 version will start after the game’s release in Japan.

  • QBasic

    Wow. Wada’s greed managed to fuck up a respectable game company I grew up with in a short five years.


    • YUI Lang Jing Li

      Oh please…Over dramatic much?

      I think Square-Enix is doing the right thing here. Videogame development cost are going up, an the kiddies want their videogames to have “teh latest zomg next-generation graphics” and that shit cost money (and more core players own an Xbox 360). I think Square-Enix made the right decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Playstation 3 and the X-box 360(and maybe the PC?). It’s more money for them, meaning you’ll probably get Final Fantasy 14 with “teh zomg graphics” in the future. They just wanna make their money back and have some profit left over for themselves.

      What’s wrong with that? It’s a business after all.

      • QBasic

        I’d be fine with that…if he also isn’t restricting creative freedom.

        When the math adds up, it only means that it’s just going towards his wallet.

  • omgsqueenixwtf

    Wow there are some fails going down at Squeenix.

    They should have a contest for a DQIX marketing strategy, here’s my entry.

    “DQIX Now Available”.

    • MadMirko


  • TurkeyPotPie

    The delay on releasing FFXIII in the west probably has as much to do with S-E booking the revenue from overseas sales in their next fiscal year as it does the time to translate and port to 360. They like to spread out the FF and DQ games to smooth out their revenue stream.

    • Bingo.

      I second this mainly because Dragon Quest was supposed to come out in the last fiscal year. Now Square Enix has two heavy hitters this fiscal year. If they released FFXIII internationally too they’ll have a sales spike then decline. Not really the kind of thing investors want to see. Dragon Quest IX could be released here though, since I can’t imagine it producing the same spike in the west.

    • I’ll third this, despite my previous rant, because I always keep forgetting to look at these things from the business angle (my college degree in business is tooootally working for me, eh?).

      While it might not be the sole reason, it’s definitely an incentive for SE to hold off for an April 2010 release or later, especially if they “finish up” everything in February-March. Not a good time for a huge release.

  • Aoshi00

    I wish they would announce in advance if dual audio tracks would be included in the US version, that way I could decide to import or not w/o reservation. Like Lost Odyssey, if I knew the US version would have the Jpn track/text and then some, I wouldn’t have minded holding out for a mere two months.. Since most RPGs this gen only sport the Eng. dub, I would assume it’s most likely in Eng. only?

    For FF XIII (which looks like the best FF to me since X), I think I’m pretty willing to import it on day 1. How long was the localization for FF 12? I remember 9 was like4 months and that was pretty fast.

    • GeoSafariWorld

      From my knowledge, most of the Eng. Dub only rpgs seem to be on the 360, which also has the most rpgs. I’ve only played 4 PS3 rpgs(how many are there anyways? 4 sounds like all of them lol.) and they all had dual audio support. I might have assumed FFXIII would have had dual audio support when it was a PS3 exclusive, but with it now being on the 360 I’ve lost hope.

      • Aoshi00

        Actually I thought most early RPGs on the 360 had Jpn tracks, like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, etc, even non-RPGs like Sonic Unleashed, Ninja Gaiden 2, Senko no Ronde, or Project Sylpheed all had had 2 languages and and even Jpn text. I couldn’t think of which PS3 RPGs has Jpn track, other than the Eternal Sonata port..

        So I thought dual track would be a given like anime DVDs nowadays, given the capacity of Blu-rays or multiple DVDs, then all the RPGs that came out recently revert back to English only, like Operation Darkness, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, or Tales of Vesperia. So now I’m leaning toward most localization would not feature Jpn tracks..

        • Offhand I can think of Eternal Sonata, Disgaea, Valkyria Chronicles, Cross Edge, and Enchanted Arms. I’m actually not sure of EA, but the others I am sure of.

  • wea

    yes i agree with YUI Lang Jing Li

  • A downloadable patch for Japanese language tracks would be a nice offer in the current system’s bare bone extra’s sections flooded with Guitar Hero, Lips, and Rock Band junk. I think Naruto offered that for the 360. That way everyone is happy. English and Japanese.

    • Aoshi00

      The best thing would be putting the PC improvements on a DLC for the people who alrdy bought the 360 ver, such as being able to fast forward tedious battle animation, probably just wishing thinking though..

      • That’s a good idea, Aoshi00. I was just being vague in my statement in hopes that they would one day push out these games w/ an optional language patch. Even if it is later on, it’s a nice addition. Now that I think about it, I wonder how hard it would be to use those do what you hope for: Patch our games on console when you make improvements for the other platforms (PS3, PC, 360, Wii… whatever!)

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