How Square Enix’s “RPG For The World” Faired Worldwide

By Spencer . May 20, 2009 . 6:00am


Square Enix developed The Last Remnant with elements for the East and West. Rush Sykes was designed as your typical J-RPG protagonist. The Conqueror, the primary antagonist, was made to appeal to the West. Which region bought the most copies?


North America where 220,000 remnant seekers purchased the game. Comparatively, 180,000 copies of The Last Remnant were sold in Europe, and 160,000 in Japan. Add Asia to the list and The Last Remnant racked up 562,000 units sold worldwide.


The spread is notable since the The Last Remnant is the only game that sold more copies in Europe than Japan. Infinite Undiscovery, another Square Enix published RPG for the Xbox 360, sold 120,000 units in Japan, 200,000 in North America, and only 100,000 in Europe. The Last Remnant even outperformed Chrono Trigger in PAL territories where the time traveling tale was released for the first time. Chrono Trigger sold 60,000 units in Europe.


Strictly by the numbers The Last Remnant did better in the West than it did in Japan. However, there aren’t as many Xbox 360s in Japan. Microsoft celebrated its one millionth Xbox 360 sold in Japan milestone last month.

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  • Comparing it to Chrono Trigger is terribly inaccurate since it’s been emulated and imported since the dawn of time. I know of no self-respecting RPG gamer that hasn’t emulated Chrono Trigger. This surel affected sales, especially since RPGs on handhelds might not appeal to everyone when they have the option of emulating it on whatever screen they choose.

    Last Remnant vs. Infinite Undiscovery in Europe is sad though D:

    It’s interesting still because these games both got bad reviews in Europe, if they instead decided to release some really high quality games (Tales of Vesperia and FFXIII comes to mind) simultaneously in the whole world and WITHOUT trying to appeal to anyone I can bet my right nut they would make WAY more money than with this tactic… I do appreciate the focus on the west but there’s no need to make entirely new games just for that.

    • MadMirko

      CT DS was also considerably cheaper to make. No way 3 times the sales in Europe make up for the development cost.

      Poor SE, betting on the wrong horse(s). Last financial year they made almost as much money on mobile phone games as with “offline games”, at a fraction of cost.

      Things look up, though. Some good stuff is coming from them, plus FFXIII which some people will buy no matter what.

    • Kevin

      Why is it bad that TLR sales were better than IU in Europe? The game is a better overall product so it deserved the better sales.

      • Oh, you see I don’t agree with you. I thought IU was better. I guess it boils down to personal taste.

    • I think CT is a pretty fair comparison. The game is old for North America and it can also be emulated here, but still sold 240,000 copies. Granted it’s been on the market longer than Europe, but in Europe is “new” and I would hope that anyone who emulated the game would rush out to pick up the real thing if they’re a fan.

      • Oh, nice numbers for North America. If that would’ve been included I guess I would’ve thought it was more relevant :)

        Still, I think it’s GOOD that new titles does so well in Europe because that gives SE a reason not to re-hash everything they’ve already done. No hate on Chrono Trigger, it’s still a great game, but I enjoyed Last Remnant and would like to see more where that came from.

    • SteaG

      Not having the usual multilanguage localisation probably hurt Infinite Undiscovery sales. It was a real turn-off for a lot of people on French-speaking forums.

      • That’s true. I guess I never think of it that way since in Sweden we get no unique localization and are pretty fine with that :) Actually, we’d take offense to a Swedish localization.

  • Noctis

    Is it coming to PS3 or ot

    • I’d like to know the same thing… I’m not terribely excited for the game, but if it came out for PS3 I’d probably pick it up.

  • Trotmeister

    Last Remnant is a miserable failure. Please, SE, don’t make such games again.

  • I always thought it looked interesting, but never bought it because I don’t have a 360. C’mon, PS3 version!

  • squall3031

    Actually, I like the design of Valeria Heart.
    Plus the game is not so bad…..I’ve played Worst!

  • Runesong

    Actually the PC version was badass. It fixed a lot of the pacing issues the 360 version had and added in japanese audio with subtitles. I thought LR was one of the freshest most original RPG’s to come out in quite some time.

    I could write a book about the many unique things it does right. But it is not a game for feint of heart, or for fans of standard easy-peasy RPG’s. I can see why it was reviewed poorly in the west, sadly our market simply doesn’t “get it” when it comes to games like this.

    I for one will keep praying to the SaGa gods that we get a sequal.

    • Volcynika

      PC version is fantastic, and I love the game. So much to do and the battle system is so fun that I don’t mind finding enemies to fight.

    • Aoshi00

      Not for the feint of heart probably describes it best.. Some of those “consecutive” boss battles are too dang long though, hour-long.. if you lose the first time w/o going in knowing what to prepare, playing it again is quite frustrating. The Hell Gate boss, maybe I wasn’t playing it right, took me like half a day to beat it, and I was lucky that time too, the boss had an impossible edge and all odds were against me.. the leveling up and skill acquiring system was not the most intuitive to figure out..

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Out of curiosity, where’d you get these numbers, Spencer?

    • From Square Enix’s financial statement. I actually made a translated chart I was thinking about posting…

      • ReturnOfSomeDude

        Please do!

        Real numbers are always great to have in some form. =)

      • If the data is from a financial statement, what period does it cover? Remember that Chrono Trigger only hit Europe on 6th Feb, so if its the period ending 31st March then 60,000 in its first 1.5 months for a DS game that looks just like a SNES game (since there was no graphical update) and had no advertising push (unlike Japan and the US) isn’t too bad at all.

        Looking at how long it lingered around the UK DS chart I would imagine some nice steady, long-term sales, as happened with Dragon Quest IV DS last year.

  • Crimson

    Well, it’s really a great game, for me. How about Windows version? I bought it.

  • Aoshi00

    I actually do prefer Infinite Undiscovery to Last Remnant as well. While TLR wasn’t a bad strategy RPG, I guess it takes a special kind of gamer to appreciate it. Plus the long loading time/battle animation and framerate slowdown issues, while not game-breaking, certainly diminished the quality and enjoyment of the game by a great deal..

    So the PC version did fix all of those issues? I would assume the PS3 ver, if there ever is one, would play just as smooth then? Personally I don’t really like the game that much, it’s hard for me (still stuck in the 7 boss fight). Presentation-wise, I found the movement of characters very stiff (robot stiff, Rush runs like a retard), the tiny city maps annoying, and identical looking shops in every town just plain lazy. Yet I bought the game twice just to get the Jpn track! If there’s a superior PS3 ver w/ dual tracks that did away w/ all those problems, I would like to own that compared to the imperfect 360 ver. Talk about triple dipping.

  • Aoshi00

    You know, I wonder if TLR being sold for less than $40 for Amazon pre-order has anything to do w/ the sales… On one hand it was a good deal to entice people to pre-order, yet there’s something fishy for a new game to be that cheap. It’s like they’re telling people the game is not up to par and it’s on sale before its release. From all the epic trailers, I certainly wouldn’t have guessed the game was this niche (forgiving me for not being a SaGa fan..). IU on the other hand was a pity, there was just so much potential, and even so I like it for what it is.

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