Secret of Mana Goes Mobile

By Spencer . May 21, 2009 . 5:17pm

imageSquare Enix will bring the classic action RPG Secret of Mana to mobile phones next month. If you have an NTT DoCoMo phone (think Docomodake) you can get it for 840 yen.


Only $8.50 for a portable version of Secret of Mana? That’s awesome! Well, maybe. Square Enix hasn’t explained how the controls will work or if the game will have online play over DoCoMo’s mobile network. Online play would totally make Secret of Mana mobile worth a look.

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  • Wow! Who did the artwork? That’s impressive!

    • I don’t know the artist, but it’s official artwork.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    We need this game here in North America again, in a hand held.

  • Chris

    Secret of Mana is one of those games best left in your childhood where it was fun.

    When you try to play it as an adult, you realize all bosses are just about spamming the weakness as fast as humanly possible.

    • Ran

      Seiken Densetsu II is still good, IMO. I would much rather play this game then most of the shit that gets released today. They don’t make games like this anymore (i miss the old days). Besides, videogames that are made today still do this (“all bosses are just about spamming the weakness as fast as humanly possible.”).

    • I hate to say it, but it’s true. Secret of Mana has aged horribly. The gameplay is choppy, hits go into queue, while spells are unavoidable and stop the action. The world, its inhabitants, and music were all so original and colorful though.

      Does Seiken Densetsu work as a series? To me, the it’s like The Neverending Story, it lives or dies by its constantly evolving imagination. The newer games have hardly introduced anything original, leaving the series withered.

  • Well that came out of no where. Since when does S-E give a damn about good ol’ Seiken Densetsu 2? Sure they released it on VC, but the fact that it’s getting a mobile port in Japan is pretty big IMO. They didn’t even consider re-port-ing a la Crono Trigger DS but they do this instead? Well I guess that’s not the big shok factor though.

  • By the by, BEST. SECRET OF MANA ART. EVER!!!

  • jarrodand

    They should release both the mobile ports of SD1-2 on DSiWare. Maybe even do SD3 too.

  • Rciwws

    I certainly think they should finally localize SD3. It’s still my #1 SNES title and the length and depth is just amazing. Why they never did it in the first place is beyond me.

    • Sumo_FFA

      Apparently it was too difficult for Squaresoft to bother, and the fans who finally did translate it had to learn a ton of new tricks that simply don’t apply to any other SNES games. However, a port of it (to the DS, for example) would be the perfect opportunity to rectify those development mistakes and make it easier to localize the port than the original game was.

      And in response to Jarrodand, I doubt they will do that for SD 2 or 3, since they were not handheld games. SD1, on the other hand, could land on DSiWare, since it was a GameBoy Game and was remade into a (horrible) GBA game.

      Of course, when I say horrible, I don’t mean it was a bad game in terms of gameplay. I just mean Sword of Mana murdered the storyline of the game it was based on. I won’t delve into spoilers here, but suffice to say I risked my life to pick up this game in a snowstorm and ended up taking a hammer to it before I finished the end credits. Those bastards killed that game.

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