Raiden IV Electrifying North America

By Spencer . May 26, 2009 . 4:20pm

imageBeat Raiden Fighters Aces yet? UFO Interactive has you covered with another Xbox 360 shoot ’em up. Raiden IV is coming stateside this August.


Fantastic news, but not totally surprising since UFO Interactive released Raiden III outside of Japan and they said the would take care of Raiden IV. Moss published the game in last year with a replays, worldwide leaderboards, a collectable enemy gallery, and a boss rush mode. A few extra ships like the Mk-II and Fairy are available for purchase as downloadable content on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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  • I hope this won’t get the same ugly cover and splash screen treatment “ultimate” shooting collection got. Buying it either way!

    Think this was UFO’s big secret project all along?

    BTW XSeed also confirmed Ju-On for American release today. You guessed correctly, Spencer! Lots of big news, even though E3 is just around the corner!!

    • Maybe… I think their “secret” project would be an original IP that they own though. Heh, it might have been nothing all along. I just checked the tip line too. Thanks for sending this over. I didn’t catch that until now.

      Yeah, no surprise from Xseed really! I think Xseed announced it on Friday. I know they dropped us a line about it, but I guess I didn’t headline the story with the US release.

      • Wow, how did I miss this.

        As for your other post, “Army Rescue” doesn’t sound so good. Regardless of some good games (incidentally all SHMUPs), UFO are a shovelware publisher first and foremost.

    • Aoshi00

      I also hope they would do a better job than ultimate shooting collection, the menus and the disc design were horrible, also the text at top & bottom seem to be cut off.. Any chance Radiant Silvergun or Sengoku Blade would turn up as downloadable games one day? Really want to play those shooters, but the price on ebay is ridiculous, not to mention the Saturn is stagged somewhere.

      • yeah man, the text cut off is just ARGH. Give us a screen resize option, at least!!!

        The worse was being forced to modify something in the option menu to save progress in Chaos Field. Betcha a ton of people just think your progress never gets saved in that one (unlocking more credits).

        That reminds me… Illvelo is still sorta hot. They should be looking at that one now!

  • UFO SERIOUSLY needs to open office in Europe or make their games region free :'(

  • Malek86

    Please, please make it region free!

  • Hero of Legend

    In other news, Natsume’s going HD by localizing Sony’s Afrika for the PS2.

    I’m starting to doubt any 3rd arty publisher will ignore HD. As a Wii fan, I’m kinda “eh” on that. :P

    Well, good for 360 and PS3 owners. :)

    UFO’s got quite a few Wii games in the pipeline as leaked by the ESRB, let’s see:

    Domino Rally, which is Go! Go! Minon for sure.

    Army Rescue

    Saint, the sequel to Monkey King.

    3 Wii games alone, that’s surprising really.

    Natsume has Reel Fishing Angler’s Dream, Harvest Moon Animal Parade, and Animal Kingdom (Success’s Amazing Animals) confirmed, and the ESRB leaked Reel Fishing Challenge, and Natsume will obviously bring over Harvest Moon Ranch Store.

    It’s nice to see the Wii getting the bulk of their games, all of which are localizations anyway. :P

    Well those were my two cents on the subject. :)

    • Hero of Legend

      Whoops, I meant Afrika for the PS3. :P

    • Paul

      Alright kid we get it, you love the Wii.

    • Awesome thanks for the tip about Saint. I saw “Domino Rally” before when Nordcurrent picked it up for Europe. I don’t often say this about games, but it was pretty lame. The story was quirky, but the gameplay was pointing and shaking to make Minion run.

    • Whaddya think Army Rescue is?

      I hope you’re right about Go Go Minon, but they better not DARE touch the music. Ah, that’s just wishful thinking. It’s wayyy too Japanese… unless Katamari Damacy taught them anything.

      • Army Rescue is a mystery. According to the ESRB, “This is an action game in which players guide “cartoony” paratroopers into allied ships. Players earn points by snipping the parachute strings so that the soldiers will fall safely into the boats. At the same time, enemy soldiers carrying bazookas shoot pellets to remove paratroopers from the screen. Players can use whimsical weapons such as the “Bubble Gun” or “Windy Gun” to take down these enemies, causing them to shout out and instantly disappear.”

  • EdgeKun

    The Raiden legacy continues stateside, and I personally couldn’t be any happier. =D
    August will be a -very -happy month for me! ^^

  • thaKingRocka

    this is a definite day one purchase for me, but can anyone tell me what the hell they were getting at with, “reach the limit of your endurance with replay mode?” is that my endurance for watching other people play? does it really require much endurance to watch replays? i think someone dropped the ball there on that “selling point.” either that, or i missed something important.

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