NIS America Comments On Cross Edge’s Dual Language Tracks, DLC

By Spencer . May 27, 2009 . 8:12am


Cameo filled RPG, Cross Edge, is in stores now. NIS America localized the PS3 game which features characters Gust, Nippon Ichi, Idea Factory, and Capcom games. Like most NIS America published games Cross Edge has English and Japanese voice acting.


Nothing was cut from the Japanese language track, but the English voiceovers only cover around 2/3rds of the game. Here’s a quick comparison of Cross Edge in both languages.


Cross Edge‘s domestic release has been tweaked to include trophies some of which sound taxing to acquire. Gold level trophies require players to collect stuff… lots of stuff. Obtaining every weapon is worth one gold trophy. Hoarding all of the accessories nets another gold trophy. Earning that platinum trophy is going to be a true challenge.


NIS America plans to expand Cross Edge post release with downloadable content just like the Japanese version. No details have been announced, but if it’s going to be anything like Japan expect item packs, PP point packs, and additional dungeons. Speaking of DLC and trophies NIS America is working on bringing the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice trophy patch overseas.

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  • Sweet. Rosenqueen e-mailed me this morning saying the game’s shipped. I’m pretty excited. And I think in the US you pay voice actors per a set number of hours in the studio, right? So their not covering all the Japanese voicework isn’t “laziness” or “stupid NISA” as those foolish haters are so quick to point out, but budgetary concerns. If I’m wrong, well, that’s what I’ll continue to believe because it makes me feel smart.

    • Well, if this 2/3rds is the main cutscenes I don’t mind. Filler scenes can live in silence. But as long as the translation is fine, there’s no game breaking bugs and the JP track is still here (and is), then most here should be all set for playing this.
      If all else fails, they can patch anything right?

  • Volcynika

    RosenQueen also notified me of the order being completed. Hopefully gets here before the weekend. Also, I think there’s a trophy for earning a trophy, which is odd. And yeah, in the US, you pay VA by the hour, I think that was mentioned by Atlus concerning Crimson Gem Saga (might’ve been in a Siliconera interview!)

    Anyone who tried the JP version want to speak about hard mode? Is it stupid hard or challenging hard? Stupid Hard = pass. After Devil Summoner 2’s final boss is finally beaten, I don’t want stupid hard. :(

    (Where’d the Disqus stuff go? I don’t see it.)

  • Lucky

    NIS announcing DLC?

    Go figure.

    Still going to pick this game up, but probably not the extras online though.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    Are we sure that nothing was cut from the Japanese voice? IIRC, some of the Japanese voiceover was removed from Ar Tonelico 2, among all the other problems that localization had.

    • That’s what NIS America says so we should be able to trust them about that. After Ar Tonelico 2 they’ve been pretty forward about what is and what isn’t in their localized games.

    • Ar_tonelico_fan

      The Japanese voiceover was cut from Ar tonelico 2 so that it can fit on a dvd disc with both languages if it was on a Blu-ray disc that would of never had happened. Ar tonelico 2 Japanese version had a lot of voice acting in it(maybe even a little too much).

  • CleruTesh

    Since there were no pre-order bonuses for this game, I have not bought it yet.
    Also read somewhere that the battle system is incredibly complex.
    Looks similar to Enchanted Arms to me. That wasn’t too bad.
    Hope to hear what some people here who play the game think of it!

    • Ar_tonelico_fan

      Rosenqueen always has preorder bonuses for all titles published by NIS

  • Strike_Man

    I know I’m in the vast minority here, but owning an HDTV that doesn’t support 720p means that I’ll be playing this title at 480p, instead of at any high def resolution. Granted, this title is far from graphically demanding, but I would be very pleased to see a patch be released eventually that at least upscales the output to 1080i.

    • CleruTesh

      While I do not have that issue, I must say, I really think this is something Sony should address in the firmware. One should be able to pick a specific resolution and have everything scaled to that. The only reason I bought a 1080p TV was for all the Sony PS3 1080p hype. I assumed I would get everything scaled to 1080p. Nope.

      • Ar_tonelico_fan

        But isn’t it funny that the 720p games look better then the 1080p PS3 games? But the 1080p hype is for the Blu-ray movies. The problem with your idea is that not everyone has a 1080p tv so therefore that would be a feature not everyone can use. I’m not really a fan of upscaling anyways I rather take the native resolution.

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