Way of the Samurai 3 Stealth Announced For North America

By Spencer . May 29, 2009 . 9:30am

image Speaking of budget publishers… you won’t believe who picked up the rights to Way of the Samurai 3. UFO Interactive will release Spike’s conversational samurai game in North America for $49.99 sometime in the future. (Thanks for the tip Hero of Legend!!)


Way of the Samurai 3 is only listed as an Xbox 360 game on their site even though a PlayStation 3 version is out in Japan. Maybe UFO Interactive isn’t a licensed PS3 developer yet? No word about the downloadable content that lets you dress your samurai as a spartan and in cardboard box armor either.


UFO Interactive also stealth announced a bunch of other games Wii games like Army Rescue, Domino Rally (aka Go! Go! Minon), Saint (aka Daisaiou which is based on Journey to the West), and Reversal Challenge (this is for the DS).


We also know Raiden IV‘s price it’s $39.99, which is going to be a tough sale since Raiden Fighters Aces is half of that.


Update: Just got an e-mail from UFO. Way of the Samurai 3 is slated for October. Domino Rally is set for July.

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  • I just hope they do a decent job on the translation.

    • Me too. There seems to be a lot to localize. I wonder if they outsource localization.

  • Justin Bailey

    This whole localization for one system and not the other thing is getting old :-

    • I don’t think this is intentional. The missing PS3 version may be due to not being PS3 certified or something like that.

      • Justin Bailey

        Oh I don’t doubt that it’s unintentional ;-)

        I’m still bitter over Battle Fantasia. Don’t mind me.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    This was one of the few non-shoot-em-up Japanese games I was interested in, and I almost broke down and ordered the Japanese version for the PS3. Glad I waited. Raiden IV, Demon’s Souls, Afrika, and now this. Pretty good news (for my tastes) lately.

  • Hero of Legend

    I’m shocked that Domino’s box looks almost exacly like the Japanese version’s, you just wouldn’t have expected that, especially after seeing the PAL box.

    Saint’s logo and box, may I say, is quite badass, the logo really reminds me of Bionicle for some reason.

    I’m super curious to see how Saint’s been doing since we last saw it when it was unveiled a year ago.

    • I wanna get hyped about Domino, but Spencer said it sucks :( I guess Elebits is still the closest to a Katamari-like game we’ll get on the Wii, though Rabbids Go Home looks pretty intense too.

      Saint’s cover is indeed quite badass! If they learned from their past mistakes, then we could end up with a pretty good original SHMUP for just 20$.

      I noticed the “Secret Project” thing is gone. Are these guys even going to E3?

      • Sort of. Like NIS they’re going to be around, but without a booth.

  • Hello Hello

    I’m hoping that they hire actually voice actors and choose not to go the Chaos Wars route and attempt it themselves. Anyway, great news!

  • John Deriso

    In what way is “Way of the Samurai 3” controversial?

    • I think you mean “conversational” as the article says. You get to pick text choices, which leads to different endings.

      • John Deriso

        I just learned that I have dyslexia.

        That, or I’m intensely stupid.

        Either way, it’s good to know.

  • LordGeo

    I want to get Raiden IV, but I guess I’ll have to wait for it to lower in price… As said, RFA was only $20, so why can’t UFO price Raiden IV for the same?

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