Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Delayed To Add Japanese Voices

By Spencer . May 30, 2009 . 2:31pm

image NIS America is shuffling Phantom Brave: We Meet Again’s release date from June 16 to August 4. The extra time will be used to add a Japanese voiceover option to the game.


Nao Zook, Public Relations coordinator, explains in an e-mail, “We’ve heard from many fans of Phantom Brave that they really wanted to have Japanese voiceovers. So, we decided to add the feature. We believe that this will make many fans happy and that’ll make us happy as well.”


Previously, we reported, with help from a clever tip from Siliconera contributor Denpa no Sekai, that Phantom Brave: We Meet Again would not have a dual voice option which sparked an ardent fan reaction in the comments.


So, if you’re pleased with this decision leave a message in the comments. It appears that NIS America is listening to Internet feedback carefully.

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  • CleruTesh

    Not an SRPG fan, but I will buy this game even if I do not play it. Just to “put my money where my mouth is” on this important issue.

    • I’m with you I’m not really a SRPG fan either, but I was one of the many who complained about the lack of Japanese voice option, and I was on the fence about getting this game, but now I’ll get it for sure, just to show that listening to the fans, really does pay off *Glares at Namco*

  • Anon

    I’m glad to see that they are listening to fans. Hopefully it will be the full Japanese voice track, not just a portion of it.

    But NISA if you are reading this, please make sure the game works 100% before releasing it. I’d much rather see a delayed, polished game than a rushed, botched game ala Ar Tonelico 2. Thank you.

    • Ereek

      Cross Edge has been fine, I think they learned their lesson.

      • Akimitsu

        Apart from the one instance where it doesn’t recognize your save on Cross Edge (nothing major as a simple reset will fix it), the game seems stable.

  • Simon

    I am happy with this.. August is a good window to play some games.. as a consumer who has all NISamerica console games, and a few portable games, I am happy you are listening to us and adding Japanese voice over. I was deciding if I was getting this because of the issue.. now I will get it for sure even tho i have the PS2 one and doesnt much much difference. + the august window is good for me to beat Cross Edge first. I’ll continue to support NIS

  • geosafer

    Oops they won me back.

  • The thing that bothers me is that they were content to release it without the dual-language option in the first place when #1, it was apparently NOT a space issue or any kind of programming issue at all, and #2 it was something that was present in the PS2 version and is something NIS fans have come to expect. So, basically, they were going to take the lazy way out and hope nobody complained/noticed.

    Still, I will definitely buy it now assuming there aren’t any huge bugs in the game, whereas before I was just going to replay my PS2 copy.

  • If you guys over at NISA are reading this,

    You guys are doing the right thing. Especially if it’s bug free.
    Please, continue doing this with all of your games. Especially Sakura Wars. Lots of legacy riding on that localization. Keep consistant quality and I’m sure most of us will shrug off your mistakes in the past. I can see you are trying to keep track of what’s going to be in your localizations and I love that.

    PS: If you guys have the power to do so, please see if they will make a Pleinair spinoff.

    • lostinblue

      sadly… don’t count on dual audio for Sakura Wars, and in this instance it’s not even their fault.

      Thing is… Sakura Wars 5 was a dual layer game and it seems like it did fill the whole DVD too. So… either idea factory is retooling the game for DVD5 (which most likely means more compression/less sound/video quality) or… they really have no means to do so.

      Plus, I doubt even if they added extra compression that they had the overhead to pull dual audio on a DVD5, and the sole purpose of such hypothetical retooling would be to avoid DVD9.

      (please don’t retool it if that means less quality!)

      • CleruTesh

        I am not sure I understand why DVD9 would be “retooled” into DVD5 format. Just to save a little dough? Or would it significantly increase load times?

        • lostinblue

          not sure, the “retooling” is only something I’ve thought of (not that I want it to happen)

          for instance, I remember Kindgom Hearts 2 was supposed to be dual layer and square-enix didn’t like the idea and they avoided it at the last moment, or something. Companies seem to cut in that feature for some reason or another.

          Namco actually prefered to release Xenosaga II/III in 2 DVD’s than using a dual layer like the first, and stuff.

      • Well I wasn’t saying just audio wise, but localization in general.

        Though really, is the Wii’s disc the same as the PS2’s or can it allow extra space while sacrificing controls? (does motion controls add disc space? Stupid question I’m sure)

        • I’ll be sure to bring the voiceover question about Sakura Wars the next time I talk with NIS…

          • lostinblue

            Well, if you can, ask them about their whole approach to the Wii, I’d like to know if I can count on new games or… just ports.

            Plus, I think their “greatest hit” line of titles needs punchlines as “if this sells you’ll have a sequel” or something, even if that should already be happening if we’re getting the ports already.

        • lostinblue

          I know you weren’t reffering to dual audio on it, but I remembered it while I was reading your post.

          Wii disc’s space is the same, yes, either 4.7 GB DVD5 or 8.5 GB DVD9 and the motion controls shouldn’t take any significative disc space.

  • lostinblue

    okay, I was one of the fans who wrote to them regarding that, and said I wouldn’t purchase the title knowing that feature wasn’t in.

    I certainly wasn’t counting on my feedback to be taken into account and have effect. NISA can count on my money (again).

    I’m still not happy in the slightest regarding their wii support based on old ported games (and outsourced), but I’ll repurchase this one and eventually shell out the money for Sakura Wars 5. But I certainly hope they actually invest in developing in-house for the platform at some point. (and publishing “new games” developed in 2009 rather than 2003/2004 ones would also be nice)

    • Hero of Legend

      At this moment, I’m fine with ports from them. Hell, they should pull a Sakura Wars and port more games from other companies!

      • Oh yes, that would be nice. Either NIS, XSeed or Atlus should try and make a trend of it actually.
        I would love for Namco to hand over some skipped over Tales games or Nintendo with Soma Bringer.

      • lostinblue

        Well, I’m not.

        I only think a port of an old game makes sense for the userbase if they get something in return, for instance, “if” we’re getting, say… Ar Tonelico 3 then perhaps it would make sense to port Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 while adding 16:9 and I’ll gadly purchase it; but what if you only get the ports and the company has moved on to develop for the ps3 and has no plans whatsoever to support us? Then that’s nothing more than cashing-in on us.

        What do we get for purchasing a 2003 game like phantom brave? more outsourced ports of old games I already have?

        are we some trojan horse? do we have “free money” written over our heads? why must we have some old port going on here? and why does it benefit us? I really think it doesn’t.

        As for other companies doing the same… I’ll admit, I’d be absolutely delighted to have, say, Persona 3/4, DDS1/2, SMT:DS1/2, SMT:3 and that engine in general, running on my Wii and I would purchase them all without a second thought… as I would for most ports of good games, but I’d be pissed to no end if that was all I was getting. To the point that, if that’s all they’re doing, stalling in there and feeding us old content… they might as well not do it. That’s my position regarding it, anyway.

  • Hero of Legend

    If we told them to make our character jump off a cliff, would they add that in to the game? *bah-dum-bish*

    That’s great that they take Internet reaction very seriously for these things, hell, I wish SEGA would take reaction of voice acting as seriously, then 4Kids wouldn’t have touched the Sonic games…

    If I had a request for NIS as a whole, it’d be to bring some more upgraded ports of their PS2 games like Disagea and such, that’d be nice to have more RPGs in the Wii’s library.

    Or to bring over Kizuna and such games. Actually NISA is the most fit I think to localize Kizuna, as Jaleco did publish Puchi Puchi Virus in Japan. Hmm. Do we even know if they’ll be at E3 and what their line-up is?

    I have to give them BIG props to them for getting Sakura Wars on the Wii, that was a REALLY big surprise, as I thought localizers don’t do that sort of thing!

    • NIS isn’t formally going to be at the show, but I know they will be showing off Last Rebellion and A Witch’s Tale.

    • If I never see another port of the original Disgaea, it’ll be too soon.

      While I would love more RPGs on the Wii as well, I’d rather them be original games or Wii ports of PS2 games that never came out here (Summon Night 4, Dragon Shadow Spell, etc)

      • Good to hear someone is still rooting for DSS. Such a lovely game ignored for no good reason. After beating it I still thought to myself “Wow, how was this game not picked up?”.

        • lostinblue

          I don’t know that one, consider me mild interested.

    • Yeah, I’m with Tako. I’m Disgaed-out for now and would rather see them focus on steady releases of different games.
      I’m not sure on what, though, since NIS has only a handful of releases for this year and I really don’t know what’s beyond the horizon.

      • lostinblue

        I wouldn’t say no to Disgaea 3 you know, I have a PS2 and have disgaea 1/2 for it (and soon on PSP); but have no plans to buy a PS3, specially considering Disgaea 3 looks like a PSone game still. A big portion of the Disgaea public is in that situation, I guess.

        But above all… I want new games.

    • lostinblue

      But… Kizuna got really low scores :(

      I’m still interested, and I was loving the enemy design for the collossus beasts, but I have to say I’ll be overly cautious regarding that one title, if it ever comes here.

      “If” it comes, I’d like to be assured the aparent problems were getting fixed no matter what, or something, that the game was being rebalanced or whatever had gone wrong in there.

  • Pichi

    Glad that this will make others happy and even if it was a small minority of fans, choice is never a bad thing to add in if you can do it.

  • Zefiro Torna

    A great step in the right direction, here’s to hoping that NIS also gives this one some thorough QA testing now. I’d hate see their Wii debut end up like their DS debut titles or recent PS2 stuff: botched. I may have been let down some from NIS, but I am willing to put it all behind me.

  • Zuga

    Wow, I’m surprised that we actually made a difference. Will definitely be picking this up now, thanks NISA!

  • Anonymous

    I swear by my honor, if they leave Japanese voices in Sakura Taisen V without dubbing like Sega did with Yakuza 2, I will buy at least five copies of the game! If they leave Japanese voices as an alternative, I will buy at least three copies, even if it means that they have to cut some voice clips because of that!

    However, if they only give us a dub…

    • bro, you won’t be buying 250$ worth of the same game.

      • Anonymous

        so you think they will only give us english voices? boy, be a bit less pessimistic…

        • lostinblue

          read what I said some posts above. the original game is dual layer and I was told that it filled the whole DVD.

          Adding dual audio will be very hard for that one.

        • Pichi

          I think denpansosekai meant that you won’t be buying this game multiple times if it had the VA, because, well, its impractical! You won’t be spending 250 bucks on 5 copies of the same game!! XD

  • Pesmerga00

    Wow! A company that actually listens to it’s customers. Recently the general attitude with most companies has been “Screw you. Now buy this”. I’m pleasantly surprised, and my impression of NIS America has risen greatly.

  • Kashi

    I’m pretty much agreeing with most of the feelings from the previous comments. I’m really happy that NIS America is going the extra mile for their fans by adding a Japanese voice track; goes to show you that they know their fanbase and willing to change things for them. It’s rare to see this in a developper, espeically if they’re one of the bigger ones. I just wish Namco did the same thing for their Tales games; half the fun I get is from watching the skits.

    I missed Phantom Brave when it was released on the PS2 so I’m glad that I get another chance to purchase this game for the Wii (with bonuses!). I’m also looking forward to new fans learning more about NIS’ great games!

    • cj_iwakura

      I think it’s an unnecessary addition. Ar Tonelico 2’s insistence on adding Japanese VA reduced the space for the dub voiceover(which was really good), and possibly contributed to it being the buggy mess that it was.

      I’d rather have a fully dubbed, working game than a broken dual-language one.

      • lostinblue

        actually… they just screwed up big time with Ar Tonelico 2.

        Quoting someone who opened the ISO:

        “take a peek at the following

        at2 usa iso = 4.09GB (4188MB)
        jpn voices from usa version = 275MB
        dupe (yeah, f**king DUPE) jpn voices from usa version hidden in the bin = 275MB
        jpn voices from jpn version = 773MB

        4188 – 2 x 275 + 773 = 4411MB = 4.3GB == f**king FAIL from NISa <.<"

        In short… they had space, they even had the japanese track doubled! plus they even added bugs to the game.

        And… with all this said… the game was in a dvd5, if they wanted they could have gone dvd9 (hence why I'm afraid they'll be shrinking Sakura Wars 5 to a DVD5)

        • Hero of Legend

          All Wii games use DVD9 don’t they?

          If anything, they may have dual language in the Wii version only? Depends I guess.

          • lostinblue

            No, only two games so far use DVD-9, Super Smash Bros Brawl and the upcoming Metroid Prime Triology (MP1, MP2 and MP3 in one disc) who’ll come out on August.

            That said, it shouldn’t add that much of an extra cost, and all x360 games are dual layered, for example.

            Thing is:

            – Nintendo is very space-efective in the way they build their games, so they actually don’t need the extra space most of the time, and won’t. Twillight Princess didn’t even fill a mini DVD with 1.4 GB after all, only developer working in a similar way is Team ico, with ico taking 600 MB and shadow of the colossus 1.5 or so.

            – Third party’s aren’t even trying.

            Next Level games actually said they ran out of space for punch-out wii, who uses a dvd5, and then they gone on record to say that they were the only guys having that problem.

            Single layer is a lot of games, considering the kind of texture resolution you’ll be storing on them and all… But we should be seeing more DVD9 games from third party’s coming, and we’ve certainly seen more coming on… PS2… it just goes to say that they aren’t pursuing to do epic games or push barriers whatsoever. the lazy bums.

      • Ereek

        I agree, it is an unnecessary addition, the English voices were fine. I dislike how everyone feels they are “entitled” to Japanese voice overs. NISA shouldn’t feel obligated to give them to us, especially since most of the people complaining about it will probably pirate the game, anyway.

        • lostinblue

          I’ll speak of the behalf of the other dudes here in saying that you offend us. I’m not pirating it, if I wasn’t willing to shell out the money for it I woudn’t purchase it, that’s how I roll.

          I actually think NISA’s market is niche and thus they’re bound to get less pirated in any platform than say… a metal gear, final fantasy and other high profile games. Plus, I’ve never seen piracy as widespread as PS2 (at least where I live) and yet game sales did fine… for the most part. So… if they indeed pirated them on PS2 already, what’s different here? those people wouldn’t purchase it anyway, so they can’t even be taken into account, they’re like leeches, some parasitic beings living off the games we pay for, to ensue that the company can keep going, doing their thing.

          That said I disagree. For starters since we’re a small group of users compared to mainstream we understand the need to purchase the software and support the developer, and like NISA showed they can listen to us and thus make us feel important and involved with the product in a way a big third party can’t (although I’ll argue perhaps wii users won’t fell compelled to buy a port of a 2003 game while NISA/GUST is developing and co-developing NEW games elsewhere)

          Lastly… Japanese voice-overs are a popular request and thus… important. Aren’t we entitled to it? why since we’re paying for it? (your point is that we don’t, but you have no basis to make that claim)

          Perhaps the mainstream can’t care less for the aforementioned feature, but hey… we represent the word of mouth, right? being on good terms with us will ensue more sales, and can also work the other way around, if they screw up, like with Ar Tonelico 2.

          • Ereek

            I’m not sure if you realize this, but even among the niche fans, Japanese voice-overs aren’t always preferred. You might call those that enjoy them the “vocal minority.” I believe that having Japanese voice-overs shouldn’t be the deciding factor on if you buy a game or not.

            This is costing NISA more money that they could have been spending on other games. Phantom Brave Wii was, I believe, mostly finished and was almost ready to ship. The small budget NISA is on limits how they spend their profits. The profits used to delay and add voices to Phantom Brave Wii could have been used for QA testing for two or three of their other games in the future. I would rather have more games well tested than one game with Japanese voice overs.

            I wasn’t referring to this site when I mentioned pirating, I meant a wider “those who complain on the Internet.” I’m sure you know, but piracy IS a huge problem, especially with PSP and DS games. Even those who claim to be “fans” of a company smaller company like ATLUS or NISA will still pirate games. I know at least 20 people who love those companies but don’t buy a penny worth of games from them. To me, this is very sad.

          • lostinblue

            Whatever rocks your boat, not everybody wants japanese voice overs you say? well… not everybody wants english voice overs either, but we ain’t asking for there not to be english voice-overs at all.

            And I’ll even say there are some games whose english voice is so good i wouldn’t even consider playing them in japanese; like Baten Kaitos Origins, but… that’s a minority.

            Also… costing them more money? I’m sorry, but they should have seen it coming aeons before, after all even the original game had that option on PS2. And they certainly weren’t printing it already. so it’s just that… a delay to ensure that that feature makes it.

            I also think you’re blowing it out of proportion, QA testing? don’t worry about that.

            Point taken regarding piracy, this said… I don’t believe those are the masses at play, and… Those 20 or so guys you know blow, I’m sorry to say. These companies need the money after all.

            I’m completely broken regarding to finances, but I’m supporting these companies with every money I have on the platforms I have; even if I have my queries with their stubborness to treat the Wii properly.

            If I have no money, then I won’t play it, these games can last thousands of hours anyway, I’m getting my bang for the buck (well, not on the Wii from NISA and Atlus though, since they’re too busy feeding it with ports and… ER-clone hospital games)

          • Zuga

            You know, actually Japanese voices are a deal-breaker for some of us, especially if we own the original version. Why buy the same game over if a feature we like is taken out?

          • “Japanese voice-overs shouldn’t be the deciding factor on if you buy a game or not.”
            Much like film and shows, you’re going to get those people that swear by listening to something in a certain way. I think, if possible, it’s best to cater to both audiences, so the appeal isn’t so narrow. Disgaea probably wouldn’t have been as exposed as much if it didn’t have that option.
            “The profits used to delay and add voices to Phantom Brave Wii could have been used for QA testing for two or three of their other games in the future.”
            Well, that certainly wasn’t the case for ATII and Rhapsody.
            Look, I’m not grudging NISA. I consider myself a loyal supporter of theirs, but because of that I’m just trying to figure them out since a few things have been leaving me a little concerned or confused as of late.

          • Anonymous

            >I believe that having Japanese voice-overs shouldn’t
            >be the deciding factor on if you buy a game or not.

            Haha oh wow, you just say that because you don’t own a region-free PS2. Learn to import.

    • lostinblue

      “I’m also looking forward to new fans learning more about NIS’ great games!”

      On the Wii? New games by NIS? as in… new?

      I’m not holding my breath, they seem to treat it as a “greatest hits 2000-2005 R.I.P.” console

  • MadMirko

    While I’m not exactly sure why I should be congratulating a company when they try hard to sell something to their customers, I welcome delays for added polish and quality.

  • Serge73

    Well, I’m not interested in the Japanese voices, but I wasn’t going to buy this one right away either, so it doesn’t matter. I have too many DS RPGs and SRPGs to play…

  • Equus

    Speaking as A) an SRPG fan, B) someone who will be purchasing this game when it’s available, and C) a player who supports a dual language option, this news makes me very happy. Thanks NISA!

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