How Much Does Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Cost?

By Spencer . June 1, 2009 . 4:32pm

image Before you plug in Wii Points and download Final Fantasy IV: The After Years please be aware it’s an episodic game. Extra tales cost extra Wii Points.


The base pack containing chapters with Cecil, Ceodore (his son), and Kain costs 800 Wii Points ($8). Rydia’s Tale is an extra 300 Wii Points ($3). Square Enix will release additional tales over the coming months, which is similar to how they handled the mobile phone version in Japan.


There are a total of eight Final Fantasy IV: The After Years tales plus the base pack. If all the tales are priced the same the complete game will go for 3,200 Wii Points ($32).

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  • TurkeyPotPie

    Uh, wow. I thought $8 was a raging good deal, but $32? I was pretty excited about the After Years since FFIV is one of my favorites, but $32 is a bit much. DD means it is unlikely to ever drop in price too.

    • Aoshi00

      Way expensive for a Wiiware/cellphone game. But they might have it on sale as one pack after all the episodes are released right (like the SF4 costumes)? Even then can’t imagine it would be that much cheaper.

      Recently Bionic Commando Rearmed was sold at half price for $4.99. I bought it on 360 alrdy, but the directional pad sucks and I just can’t swing w/ precision, been meaning to buy it again for PS3 since the demo plays much better w/ Dual shock 3, can’t believe I missed the deal :(…

      • daizyujin

        Seriously man, don’t expect it. Nintendo has yet to do any sales at all on ANYTHING in the WiiShop. Top that off with the fact that this is SquareEnix we are talking about. Not a company that has been very “generous” as of late. This is the third game they have released in this form if you count Space Invaders Get Even.

      • pressstart

        I played ReArmed on the PC with the keyboard and 360 pad, and the 360 analog stick works just fine. You don’t exactly need that much precision. You don’t need to use the dpad.

  • UFO

    $32 for a WiiWare title?


  • LordGeo

    And people complained about Space Invaders Get Even’s total price of $20…

  • Chris

    RPG companies are turning into grifters.

    This is airline-level sleazy. Even worse than the crap N1 pulled with Disgaea 3.

    • daizyujin

      SquareEnix and Bandai/Namco, both are too sleazy for their own good. Capcom hasn’t gotten too many points in my book as of late either. I am noticing a trend here. Just remember people, I was knocked several times a year ago for predicting this shit would happen. Too bad I was right. I wish I wasn’t.

  • EvilAkito

    Episodic? Screw that! Too much trouble to be worth it.

  • Whoa~ that’s alot of money… And I already spent the 800 points… Oh well, I’m enjoying the game. A friend of mine asked how the game was, I told him “It’s certainly a Final Fantasy 4 sequel.”

  • Roto13

    The instructions say that the first and last chapters are 800 points each. The other seven are 300 points.

    I also laugh at the fact that people will complain about this price but would gladly pay $50 for it on a disc.

    • Simon

      $50 on disc and better graphics… I was hoping i can get the whole game for 1000 points, way ta go Square to ruin me purchasing it.

      • Roto13

        If it looked exactly the same as it does now, it’d still sell for $50 with few complaints.

        • John Deriso

          If it came on a disc for 50$, you could buy it later on for 15$ used. Not so with a digital copy.

          Will you even be able to buy digitally distributed games a year after release?

          • Roto13

            You must be new to digital distribution.

    • MadMirko

      Yup, people seem to turn off their brains the moment the subject is DLC or digital distribution.

      It’s a very emotional topic for a very vocal minority, so better be careful. :)

  • John Deriso

    Is this the bright and shiny future that digital distro was supposed to bring about?

  • CleruTesh

    When FFIV came out, I believe it was $70.
    So the sequel is less than half the price of the original? Sounds fine to me.

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