Final Fantasy XIV Scheduled For A Simultaneous Global Release

By Spencer . June 3, 2009 . 2:35am

image Unlike most Final Fantasy games Final Fantasy XIV will arrive in multiple territories at the same time. A global launch is planned and adventurers will be able to explorer Eorzea in Japanese, French, German, and English.


While Final Fantasy XIV was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, a PC version is also in development. Heroes of the realm can answer the call of destiny in 2010.


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  • 123

    Not fair of you to torture me like that SE… I don’t have infinite free time on my hands…

    • Nor infinite money :P

  • This is gonna be so awsome =O

  • “While Final Fantasy XIV was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive”

    Funnily enough he did a little wordplay and said “Will be avaliable only on PS3 on launch”, the “on launch” was VERY clever indeed :)

    • jarrodand

      Yeah, back when it was still called Requiem it was actually announced as 360/Vista. Pretty obvious time exclusive, no doubt in favor of Japan.

  • Happy Gamer

    my first MMO was actually FFXI and although after playing many other RPGs and finding out that FFXI had tons of flaws, being my first MMO i have so many good (and bad) memories of it. I met my first online friends, my first obsession with in game time LOL etc. I hope they release the new FF online with many of today’s enhancements in MMO’s with FF’s unique flavor and flair. my biggest gripe with the first online game was it’s gruelsomely slow pace. while i don’t mind slow pace, many of the things were artificially implanted to increase game time/subscription. such as if you want to expand your inventory you need to do crap load of quest involving money etc. and pretty much u couldn’t do much unless you were max lvl but well….lvl up and HAVE to lvl up in group. things have changed a bit but it hasn’t much.

    I’m actually very excited about this game for nostalgia factor alone.

  • squall3031

    bleh, this must be another cheap MMO from SE to rake in more bucks -_-;
    like in kotaku comment section, i will also say “I love the logo picture “

  • Rciwws

    Now guys lets figure out the real release time.

    1) We just heard about this, so it will be pushed back at least once.

    2) Will still be 2010, but only in closed beta form in December of said year.

    3) So this just in people, the new release date for Final Fantasy XIV will be SUMMER 2011.

  • Here’s some more info:

    “The development for FFXIV started 4 or 5 years ago with primary ideas. Development started a few years ago, while FFXI was still being supported. FFXI will continue to be supported. There is another year of content planned. There are no plans for the near future to stop development on FFXI. ”

    “As with WoW, we want to aim a bit for the casual user. However, we don’t want to make a copy of WoW. We believe we will have things that are unique and will stand out from that game. ”

    “All of the knowledge and experience we gained from FFXI will be used in the development of FFXIV. At the launch, we intend to have content for solo players as well as large-scale battles. We want a wide-variety from the start.”

    “The current plans are to have worldwide servers that are cross-platform and cross-region. We will do a beta test and look at the balance and player experience. We want to look for a good balance between region and cross-region play. ”

    “We envision users that will hopefully play XI one day and XIV another. They will be independent, but users are free to play both. ”

    “We are trying to implement a lot of new systems that other MMO’s haven’t used in the past.”

  • FFXIV is going to be released on both PC and PS3, it’s unknown if the Xbox 360 will see the light of day.

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