Was The Last Guardian’s Creature Stealth-Previewed Last Year?

By Spencer . June 3, 2009 . 12:39am


Late last year the Sony cat, Toro, “interviewed” game designers including The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda (thanks for the tip Chow!!). During the Torostation show Ueda brought art with a creature looming over Toro and Kuro.


I thought this image was related to Ico since Toro was dragging Kuro, but this may have been early concept art for the majestic beast in The Last Guardian. Watch the E3 debut trailer and decide if the two creatures match up.



Toro also interviewed Etna from Disgaea on the show and asked if he could be in her game. A few months later Toro was announced as a free downloadable Disgaea 3 character. Note to self: If Torostation ever airs again pay close attention to it!

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  • I thought the Guardian looked sort of like a cat-bird.

  • C.Roika

    I wonder why Sony doesn’t push Toro and Kuro more in America? Those guys are awesome. Anyway, I wonder, I get a very “Ico” feel coming off of The Last Guardian, more so then SoTC.

    Also, that beast looks like a combination of a bunch of animals, dog, deer, bird, cat, rat. Very Fumito Ueda

  • Mazen

    Nice find, interesting.

  • Happy Gamer

    wow looks great. that was one of the best trailers i have seen in awhile in a video game. i was geting a bit tired of rock music with guns blasting/swords etc.

  • Chow

    It makes me wonder even more if the presence of Toro and Kuro serve more importance than playing an homage to ICO. Given that the giant cat is more cat-like than the actual creature seen in the trailer, maybe they’re cat-like representations of the boy and a yet-to-be-seen other character.

    According to IGN, the Japanese name for this game is “Hito Kui no Oowashi Toriko”, meaning “Giant, Man-Eating Eagle Toriko”. So apparently, the creature is either named or referred to as Toriko, as a sort of pun meaning prisoner/baby bird (tori & ko), and also a portmanteau of Tori (bird) and Neko (cat).

    EDIT: Thinking about it, I also noticed that “Toriko” is also the Japanese phoneticization of “Trico”. How… cleverly appropriate. XD

  • Rciwws

    Neverending Story much?

    Def gonna be on my must-buy list.

  • Aoshi00

    Looks like another otherworldly experience to behold. The worlds in both Ico and Colossus were both so beautiful and desolate I really felt like I was in it, helpless and Ico and cruel as the Wanderer slaughtering the giants. While Miyazaki movies were artsy and creative, I can play this game w/o worried being shoved down the throat “save the environment” for the 100th time.

  • Aoshi00

    Other than this game, I’m really psyched about Heavy Rain, so much that I just found out and bought Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) the other day. I really like these adventure games that you forget yourself and feels completely absorbed in them.

    • Chow

      I can’t wait to hear your opinion about the latter half of Indigo Prophecy.

  • Aoshi00

    I think I’m past the half way point, getting weird w/ the Mayan thing.. I’ve heard many don’t like the ending, I’m still liking it so far. The insane asylum act was very cool! scared the heck out of me, some sequences are very well done.

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