Glory of Heracles Questions Treasure Hunting In Homes

By Spencer . June 5, 2009 . 1:20pm

gloryhRansacking homes for healing herbs in RPGs isn’t taboo. After all, you’re a hero on a quest to save the world, and if a family’s meager savings can help you buy a bigger broadsword that’s OK.


Glory of Heracles turns this into a minor moral dilemma. When you open a dresser and find an herb Leucos, a fellow immortal and friend of the amnesiac protagonist, asks “Are you really taking that?”. Say yes and he chastises you with, “I didn’t know immortality came with a license to steal, but whatever.”


Do heroes get a license to steal?


The E3 demo instructed players on how to do everything little thing, sort of like “my first RPG”. A representative from Nintendo explained the final game will give players lots of advice too. Glory of Heracles is being aimed at a younger audience to get them into RPGs. Another reason why to localize this up the popularity of Greek mythology.


Glory of Heracles is slated to come out next year. If this game is successful I wonder if Nintendo will go back and pick up other first party RPGs like Soma Bringer and Takt of Magic.

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  • lostinblue


    • MadMirko

      You misspelled Takt of Magic.

      • lostinblue

        how? I didn’t write it :p

        • Mr. Mee

          Soma Bringer…YES!

    • Don’t forget that we’re all still waiting on A.S.H. as well. :P

      I too, think Soma Bringer is deserving of a worldwide release.

      • Aoshi00

        I got my copy of Soma Bringer last week, haven’t played it yet. I actually still don’t know what kind of RPG it is, I just bought it since it’s on sale on YesAsia for $28.99, the Mitsuda soundtrack and all the nice reviews from Jpn Amazon :)

        I love Archaic Sealed Heat from beginning to end, I really wish it would be localized one day. I like the story and characters so much that I bought the drama CD right after I finished the game. It’s sold dirt cheap everywhere too due to bad rap, around $15 most of the time (I got it at $40.. ) The pre-rendered battles and CGs in between were some of the best on the DS.

        Glory of Hercules I’m not too crazy about, I just found the turn-based battles very mundane and a couple of hours I had to put it down. The humor was there to liven up the dialogue I guess, I still can’t believe I mistake the guy up there as a girl, any way you look at the anime intro it’s a chick, just like Guilty Gear’s Bridget.

    • Agreed! I want Soma Bringer! There is NOTHING about that game that should have it remain only in Japan…


  • Dais

    Wait, Tact of Magic is first-party? Isn’t it developed by Taito?

    Kind of weird to finally get a Glory of Heracles game over here…

    Anyway, games that question the morality of stealing have been around forever. Some games (even JRPGs) lower karma values for taking other people’s stuff, and the Ultima series really played around with this – Ultima IV is considered revolutionary because it was one of the very first games where you had to avoid doing things like killing the respawning guards to take their armor or stealing from shops or killing fleeing foes. In later Ultima games, party members will yell at you for stealing, sometimes even leave the party (and of course, villagers who see you stealing will call for guards to come arrest you).

    • ECM

      Tact is Taito.

      As for UIV, it’s still my favorite game of all-time, primarily because of the ethics sytem built-in to the game. I’ve been waiting over 20 years now for someone else to come along and build on that system by making it more nuanced and less black and white (yet still integral to progression), but it seems I’ll be waiting a bit longer yet :(

    • Takt of Magic is developed by Taito, but published by Nintendo. Nintendo also owns the rights to the name too.

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