Handful Of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Tales Coming Next Month

By Spencer . June 5, 2009 . 12:03pm

imageYou won’t have to wait too long for your next Final Fantasy IV: The After Years fix. Unlike the mobile phone version, Square Enix plans on releasing multiple tales every month.


A representative from Square Enix explained the current plan is to have the finale up by September, but this is still a rough plan. It took about a year for the final episode to show up in Japan.

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  • lostinblue

    The whole thing is TOO expensive!

    • Roto13

      Like you wouldn’t pay $50 for it if it was on a DVD.

  • I wonder if I have to play the original to enjoy this…

    • Tatsu

      Playing this made me better appreciate the original…

      • lostinblue

        you played this? but the whole thing isn’t out yet?

        • MadMirko

          “It took about a year for the final episode to show up in Japan.”

          3 million paid downloads as well, so it’s not unthinkable that someone here already played the game. AFAIK there is no story difference between the phone and the WiiWare versions, just graphics and of course language.

          Bought the base game today, and love love love it. Final Fantasy as it should be.

          • lostinblue

            In japanese? AWESOME!

            gah… I’m being tempted by you guys to shell out the money… but I don’t want to, it’s too expensive :(

  • Serge73

    I wish they’d make it for DSiWare too. I’d think those graphics would look pretty rough on the big TV…

  • Roto13

    The release schedule, as well as pricing, is shown in the game’s instructions.

  • Advent

    Why is everyone complaining about this game? It is amazing!! Sure, its not as in depth as the original IV(or the ds-make), but its still a sequel. For die hard Final Fantasy fans, sequels are always wanted!

    Everyone keeps saying its too expensive… In this market, games are expensive. GET OVER IT. Stop begging your mom to buy it for you and get a job. Problem solved.

    Sheesh, you would think the fans would be GRATEFUL to get a sequel. I know I am, I love The After Years, and I’m enjoying it so much!

    • Gambit

      As a die hard Final Fantasy fan, I hate getting sequels. I want each game to show me the beginning and end of these characters journey I don’t want to see them get milked to death with pointless sequels.

      The game is too expensive. 32 dollars for a game I can’t even hold is just way too much to ask for. Sure each one is really only 3 dollars a month after getting the base game but in the end its a lot of money that I would rather spend on an actual disc.

      I’m not grateful for these games because these kinds of games are the reason I really don’t even want to be a Final Fantasy fan anymore. XIII looks like a great game but they’ve already started milking it to death. When it came to XII and they started the Ivalice Alliance I was fine with it since Ivalice has been a world thats been appearing since Tactics and has had other games set in it, even a non-Final Fantasy game. Each game builds on a world that fans were already introduced to and only one of them had real connections to XII. But XIII’s completion is filled with games that have nothing to do with XIII. They aren’t spin-offs building the same world, they’re completely different games that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Things like this make me lose respect for a series I’ve loved for as long as I could remember.

      • Aoshi00

        Completely agree, and the fact that people say they’re excited about the trailer of FF 14, I thought that was a complete joke. It’s not FF 14, it’s FF Online 2! But no, that would sound too niche like World of Warcraft, adding a number to FF sells. I hated the FF 7 compilation and FF 13 Fabula Nova Crystalis project too. When I first heard about 3 or 4 FF 13s coming out simultaneously, I thought it was a ludicrous idea. But then people would be swarming over 13 Versus.. what the heck does that even mean?

        FF now is like the Capcom Megaman.

        And you’re right, sequel in most cases, ruin the perfect self contained story, did we really need Dirge of Cerberus, or FF X-2? So far I like 1-6, 7-10, and the upcoming 13. But the other things are like spin-offs to me, and shouldn’t even be a numbering FF title, like the online games. 12 felt pseudo-online to me. So now we you talk about the title “Final Fantasy” w/ someone, it’s really too broad a term.

    • lostinblue

      the problem is a matter os perspective. I bought Dragon Quest IV for my DS at $10, Dragon Quest V at $15 and now I’m seeing a wiiware title costing $37 with no physical support and one that won’t have price-drops.

      I’ve gotta say, it’s hard for me to shell out that money knowing it’s basically the Recomended Price Point for a physical DS game (and I don’t remember the last time I bought them for that price).

    • Aoshi00

      When things aren’t priced as they’re worth, they are expensive. Bionic Commando Rearmed was $9.99, Megaman 9 was $9.99, SF HD Remix was $14.99, those are fun and reasonable. I got my Advent Children Complete Blu-ray for $22.99, and I enjoyed the extra footage and better video quality, if I needed to pay $70, then that would greatly diminish my enjoyment of it (even w/ the inclusion of a FF 13 demo which I certainly didn’t think was worth $50). Hell, even a PS3 system which is only $399.99, which includes Blu-ray, wifi, etc I think it’s worth every penny of it, I think people who demand it to be $300 or $249.99 are cheapskates.

      I am a working adult (not student w/ part time jobs) nd certainly buy my fair share of games, but I think people have a right to comment on unreasonable prices, such as PSP Go for $249.99.

      However, this spirte FF IV sequel sold as a Wiiware d/l, I don’t think all the episodes are worth ~$40 collectively. Yes, digital copies and a tangible hard copy have different perceived worth. And I don’t agree $50 is a good retail MSRP. At this point this price mark deters my interest that I have for the game.

      Just to put it in perspective, I thought FF7 Int’l sold on Jpn PSN for 1500 yen is gouging (buying point card cost even more), while it being $9.99 on the US PSN is much more acceptable. Every little cent helps in this recession, that’s why people buy games at discount from Amazon or buy.com (san shipping / tax).

  • Chill winston.

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