Resident Evil Portable “Totally Different For A Resident Evil Game”

By Spencer . June 8, 2009 . 3:12pm

image Capcom’s super secret E3 game was Resident Evil Portable, which was shown for a split second during Sony’s press conference. Other than hearing it exists we don’t know much about it.


Chris Kramer posted a little more about Resident Evil Portable in a blog where he explains this is not a remake and it’s being made with “the PSP Go in mind.” The title is still early in development and Kramer teases, “all I am allowed to say is: Wow. Totally different for a Resident Evil game.”


This is total speculation on my part, but I imagine Monster Hunter Portable must have affected the design of Resident Evil Portable in someway. The game was a mega hit for Capcom in Japan and spawned tons of other ad-hoc social games like Sengoku Basara Heroes. Perhaps, Resident Evil Portable is going to be less like Resident Evil and a networked game like Resident Evil Outbreak.

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  • Happy Gamer

    i hope this game will be as fun as the ONLINE games which i really loved but didn’t get to play enough of. I still have my File # 2 unopened due to not being able to make it on time for the online disconnection…no wonder it was 9.99 at best buy -_-;;

  • l4m3v3

    If they ended up makin this like MH..this is crap..can’t they just make an original game of RE for PSP??

  • This scares me. i was looking forward to a classic style resident evil :/
    The concept behind RE:outbreak was great but not being able to play with other people easily was the games downfall – if they do a multiplayer RE:Portable then i get the feeling they wont put infastructure play on – which will result in another meh game.

  • lostinblue

    on-rails? nah, that “totally different” bullcrap is reserved to Capcom taking a piss at Wii gamers.

    Resident Evil PSP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ridiculous Resident Evil On-rails for the Wii confirmed.

    Capcom yet again delivers.

    • *sigh* I actually liked Umbrella Chronicles. Then again I’m not a huge RE fan and enjoy light gun games.

      • lostinblue

        I bought it and didn’t dislike it (as in: hate) but it was secondary support and low budget just the same.

        Just a cash-in… A cash-in that didn’t suck, but not a reason to do a second one instead of… well, delivering whay they should have done from the start… Proper Resident Evil.

        They’re just stalling on our expense. (and now even PSP has bigger priority)

        I hope the PSP game is good and proper though, as I wouldn’t wish a secondary on-rails game to anyone.

  • Know what would be interesting? If it were set in a post apocolyptic world (like one of the Resident Evil movies). You’d be a zombie killer who’d take various missions to help save people and wipe out zombies. :D That’d be Monster Hunter-esque.

    • Totally dig this idea. This would open the door for lots of mini-missions and zombie hunting.

      • Especially if it supported ad-hoc and wi-fi multiplayer. I always wished more PSP games supported wi-fi multiplayer.

    • That’s like a mesh between the last Terminator film and World War Z!
      Instant 5 million units sold!

      • The only thing is, it’d probably get a bit creepy if it incorporated the Monster Hunter scavenging thing. Unless you could see if the zombies still had money on them or something. Maybe a rolex.

  • Hmm… RPG style? That would be cool.

    • Zombie approaches. Command?

      • MadMirko


        Such a nice dream to have… :(

  • daizyujin

    Don’t know what I think of this. I tried to give Monster Hunter the benefit of the doubt till I actually tried it. When I finally checked out the demo of one coming out on PSP in a few weeks, I was sadly disapointed. I wasn’t just uninterested, I genuinely hated the game. I don’t know if I will ever understand the appeal of Monster Hunter.

    On another note, Ad Hoc might work fine in Japan for games like Monster Hunter, but in the US, Capcom and others really do need to add online support as well. I don’t think I even know three other people that own a PSP.

  • jarrodand

    I’d put money on Outbreak Portable, ad-hoc only.

  • Stef

    “Wow. Totally different for a Resident Evil game”, I dont like the sounds of that. Why can’t Capcom realise all we want is a good old fasioned, fixed camera angle zombie shooter!. The problem with outbreak is everyone knew each scenario like the back of their hand, and so it ended up everyone just running through the level grabbing the key items and voila. I’d rather companies focused on a good single player.

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