Trine Is Atlus’ Other E3 Surprise

By Spencer . June 8, 2009 . 10:12am


Sitting in the Atlus booth, next to the appointment desk, was a demo of Trine. Atlus picked up the worldwide rights to publish the FrozenByte’s fantasy platformer on Xbox Live Arcade.


Trine is sort of like The Lost Vikings. Players control one of three staple classes: a warrior, female thief, and a wizard, and hop along to the end of the level. When you’re playing solo or with a partner you can rotate between the three classes. Trine has drop in co-op and once you have a full party you’re stuck with your character. I ended up with the thief.


As the nimble member of the group, the thief can swing to platforms with a rope. She also attacks with a bow and arrow when you point to targets with the right analog stick. The warrior can’t jump as far as the thief. He needs the wizard to help him by levitating boxes. Go teamwork! Trine felt like the kind of game that’s fun to play when people are over.


In case you missed Trine when it was announced for PC and PlayStation 3 check out this trailer, but ignore the PSN stuff. Atlus is only publishing Trine on Xbox Live Arcade. The PSN release may or may not come to North America. European publisher, Nobilis, holds the rights to the PlayStation 3 version.


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  • Frozenbyte is one of my favorite indie devs. Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor were great PC titles. This looks to continue their quality streak.

  • Reluctant Hero

    Wow, didn’t expect to see this on XBLA. Hmm… I don’t know why, but it seems out of place on XBLA to me.

  • WAIT A TICK! This game is NOT coming to PSN?! I thought this was a PSN/PC exclusive?! What the fuck?! I was really looking forward to this game too… Damn it Atlus, you used to be cool!

    Ugh, here’s hoping the Hong Kong PSN gets the game still, seeing as I can easily get PSN Cards for that store.

    Either way, still a major disappointment…

    • Sorry to confuse you, but it is coming to PSN. However, the PSN version might not come out in North America. Atlus only has the rights to publish Trine on XBLA. It’s up to Nobilis to decide if the PSN version will show up anywhere else.

      Atlus does not own the rights to the PSN version so it’s like a split publishing deal. Strange, I know, but before this announcement there wasn’t an XBLA version of Trine in development.

      • I hope Atlus can somehow get the rights to the PSN version…

        • daizyujin

          Agreed. After seeing the trailers I had already planned on getting it but I don’t want to dump anymore money into dlc or xbla on the 360 since my warranty is almost up and the damn thing already don’t read discs unless I open and shut the drive 10 damn times.

          • Yeah, I don’t own a 360 for reasons like that… Which is why I was really hoping, Microsoft would have announced a 360 redesign at E3, but as we all know that didn’t happen… But by golly miss molly! The day they do, is the day I buy a 360! That is; if the redesign doesn’t have problems, as well haha…

          • daizyujin

            You hit it right on the button with me. I love the 360 as a platform, the games are great and I like their online platform but the quality of the units is just horrible. I have owned every major console, many lesser known systems, and even a few imports and I have never had the type of trouble out of them that the 360 has given me. Only two other systems have died on me early in their life, my Saturn and Wii.

            My first one lasted a little over two years. Funny thing was it died suddenly, there really was no writing on the wall. It just started flashing RROD about 30 minutes into Pure. Then I get this one which I have had for about nine months now. It refuses to read discs unless I play with it by ejecting the tray over and over. Once it reads them, it plays fine for the most part. However on Bionic Commando I had a little problem with it locking up during a game save, corrupting the save file at 85% completion and forcing me to start the game over.

            The thing I don’t get is that my first unit was a Xenon. They know how bad these things are, why did they send me another Xenon when Opus was already out. It makes no sense.

            On a side note though, this generation has not been kind to me, I am already on my second Wii as well, and that experience with Nintendo was even worse than the one with Microsoft.

      • daizyujin

        So if it came out here on all three platforms here it would look like this:

        XBLA = Atlus
        PSN and PC = Nobilis

        Well hope it does come out for PSN here since not sure how long my 360 is going to last.

        • Yeah, that’s right! Pricing may be different by platform though.

          • daizyujin

            $10-$15 looks about right here. This for sure looks more involved than half the XBLA games that are already goin gfor $15.

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