Atlus Unsure About Shiren the Wanderer’s Online Modes

By Spencer . June 10, 2009 . 3:32pm


Atlus picked up Shiren the Wanderer (aka Shiren the Wanderer 3), which is exciting and totally unexpected news. When I got the announcement something seemed out of place. The Nintendo Wi-Fi logo was missing from the Japanese box art.


During my E3 meeting with Atlus I asked if Shiren the Wanderer will contain the online modes in the Japanese release. “It’s too early to discuss,” Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales, explained. Shiren the Wanderer has a handful of Nintendo Wi-Fi features including the rescue system introduced in Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer, leaderboards, downloadable dungeons (I think like two were released), and a versus mode. Atlus is looking into bringing over all, some or, perhaps, none of the online modes. Crystal clear details will be provided before Shiren the Wanderer comes out in spring 2010.


While we’re waiting for an announcement, would you be upset if the game didn’t have any of the modes? Is there one in particular you want? Personally, I love the rescue feature. So, Atlus if you’re reading this…  Keep in mind that Atlus plans to publish Shiren the Wanderer as a $39.99 game instead of a $49.99 title.


Impressions of Shiren the Wanderer are coming, but I felt an E3 demo wasn’t the best place to play the game when I have it at home. Since I gave up hope for a US release I bought Shiren on a whim when I saw a copy in Japan under 1,000 yen. It’s still sitting on my shelf, but I promise to play it before Atlus release Shiren the Wanderer in the states!

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  • Heh! Good catch. Although leaderboards WOULD be nice, I really couldn’t care less for the rest. As long as we get the game! I imagine with Atlus Online’s servers and the low traffic this would get, bandwidth should not be an issue. It’s most likely more of a maintenance and implementation thing.

    What would rule though is if they could include the downloadable dungeons right on the disc!

    • I think that’s a happy medium :)

  • ECM

    If they nix the rescue mode I’m going to be very, very upset.

  • Kaoro

    Wow, usually all the Atlus news is surprising because of how awesome they are, not disappointing feature cuts!

    Would it cost Atlus to support servers or some fee to Nintendo to have the online features? If so, I can see why they might scrap it.

  • I want rescue mode, but I’m dreading typing out such long rescue codes using the wiimote.

    • MadMirko

      Maybe that would work with an USB keyboard?

      I want rescue mode as well. I’m not a big fan of being rescued, but I have always had a hell of a time rescuing others.

    • pressstart

      Will it be the same way as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Since it’s online, couldn’t they have some kind of online bulletin board with the rescue requests? Or just use friend codes instead of long sos and rescue codes?

  • I never played Shiren before so I don’t know how the rescue system is like, but I don’t have any systems connected online and stuff. How important are they?

    If it’s offline, (but include the downloadable dungeons or something) I would think it’s worth playing anyways seeing as Atlus is aiming for a cheaper price point.

    Otherwise I’m glad they even GOT a hold of it to begin with. Hopefully more pick-me-ups are to come out of other 3rd party’s backlog.

    • Depends who you ask. I thought the rescue mode was pretty useless*, I’m not sure what ECM and Louise see in it that I don’t.

      *Useless in that I’d rather man up and reclaim all I’ve lost than wait for hours for someone to rescue me. I prefer playing than waiting.

      • ECM

        Pretty much what Spencer says below: not only is it a lifesaver when you have absolutely incredible gear and you get waylaid and stand to lose stuff you’ve spent 100s of hours accumulating, but it’s also a lot of fun to go out and play the hero by saving friends. (Or on, say, GameFAQs, where there was/is a thriving community of folks that would go out of their way to save you from a fate worse than death.)

    • So, if you die a friend can rescue you and you won’t have to start the game from the beginning. There are a limited number of rescues in the DS game so you have to use the wisely.

      This can be a lifesaver, but personally, I just liked rescuing people. I mean it goes with the wanderers helping each other out philosophy.

  • Xain

    I want the extra dungeons on the disc, as well as the rescue mode. The rescue mode helped make the DS game. I had a great time rescuing people, and hell once got bailed out after a really really cheap death. Sure it’s spotty as you have no idea if you’ll get the save, but when it happens it’s awesome. :)

    Leaderboard can go pound sand. Half the time all I saw were people who hacked their games. It wasn’t until many months later did I show up in the rankings, and even after all that time the first few slots were cheaters. It’s not financially worth rooting out cheaters for it, so to me it’s not worth a dime.

  • Reluctant Hero

    Rescue mode, Leader Boards and DLC dungeons are all essential. I’d hate to see any of them cut! But if they absolutely have cut any one of the three, it should be the DLC dungeons.

    I’m sure the game already ships with tons of excellent content. So the loss of extra dungeons wouldn’t be as terrible as loosing the other two modes. Both rescue mode and leaderboards promote a sense of community and I want them to stay.

  • Tatsu

    Man, I’m just so excited about this game that the online features is just extra frosting on a cake that already has some delicious frosting.

    On the DS game I had the most fun helping out people I knew.

  • jarrodand

    DLC Dungeons on disc makes sense. I do hope they keep the rescue system though. :(

  • Rescue runs are KEY and way too valuable to lose so I hope they wise up and pledge to keep that aspect. This being said the Versus Dungeon was a half assed joke. It was simply who could get through some 15 floor dungeon first with absolutely NO INTERACTION between the up to 10 competing players (you’d just get little status updates on your current place in the race and when another player just moved onto another floor). Downloadable dungeons was the coolest concept in the world but the fact that they only released two of them (incidentally the very two they fully released details on before releasing the game) made it sound more like a cheap XBLA expansion pack of material already created but only parceled out to you weeks later. Unless they are actually going to make MORE dungeons than those two, this aspect is also completely useless and the two extra dungeons could be unlocked within the game as soon as the main story is cleared (they could actually be accessed in the game just as they would appear AFTER having downloaded them with the only change being to remove the “Download Dungeons” option from the main menu of the game). Realize that, like most bonus dungeons in the Shiren games, are incredibly tiny parameter files. There may be some single new item or boss at the end, but 99% would just be taking the existing monsters and items and throwing in some new rule variations to make it a very unique experience.

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